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Software Analyst Programmer

Oklahoma City, OK
March 20, 2020

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Dennis Binkley

Senior Software Engineer

Oklahoma City, OK 73162


To whom it may concern:

I possess experience and education which provides a foundation for me to be an asset to your organization. I can provide your company with professional Information Technology skills that includes systems analysis installation, configuration and upgrading experience, as well as with application and systems integration and verification experience. Additionally, I have custom software development skills along with data base systems administration experience.

My qualifications include Bachelor of Science with a major in Geology and minor in Mathematics. I have application domain experience, an understanding of the software development life cycles and workflows and tasks related to application support. I have provided support for data management systems and applications including the planning and implementation of new solutions and upgrades.

I have been responsible for development and maintenance of systems used for data extraction, transformation and loading of information between differing systems as well as for creation and maintenance of the data base application software used for the loading of data to these systems and the support of how the data of each of these systems were connected and used. I built database structures, using operating systems commands, for the extraction, conversion and processing of seismic data, well log data and mapping data from their source data management systems and for the return and storage of that data to the respective data warehouses.

I am experienced in the computer operations field, and have worked as a Systems Analyst, Geoscientist, Computer Scientist, Program Developer, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) developer and Software Engineer. I used ESRI tools developed for the migration of data from relational data and application database schemas to an object oriented implementation. These tools provided a means to implement data transformations easily and consistently across various data sources. I was also responsible for performing system administrative tasks for the five ESRI UNIX servers used at the City of Oklahoma City.

I started my own business as an independent business evaluations expert and performed business evaluations using a program I created in a Microsoft Excel program that performs calculations and produces reports to establish a fair market value of a business.

I owned and managed a medical office practice management systems computer support and services company until its sale to WEBMD. The business specialized in providing complete operational support of the medical practice management systems used in physician’s offices. Responsibilities included support for the entire office staff, hardware installation, networking, software implementation, system security, data integrity and training. I had to plan, coordinate, and set schedules for the installation, implementation and maintenance of all management information systems for over forty separate physician sites. It was my responsibility to assess the current state of the physician’s office management and IT systems and provide solutions and recommend improvements by working with office managers to define upgrades or new implementation paths. I managed the physician office’s servers, keeping software up-to-date, setting configuration and security policies, and monitoring system status while assigning users access privileges to applications.

I possess excellent organizational and verbal/written communication skills, and am able to communicate and interact effectively with a broad spectrum of individuals, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and discuss my qualifications and your needs in detail. If my skills, abilities and experience do not fit the required parameters for this position please inform me of any other positions in which you think I could contribute.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dennis Binkley

Senior Software Engineer

Oklahoma City, OK 73162


Summary of Skills:

●Skills in Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual Studio 2012 Integrated Development Environment (IDE}, Structured Query Language (SQL}, WinForms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), C, C++, C#, HTML, CSS,,FORTRAN, VB.NET and COBOL.

●Experience in Unix Solaris, Redhat Linux, MS Windows 7 and IBM Operating Systems Administration.

●Systems Installation, Configuration & Upgrading experience with Linux, Unix, and MS Windows 7.

●Windows PowerShell Scripting with Objects, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Project.

●Scripting experience in UNIX CSH and Linux BASH.

●Software/Systems Engineer with application and systems integration and verification experience.

●Systems Analyst and Software Engineering process background with Software Testing and Quality Analysis experience.

●Database monitoring and data management experience; test procedure development skills.

●Understanding of Microsoft SQL and/or other database technologies

●GIS development experience using ESRI ARCGIS and other ESRI products.

●Analytics experience in business evaluations, prediction of weather patterns, and in development of seismic processing, log analysis, and mapping software.

●Experience with Oil & Gas software Petra for managing, manipulating and visualizing integrated geological, geophysical and engineering data and Talus, Trango and SeisTrak seismic data management systems.

●Custom developed software skills, Microsoft FrontPage website design, database administration, development and maintenance knowledge and SQL experience.

●Database monitoring and data management experience; test procedure development skills.

●Excellent Communication and Verbal skills; Self-Starter and Multi-Task capabilities.

Professional Work Experience:

Senior Software Engineer

HEBCO INC., Oklahoma City, OK May 2016 to April 2019

Primary Function: Sustaining Engineering Support for the B-1B Aircraft by monitoring vendor development of Aircraft Avionics System (AAS) software.

