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Safety Manager

Hackensack, NJ
March 20, 2020

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Professional Profile

Sound knowledge and understanding in operations management and procedures with exceptional organizational skills and the ability to prioritize and deliver assignments in a timely manner, meeting organization’s productivity targets and goals. With a keen sense of responsibility, confidentiality and a meticulous approach to assigned work task, I am committed to working in a team-oriented environment.

Special Skills and Competence

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Proficient in the use of IT systems

Good interpersonal skills

Border protection and security services

Logistics and supply chain management

Operations Management

Professional Experiences

Global Container Terminal September 16, 2019 – Present

Marine Superintendent

Core functions

I am required to monitor the vessel movement’s daily, also to supervise operations and monitor vessel condition and ship’s staff compliance with management policies, international, state or local Maritime regulations.

Work closely with terminal staff to prepare department plans while determining the appropriate workforce to hire for an efficient and cost effective completion of plan

Supervises union represented personnel in proper operating procedures and as needed will counsel, discipline or make termination recommendations to ensure an efficient operation while working within the definitions of the labor agreement

Enforces productivity levels by supervising longshore workers in making multiple rounds within the terminal and a follow up assessments prior to shift end

Completes various reports and forms such as shift production, payroll, and safety summaries; Produces reports to respective parties within required deadlines

Supports, monitors and trouble shoots, when necessary, terminal operating systems, ensuring data is accurate. Additional technology related duties may apply

Plans, holds and documents daily safety meetings; partnering with Area Health, Safety & Environment to understand and train longshore workers to adhere to safety procedures while implementing plans to address safety hazards

Reports problems and issues to appropriate Manager of great impact and complexity to the operation

Responsible for learning, navigating and adhering to all union contracts

Norton Lilly International May20, 2018- September 13, 2019

Marine Agent

Core Functions:

Board vessels in port to respond to internal and external customers concern.

Plan and assign weekly vessel rotation

Complete billing procedures.

Prepare and transmit estimate of port cost.

Establish and maintain vessel files in an accurate manner

Procure operation, agency and services for marine vessels

Communicate daily with marine vessels Master, Port Authority and government agencies

Co-ordinate activities between vessels, port operators and government agencies.

Pioneer Enterprise Ltd. – August 2, 2018-May 15, 2019

Line Assembler

Core Functions:

Assemble metal doors

Operate heavy lift equipment

Perform product inspection to ensure finish products meets required standards

Work in a timely manner with team members in order to reduce bottlenecks on the assembly floor

Ministry of Finance, Jamaica Customs November 2010-November 2017

Customs Officer

Core Functions

Processing documents for the importation and exportation of good.

Visit customer locations for onsite processing

Border Protection - Profile passengers arriving and departing our international ports.

Checking passengers along with their bags and luggage.

Revenue Collection - Assessing and valuation of items imported, calculating and collecting of the relevant duties as stipulated by law.

Approving license for the exportation of scrap metal and authorizing the export of specific scrap metal.

Inspect scrap metal sites to ensure compliance accordance with government regulations based on quantity of materials and type of material stored. Examine all materials brought on scrap metal sites for export.

Kingston Container Terminal Ltd (Formerly APM Terminals) February 2009 - June 2009

Vessel Planner

Core Functions

Plan the loading of container vessels based on given criteria such as POD, IMDGs, weight, size and type along with information from the line planner.

Utilizing planning tools and software such as Cosmos, SPARCS and Plan Master

Liaising with ship’s Chief Officer in order to ensure vessel optimization

Work along with the stevedore planner to ensure that there are adequate labor and equipment assigned to the vessel to be worked.

Continuous monitoring of vessel during its port operations, making adjustments and resequencing as per required based on changes due to unforeseen circumstances such as equipment breakdown.

Inspect and plan for the handling of OOG units, minimizing its handling time and ensuring its safety isn’t compromised.

Plan yard allocation for units to be discharged, ensuring that all required criteria are imputed into the terminal software system.

Ensure the ship file is closed upon completion of vessel operations, with all discharged and load units accounted for, and completed file passed to the chief mate and line planner.

APM Terminals Jamaica Limited February 2001- January 2009

Stevedore Superintendent

Core Functions

Leading and motivating work teams in daily cargo handling operations towards accomplishing and surpassing set targets and goals; this includes operational cost containment, occupational hazards mitigation, maintaining safe working environment and ensure safety measures are adhered to.

Manage and coordinate the activities of personnel involved in the daily operational activities such as equipment operators, vessel foremen, stevedores and general workers.

Manage the utilization of operational equipment, ensuring that waste and stoppage time is monitored and minimized to ensure efficiency.

Manage special operational projects such as the development of the block stowed operation. This included designing and implementing measures and procedures to increase productivity.

Resolve labour related issues with unionized and non-unionized employees while ensuring that the established norms and organization regulations are adhered to.

Preparing daily operations report.

Monitor operations to ensure that staff members comply with administrative policies and procedures, safety rules, union contracts, and government regulations.

Kingston Terminal Operators November 1997 - February 2001

Stevedore Co-coordinator

Core Functions

Supervise discharging and Loading of Containers from ships

Supervising Stevedores in unlashing and lashing of containers

Instruct gantry crane operators on what units are to be handled

Giving direct instructions to yard equipment operators

Imputing ship information in a database

Writing daily report on vessel activity

Loading and unloading bulk and OOG cargo


Caribbean Maritime Institute

Bachelor Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2011 Diploma in International Shipping and Logistics. 2008

West Indies College

Associate Degree in Information Systems (Incomplete) 1996-1997


Mrs. Olwin Brown JP

Operations Supervisor

Jamaica Customs Agency

Kingston Jamaica


Mr. Andrew Belvett MSW, LMSW

Treatment team leader/campus lead

New York City Children Center

1819 Bergen Street Brooklyn NY



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