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Engineer Aws

Toronto, ON, Canada
March 20, 2020

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Name Manish Batchu


Phone: 438-***-****

DevOps Engineer/ Cloud Engineer / Linux Systems Administrator SUMMARY

● Around 5+ years of IT experience as AWS Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Virtualization using VMWare and worked in many technical role of UNIX/Linux OS (AIX, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu), AWS, Windows Servers environment for Build/Release automation process.

● Implemented Amazon AWS Cloud Administration which includes services like: EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, AMI, SNS, RDS, IAM, Route 53, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, Security Groups focusing on high availability, fault tolerance, Auto Scaling using AWS Console & AWS CLI.

● Experienced in defining the Azure Infrastructure as a code by developing ARM Templates, secured applications and Azure VMs using Key Vault, developed custom extensions for Azure VMs.

● Creating Labs, Virtual Machines in Azure along with setting up policies and using Formulas and Custom Images to deploy the network.

● Configured VM's availability sets using Azure portal to provide resiliency for IaaS based solution and scale sets using Azure Resource Manager to manage network traffic.

● Developed Azure Runbooks in Python to automate the administration of various subscriptions and configured Webhooks to invoke the Runbooks remotely.

● Developed Terraform scripts with S3 backend, Enabled AWS Config to monitor changes in AWS accounts and developed AWS configuration rules to monitor for unencrypted volumes and untagged resources in accounts.

● Experienced in developing Ansible Playbooks to automate the provisioning of the Kubernetes cluster, troubleshooting the Kubernetes Pods which have issues with Persistent Volume Claims.

● Experience in development of the AWS CloudFormation templates and triggered them by defining the Jenkins Job that will create a patched AMI and automated the updating the CFT stack.

● Migrated from VMware ESXi to Hyper-V 2012 with SCCM SP1 R2 and other tools with VMware on clustered environment, Implemented Migration of Virtual Machines using VMotion, Storage VMotion.

● Worked on creating the Docker containers and Docker consoles for managing the application life cycle on EC2 instances, created and managed a Docker deployment pipeline for custom application images in the cloud using Jenkins.

● Implemented CI CD scripted pipelines in groovy DSL with GitHub, Bitbucket; configured webhooks to trigger the build on commit

, integrated Ansible playbooks to perform the deployment of the artifacts from Nexus on to the Tomcat, JBoss App servers.

● Experience in development and administration of the containerized platforms like Kubernetes and OpenShift; resolved issues with the custom build scripts and sluggish pods in the OpenShift platform.

● Developed Dockerfiles to containerize the applications and created various docker images with different base images and performed rolling deployment of the containers on to the Kubernetes platform.

● Deployed Kubernetes cluster using Kubespray on VMware vSphere environment, configured console cluster for service discovery, weaver for networking, performed deployments of the microservices by using Kubectl command line utility.

● Integrated the Nexus and Artifactory Docker x-ray security scanning to secure the docker images, OWASP for security in the Jenkins Pipeline and perform the deployment of the images on to the Kubernetes platform.

● Experienced in resolving issues with pom.xml files, integrated Maven with Jenkins to automate the Artifacts build and uploaded them to the binary repository tools like Nexus/Artifactory.

● Used bug-tracking systems like JIRA, Bugzilla, and HP Quality Center to monitor the daily progress and create workflows for the project.

● Worked with SCM tools like SVN, CVS, IBM Clear Case, Bitbucket, TFS, and GIT. Strong knowledge on concepts like Branches, Merges and Tags.

● Administering, integrating, supporting middleware technologies like WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal Server, Tomcat, JBOSS & WebSphere MQ and Web Servers IHS, Apache HTTP on wide variety of platforms like Solaris, Linux and Windows.

● Installed configured, Monitoring tool such as Splunk, Nagios, AppDynamics for Resource Monitoring/ Network Monitoring / log trace Monitoring.

● Developed CI pipeline using Jenkins and performed the deployment of the containerized application on the Kubernetes platform using Kubectl commands and Kops to provision the cluster on AWS.

● Performed volume system management utilizing LVM and file system tuning for ext3, ext4 and xfs and worked on various storage technologies SAN, NAS, DAS, NetApp, RAID, NFS Server.

● Expertise in writing Bash Scripts, PowerShell, Perl Scripts (hash and arrays), Python programming for deployment of Java applications on bare servers or Middleware tools.

● Day to day administration of the Development environment, handling tickets, monitoring, troubleshooting and Production and Test environment systems, 24x7 on-call support.


Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology from Osmania University – Hyderabad, INDIA TECHNICAL SKILLS

Automation/Build Tools Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Gradle, GIT, Jenkins, Maven, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Terraform Cloud Platform AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenShift, Google Cloud Operating Systems Red Hat Linux 5.x/6.x/7, Ubuntu, Centos 5/6/7, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 Bug Tracking Tools JIRA, Cucumber, Confluence, HP Quality Centre, Fisheye, Bugzilla Web/Application Servers Apache Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss Database MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB

Scripting Languages Shell Scripting, Perl, Python, Ruby, YAML, Bash, PowerShell PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Client: Enbridge Inc, Calgary, Alberta Feb 2018 – Present. Cloud / DevOps Engineer

● Developed AWS Lambda function in Python to capture events like the build completion triggers through Post request to the API gateway from the Jenkins build step; developed Lambda functions to create the AMI and update the CFT with patched AMIs.

● Worked as an administrator on Microsoft Azure and part of DevOps Team for internal projects automation and build configuration management. Involved in configuring virtual machines, storage accounts, and resource groups.

● Created Azure IaaS - Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, Resource Groups, Express Route, Traffic Manager, VPN, Load Balancing, Application Gateways, Auto-Scaling.

● Worked on AWS EC2/VPC/S3/SQS/SNS based automation thru Terraform, Ansible, Python, and Bam Bash Scripts. Experience in developing AWS Cloud Formation templates to create custom sized VPC, subnets, EC2 instances, ELB, Security Groups. Performed application security auditing using SAST and DAST to ensure security of applications.

● Created private cloud using Kubernetes that supports DEV, TEST, and PROD environments and implemented a production ready, load balanced, highly available, fault tolerant Kubernetes infrastructure.

● Worked on creation of Docker containers and Docker consoles for managing the application life cycle. Implemented Docker automation solution for Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery model. To achieve Continuous Delivery (CD) goal on high scalable environment, configured Docker coupled with load-balancing tool Nginx.

● Integrating Jenkins with Ansible, setting up the environment to applications to be containerized, implementing and configured Kubernetes to manage containers and to provide a platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts.

● We are developing Ansible roles and Ansible Playbooks for the server configuration and working with GIT to store the code and integrated it to Ansible command line to deploy the playbook.

● Wrote several Ansible playbooks for the automation that was defined through tasks using YAML format and run Ansible Scripts to provision Dev, QA servers.

● Experience in provision of automation tools like Chef, Terraform and Ansible, in addition to deployment tools like SVN, GIT, Jenkins, and Bamboo.

● Experience in provision of automation tools like Chef, Puppet, Terraform and Ansible, in addition to deployment tools like SVN, GIT, PVCS, Terraform, Clear Case, Clear Quest, Perforce, Cruise Control, Jenkins, and Bamboo. Client: Wawanesa insurance, Manitoba, Winnipeg Apr 2016 – Jan 2018 DevOps Engineer

● Involved in deploying the content cloud platform on Amazon AWS using EC2, S3, and EBS. Evaluate Chef and Puppet framework and tools to automate the cloud deployment and operations.

● Build AWS infrastructure various resources IAM, VPC, Security Group, Auto Scaling, Cloud Watch, RDS, NACL, NAT, Firewall, Route 53, and Cloud Formation JSON Templates.

● Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) console and AWS CLI to launch and manage VM's with Public/Private subnet and setup load balancing, security groups etc. Created Cloud Formation templates and deployed AWS resources like EC2, Auto scaling, EBS, S3.

● Developed CI CD pipeline in Jenkins by migrating the freestyle project to the pipeline jobs, installed and configured the Maven and Gradle build tools, configured the Nexus binary repository and deploy the artifacts on to the Application instances through Ansible roles and CloudFormation templates.

● Installed and Implemented Ansible configuration management system. Used Ansible to manage Web applications, Environments configuration Files, Users, Mount points and Packages

● Currently working on cluster and network configuration for Docker containers running on multiple hosts. Working on configuring a local Docker hub for storing Docker images internally using the Docker registry.

● Integrated Kubernetes with Jenkins to perform the rolling deployments of the Docker images, version controlled the Docker files along with the source code, defined Pod definition and resource allocations to every pod.

● Implemented Jira with Maven release plugin for tracking bugs and defects and created ANT and Maven POMs to automate the build process and integrated them with tools like SonarQube, Nexus.

● Involved in writing and organizing Shell and Perl scripting for building complex software systems written some Shell scripts to automate the process like node federation for distributed platforms.

● Configured Git with Jenkins and schedule jobs using Poll SCM option deployed the EARs and WARs in JBOSS Application server using ANT script.

● Developed Chef cookbooks and wrapper cookbooks to Install and configure the Tomcat, JBoss application servers, automated the provisioning of the Dev and Test environments on AWS and VMWare Platform.

● Developed Python scripts to automate the provisioning of the Infrastructure on AWS and for consuming the APIs from the third- party vendor products.

● Deployed and configured Elastic search, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) for log analytics, full-text search, application monitoring in integration with AWS Lambda and Cloud Watch.