Worked as Software Engineer/Developer in the Software Engineering Services arena of the United States Air Force in support of the daily activities of B-1B System Program Office (SPO), assisting in all aspects of monitoring vendor development of Aircraft Avionics System (AAS) software. Responsible for the overall quality of work performed, the preparation of milestone charts, and other production status reports to ensure compliance with delivery schedules.

Review of software and programmatic documentation, researching technical questions, attending technical interchange meetings and briefing government personnel on current B-1B related issues. Supply engineering and technical expertise to the customer on all matters concerning Sustainment Block updates and any future upgrades to the B-1B Aircraft Avionics System (AAS) and Avionics Flight Software (AFS) systems.

Essential Responsibilities:

Perform review of software documentation, examples including Software Development Plans (SDP), Software Requirement Specifications (SRS), Software Design Descriptions (SDD) and interface documents as well as actual code to ensure compliance with established requirements, Data Item Descriptions (DID), and Contractor Requirements Data Lists (CDRL).

Monitor and report on the vendor's Software Test Plan (STP) used during Unit Code, Computer Software Component (CSC) Computer Software Configuration Items (CSCI) Functional testing, Formal Qualification Testing (FQT) and System Level (SLT) testing.

Observe performance of vendors Software Test Programs to insure compliance with customer's requirements.

Create metrics from databases to assist in performing analysis to provide insight to the customer on the present status of the AFS software development schedule.

Monitor the vendor's ability to meet AAS/AFS software development schedule, software developmental efforts for accuracy and completeness and observe software testing as required by the customer.

Monitor and report on software-test progress including resolution of Software Test Reports. \

Assist the customer during Functional Configuration Audit/Physical Configuration Audit (FCA/PCA) concerning technical and configuration management issues.

Reviewed Contractor Requirements Data List (CDRL) for new engineering assignments and provided recommendations as necessary.

Review documentation submitted for SB milestones and provide approval or disapproval recommendations to government engineers. Provide comments to customer for all disapproval recommendations.

Participate in contractor peer reviews on software documentation required by customer to ensure contractor changes to requirements and designs agree with milestone briefings.

Senior Software Engineer

LONG WAVE INC., Oklahoma City, OK October 2015 to May 2016

Primary Function: Responsible for the creation of the Multi Role Tactical Common Data Link (MR-TCDL) program using C#, .NET Framework, WinForms and the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by utilizing the Software Requirement Specifications documents. Performed development and maintenance of C++ software source code and documentation associated with the E6B-WST simulator, including creation of information systems by designing, developing, and installing software solutions.

Essential Responsibilities:

Plan and direct the installation, testing, operation, maintenance, and repairs on software equipment.

Manage software projects to be fully functional and meet company standards.

Direct, review, and approve product design and changes.

Determined operation feasibility by analysis, problem definition, requirement evaluation, solution development and proposed solutions.

Documented and demonstrated solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, code comments and clear code.

Prepared and installed solutions by determining and designing system specification, standards and programming.

Developed software solutions by studying information needs; conferring with customers; studying system flow, data usage, and work processes and; investigating problem areas following the software development lifecycle.

Encoded, tested, de-bugged, and documented relatively difficult and complex programs.

Provided code development and de-bugging for medium to large projects with proficient software knowledge.

Designed solutions with minimal direction.

Prepared programming specifications and developed programs of a technical nature.

Provided technical assistance as necessary for lower level team members.

Data Analyst

DEVON ENERGY CORPORATION, Oklahoma City, OK July 2014 to August 2015

Primary Function: Perform work as a team member of the Geophysical Asset Management (GAM) group to ensure a high level of customer service to geoscience departments while managing and maintaining the security of Devon's geophysical assets. Responsibilities involved providing seismic data management in direct support of the Exploration and Production Divisions; indexing geophysical data into the Exploration Archive/Trango database; loading data to the Master Seismic Repository; and performing modification and standardization of data so that it can be managed more effectively and efficiently. Applied understanding of geoscience data and how to manage and oversee data quality, accuracy and usability of all the data management workflow systems and how they are integrated. Integration of seismic data is done utilizing the LINUX operating system and BASH scripting so that the data can be input into the Talus, Trango and SeisTrak seismic data management systems. The Talus software program is used for cross database connectivity, the Trango software program is used as a single master meta-data repository used for asset management and data transformation, while the SeisTrak software processes files that comply with the SEGY format standard for the exchange of seismic data and provides tracking and monitoring functions of the seismic data assets.

Essential Responsibilities:

Work with Geophysical Asset Management group to collect geoscience data from numerous sources, then load, analyze, manage and maintain geoscience data in the Trango database in support of the Geosciences Departments.

Manage seismic and well data to secure and preserve all geoscience data; evaluate current software and hardware and recommend appropriate upgrades and new purchases to most appropriately satisfy the needs of the Exploration and Production departments.

Perform Gate Keeping (Data Loading) responsibilities including how to use various tools to load electronic geophysical data into the Master Seismic Repository and report quality issues.

Work as a team member and aid in delivering on priorities for incoming geophysical data.

Responsible for recommending improved procedures and/or configurations to optimize system support of business objectives.

Research and resolve complex problems considering system capabilities and business needs.

Work with members of the Geophysical Asset Management group and others through communication and problem-solving skills.

Verify stability, interoperability, portability, security and scalability of geoscience systems and data storage.

Senior Systems Engineer

LOCKHEED MARTIN, Oklahoma City, OK September 2010 to September 2013

Primary Function: Instrument Flight Procedures Automation (IFPA) Support: Provided technical expertise and support to National Flight Procedures Group, System Integration Team, AJW-326, for FAA proprietary Instrument Flight Procedures Automation (IFPA) software applications. Responsibilities included assisting in application testing and providing input on creating test cases. Assisted programmers during system development in order to define scope and objectives and formulate systems to work with overall business strategies and existing operational production systems and the operational certifications identified in Data System Change proposals (DSCP).

Essential Responsibilities:

Supporting National Flight Procedures Offices (NFPO), Regional Flight Procedures Branches requests for assistance for support on FAA proprietary software applications. Developing and/or evaluating test scripts to ensure accuracy.

Identified problems through the testing and debugging process, which require revision to IFPA program software, and provided corrective instructions that fulfilled needs of the users while considering recommendations they may have made.

Found bugs, defects, and regressions, design, implement, execute and debug information technology test cases and scripts, validate and document completion of testing and development, automate test cases, verify fixes.

Providing assistance in training FAA Procedure Specialist in the correct application and use of IFPA software in the development of SIAPs.

Market Research Analyst

INTERNATIONAL ACQUISITIONS GROUP, Dallas, TX October 2004 to September 2010

Primary Function: Research market conditions in local, regional, or national areas to determine potential sales of a business by gathering information on competitors, prices, sales, and other similar businesses sold. Use a customer survey to create an evaluation of the business in order to determine a fair market value based on regional preferences and other criteria. I was responsible for determining a business' present market value using interviews, business tax returns, assets analysis, site visits, and assessing business operations practices. Then I could evaluate information gathered from owners and other similar or competing businesses to filter information both abstract and concrete into information a buyer could comprehend.

Essential Responsibilities:

Collect and analyze data on customer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits to identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand. Monitor industry statistics and follow trends in trade literature.

Prepare reports of findings, illustrating data graphically and translating complex findings into written text.

Seek and provide information to help companies determine their position in the marketplace.

Measure the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communications programs and strategies.

Gather data on competitors and analyze their prices, sales, and method of marketing and distribution.

Senior Systems Engineer

FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION, Oklahoma City, OK July 2000 to September 2004

Primary Function: Worked with Raytheon personnel to install and support the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Integrated Terminal Weather System (ITWS) software and hardware at airport terminals throughout the nation. Used SUN hardware and the Solaris operating system, and performed installation and testing of operating systems-level software, compilers, and network distribution software and general computing applications. Set operational specifications and formulate and analyze software requirements. Apply principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis.

Essential Responsibilities:

Maintain software systems that use scientific analysis and mathematical models to predict weather patterns.

Consult with engineering staff to evaluate interface between hardware and software, develop specifications and performance requirements and resolve problems.

Analyze information to determine, recommend and plan installation of a new system or modification of an existing system, and direct software system testing and validation procedures.

Monitor functioning of equipment to ensure system operates in conformance with specifications.


DIVERSIFIED MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Oklahoma City, OK March 1996 to June 2000

Specific duties and responsibilities included working with office personnel to create and maintain the data integrity and the functionality of the practice management information system; the primary source from which information is gathered for policy and decision making. Provided support and established office procedures necessary to maintain the integrity of data, which originates within a physician's office and business systems. Provided complete computer operations support for client medical offices. Provided support for UNIX, Windows, and DOS, operating systems; created backup and recovery systems using UNIX shell scripts. Performed system analysis and maintained all networking, data backup and recovery, operating systems and application software. Installed, configured and supported medical office practice management software on local area network (LAN) for all office personnel.