● Implemented Docker-maven plug-in in and maven pom to build Docker images for all microservices and later managed Docker file to build the Docker images from the java jar files.

● Created Docker Images using a Docker file, worked on Docker container snapshots, removing images and managing Docker volumes, also deployed Docker Swarm.

● Managed the Kubernetes platform by securing various Namespaces, packaged the Kubernetes deployment using Helm and Charts, developed Docker files for various Middleware like Tomcat, WebSphere and JBoss.

● Integration of ANT/Nexus, Jenkins, Atlassian (Bamboo), Urban Code Deploy with Patterns/Release, GIT, Stash, Confluence, Jira and Cloud Foundry.

● Configured the Web Logic handler for the Apache Web server to serve static files (AngularJS, HTML, and images). Worked in designing and implementing continuous integration system using Jenkins by creating Python and Perl scripts.

● Deployed and configured Elastic search, Log

● stash and Kibana (ELK) for log analytics, full-text search, application monitoring in integration with AWS Lambda and Cloud Watch.

● Installed and set up Nagios monitoring system on a dedicated Amazon EC2 server, developed several custom plug-ins for monitoring availability and performance of AWS EC2 instances, integrating Pingdom checks, monitoring MySQL databases and results of execution of certain queries, etc.

● Closely working with Developers, QA, Performance, UAT testers, IT Team. Provided 24*7 supports on call. Client: Inventurus Knowledge Solutions Private limited, Hyderabad, India. Jan 2015 – Mar 2016 Systems Administrator/VMWare Administrator

● Installed and configured ESXi servers and app software in the network mostly Dell, HP and IBM hardware for virtualizations. Implemented and enhanced existing scripts developed in Shell and Ruby Managed server on VMware vSphere, vCenter.

● Performed physical to virtual (P2V) and (V2V) migrations for approximately 50 physical servers utilizing VMware Converter.

● Build and administered vCenter 4.1/5.0 and performed troubleshooting on issues related to Virtual Machine, vMotion, snapshots, clone and templates.

● Creating, cloning virtual machines on VMware 3.5, 4.0, installed ESX hosts, performance monitoring of virtual machines, taking VMware snap-shots, recovery, creating VSwitches and applying security patches to the ESXi servers.

● Performed tasks on F5 load balancer like installing and renewing SSL certificates and bouncing servers with performance issues after taking them out of the server pools.

● Installed, configured & maintained SMTP, IMAP, POP& also used SSH KEYGEN password less authentication between two virtual machines, also generated SSH-KEYGEN private and public 2048, 4096 bits RSA algorithms for authentication.

● Used SELinux to enforce System Security, manage system hardening on Linux systems environments. Administering and configuring No SQL Databases like Cassandra, Mongo DB and RDBMS like MySQL, DB2, etc. Worked on configuring SSL certificates in Apache, Apache Tomcat, thread dumps.

● Worked on hard disk mirroring and stripe with parity using RAID controllers on RedHat and Solaris servers. Resolved configuration issues and problems related to OS, NFS mounts, LDAP user ids DNS and issues.

● Configured HTTPS, NTP, & installed and configured FTP to download and upload the files for clients. Monitoring CPU, memory, physical disk, hardware and software RAID, File Systems, network using monitoring tool NAGIOS 4.0.

● Implementing Remote System Monitoring with Sun Microsystems. Develop, Maintain, update various scripts for services (start, stop, restart, recycle, cron jobs) UNIX based shell.

● Used Disk Management Utility daily for file system creation and file system management. Modifying/Writing scripts in Bash and Shell for optimizing day to day administration.

● Installation of Linux Distros using KICKSTART / PXE Boot to Provision REDHAT / Centos Images with preconfigured properties in kickstart.conf. Configured Red Hat Kickstart for installing multiple production servers.

● Worked on planning and implementing system Backup and Recovery procedures using Ufsdump, Ufsrestore, tar and cpio. Created UNIX bash scripts to automatically provision profile permissions, directories, and chroot settings per profile or user role.

● Troubleshooting Linux network, security related issues, capturing packets using tools such as IP tables, firewall, TCP, wrappers, NMAP. Responsible for Basic Router Configuration and network equipment (Cisco, Linksys, Net-gear, D-Link, Brocade Switches).

● Resolving TCP/IP network access problems for the clients. Configured networking interface, set up IP addresses, and working knowledge on routers, switches and routing.

● Monitored System Activities like CPU, Memory, Disk and Swap Memory usage to avoid any performance issues and monitored troubleshooting of any datacenter outages.

● Monitoring the ticket queue all the time, working on the tickets and resolving them within the time frame. Repaired bad spots on the disk using and analyze. Used format and fdisk/parted for disk configuration and disk crash recovery.

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