Essential Responsibilities:

Maintain and administer computer networks and related computing environments including computer hardware, systems software, applications software, and all configurations. Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations.

Design, configure, and test computer hardware, networking software and operating system software.

Recommend changes to improve systems and network configurations and determine hardware or software requirements related to such changes.

Diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware, software, or other network and system problems, and replace defective components when necessary.

Research new technologies by attending seminars, reading trade articles, or taking classes, and implement or recommend the implementation of new technologies.

Senior Programmer/Analyst

CITY OF OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma City, OK February 1992 to February 1996

Primary Function: Provided oversight for the UNIX operating system and networking for Digital Equipment DEC-stations. Developed programs for the Geographical Information Systems group, utilizing the ESRI ARC/INFO database and program development tools. Programs were developed for use by city government such as water, fire and police departments, also converted project specifications and statements of problems and procedures to detailed logical flow charts for coding into computer language. Developed and wrote computer programs to store, locate, and retrieve specific documents, data, and information.

Essential Responsibilities:

Write, update, and maintain computer programs or software packages to handle specific jobs such storing or retrieving data, or controlling other equipment.

Consult with managerial, engineering, and technical personnel to clarify program intent, identify problems, and suggest changes.

Prepare detailed work flow charts and diagrams that describe input, output, and logical operation, and convert them into a series of instructions coded in a computer language.

Perform systems analysis and programming tasks to maintain and control the use of computer systems software as a systems programmer.

Computer Programmer/Analyst III

STATE OF OKLAHOMA, Oklahoma City, OK December 1991 to January 1992

Primary Function: Utilized IBM mainframe and Structured Query Language for access to database records, along with the COBOL programming language and SQL, to create programs for the accounting staff to track and monitor financial disbursements to state institutions. Coordinated changes to computer databases. Tested and implemented the databases applying knowledge of database management systems.

Essential Responsibilities:

Test programs or databases, correct errors and make necessary modifications.

Review project requests describing user needs to estimate time and cost required to accomplish project.

Review procedures in database management system manuals for making changes to database.

Write and code logical and physical database descriptions and specify identifiers of database to management system or direct others in coding descriptions.

Systems Analyst / Programmer

OAO CORPORATION, Oklahoma City, OK January 1990 to January 1991

Primary Function: Analyzed, designed and wrote FORTRAN and "C" programs in accordance with designated standards of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in support of the Instrument Approach Procedure Automation (IAPA) routines in a UNIX operating system environment. Analyzed data processing problems and user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate or improve existing systems.

Essential Responsibilities:

Provide staff and users with assistance solving computer related problems.

Confer with aerospace engineers and pilots regarding the nature of the information processing or computation needs the IAPA computer program is to address.

Coordinate and link computer systems to increase compatibility so information can be shared.

Develop, document and revise system design procedures, test procedures, and quality standards.

Geological Systems Analyst

CONOCO INC, Ponca City, OK July 1979 to January 1990

Primary Function: Provide technical advice and support of Geoscience applications for Conoco's Exploration capability. Designed, developed and maintained software for the Geophysics Departments. Established software development practices and test procedures with the Research and Development Department. Used structured programming techniques of the "C" and FORTRAN programming languages to create and modify log analysis, mapping and seismic processing applications. Created and maintained programs, using geologic principles, physics, mathematics, and computer knowledge, for the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas resources.

Essential Responsibilities:

Performed evaluation and implementation of new applications and data sources along with the deployment, installation, and upgrades of Geoscience applications, along with application workflow analysis, documentation and troubleshooting.

Supported interpretive, analytical, mapping and data management of Geoscience applications including the planning and implementation of new solutions and upgrades.

Created and maintained programs used to analyze and interpret geological, and geophysical information from sources such as survey data, well logs, bore holes, and aerial photos.

Planned, designed, created, implemented and tested geological programs used to collect process and analyze data for exploration scientists.

Prepared geological maps, cross-sectional diagrams, charts, and reports used to locate and estimate probable natural gas and oil resources.

Developed software for the analysis and interpretation of geological data.


Bachelor of Science in Geology/Mathematics from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK


B2b software (2 years), data management (10+ years), database (5 years), Engineer (10+ years), Esri (4 years), Fortran (10+ years), Integration (4 years), Integrator (4 years), Linux (1 year), mapping (10+ years), seismic (10+ years), Software development (10+ years), Software engineering (2 years), Solaris (4 years), Structured software (10+ years), Sun (4 years), Systems analyst (10+ years), Systems engineer (7 years), Topo (10+ years), Unix (9 years)

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