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Manager Medical

Montreal, QC, Canada
March 20, 2020

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Montreal, QC H*J *P*

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please see the attached resume for your reviews and possible consideration to fill a vacancy within the suited position.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

For reference to my character, the following personalities can be contacted.


Respectfully your;

Darius F.S. Williams


Professional reference:

1.Mr. J. Sylvester Watson

Cell# +231*********


2. HR, peerless Clothing

Tele: 514-***-**** ext 1339

8888 Boulevard Pie IX


3. Stephanie Katende

Stockroom Assistant

Tel: 514-***-****, ext.3134

Or : +1-800-***-****


Joseph Ribkoff

5900 Kieran/ Ville Saint Laurent QC

Postal: H4S 2B5, CA

Darius F.S. Williams

Cell: +1-438-***-****


Nationality: Liberian Male

Personal Statement

A well experienced logistic officer by apprentices and a manager, with respect for gender equality, along with communication and organizational skills with an additionally skill in the use of forklift equiptment.

Communication skills

●Written and spoken English with a strong goal of learning French

●As a Logistics officer, it is important to be able to communicate support with a variety of staff ranging from drivers to top managers, consultants and co-workers

●Working with various partners require the ability to communicate

●complex logistics decisions and to handle difficult situations with tact and sensitivity


●As a Logistics officer, managed team of drivers, casual labors, store keepers and support staffs, this included organising staff and prioritising tasks. Also managed and supervised warehouses and medical Cold chains, liaising with staff in other departments and cross countries

●Bringing up 3 kids while serving as their studies teacher required flexibility and patience.


●Worked as part of a team even under great pressure. Here flexibility and initiative were essential

●As a logistics officer, it is necessary to fit into a team immediately and to pick up information quickly.

●Worked with expatriates from many countries.


As a logistics officer, I have been responsible for the training and induction of new store keepers and volunteers;

Helped my children improve their maths, physic, reading and geography skills


Good knowledge of MS Word and Excel


Certificate (Professional Driving Education & Public Safety) August 17th - November 17th 2010

National Driving Training Academy, Capital Bye Pass, Monrovia,

(1999 -2002), Management courses

University of Liberia, Capitol Hill, 1000 Monrovia

Certificate (Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint), 2003

Inter Digital Computer School, 120 Benson St. 1000 Monrovia

Certificate & Diploma (WAEC & High School respectively) 1993-96

Seventh Day Adventist High School, 120 Camp Johnson Road, Monrovia

Other Trainings

USAID Logistics Procedures & Overview 2015, Feb. 27&28

Project Concern International (PCI), Liberia

Certificate, Basic First Aid Sept.22nd -24th 2011

Liberian Red Cross, 104 Lynch Street, Monrovia,

Certificate, Guideline for Assessment in Emergencies June 7th -11th 2010

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Liberia

Certificate, Program project management, The Result Based Approach Sept 6th-10th, 2010

ICRC, Liberia

Certificate, Measuring Result, Nov. 22nd -26th, 2010

ICRC, Liberia

Basic HIV/AIDS Prevention and control Workshop, June 13th 2008

Liberian Red Cross

Certificate, Basic First Aid Training Oct 13th -17th, 2008

Liberian Red Cross

One week of general Logistics workshop and training,

Malasian / Liberian Timber Cooperation

Hotel Africa, Virginia, Liberia


Year Job Description

2019 November 19, General Labour

Joseph Ribkoff Inc. 5900 Kieran, St. Laurent, H4S 2B5

Duties and Responsibilities

●Preparation of orders

●Offloading of fabrics

●To Finish preparation of fabrics sale for export

●Scanning and placing on Bin

●Other task as assigned

2019 September 11. Packager

Peerless Clothing Inc, 8888 Boulevard Pie IX


Duties and Responsibilities

●Load, offoad, fabricate different boxes and pack materials according to specifics for customers desinations

●Conduct scanning audit

●Work independently and with supervision

●Report all findings from work to direct line supervisor

●Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor or managers

2019 May 1 to June 6. LOSS Prevention

Serene Security assigned at Dicks Sporting Goods, Southland Yard, Hayward California

Duties and Responsibilities

●(Loss Prevention) Monitor movements within the store facility to minimize and prevent thieft

2015 December 23 to 2019 April 3; Manager,

Jackie's Guest House, Ganta City, Nimba County, 10 Liberia

Duties and. Responsibilities

●Manaage 54 bed rooms hotel and 11 rooms annex, Continental restaurant, bar and mini Mart along with with 51 staffers including securities

●Seek contracts by bidding, encourage and promote gender mainstreaming and equal opportunities among staffs and customers

●Promote customers satisfaction and follow up on all concerns and queries arising from customers.

●Follow up and maintain best financial practices and controls

●Conduct routine spot checks, monthly inventory, make monthly profit and loss report and prepare for monthly audit and address all audit findings with CEO

●Conduct a daily random room and facilities check and for immediate action.

●Receive, verify and sign all financial vouchers, delivery notes and forward to head office for processing and audit.

2014 Dec. 6 to Present REACT Logistic Officer, Project Concern International (PCI), Monrovia,

Duties and Responsibilities

●Assist Logistics Coordinator to address issues related to the procurement procedures that arise from internal audits and reviews

●Support the Logistics Coordinator in the preparation of logistics plans to support the EBOLA VIRUS prevention operations within the programme or project in Liberia;

●Assist in the maintenance of EBOLA project offices and Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) sufficient to support their needs and in full compliance with security, safety and other regulations;

●Assist the Logistics Coordinator in the payment of all invoices under direct supervision;

●Assistance in provision of logistics support to other staff by arranging land and air-travels including arrangement of security clearance

●Assist in the Management of programme and project transport requirements; assign duties to drivers ensuring timely services, issuing fuel,

●Recording log-books and maintenance and repair/recovery of vehicles;

●Assist in regular reporting procedures are maintained consistent with regulations and any local security and safety measures;

●Assist in the maintenance of accurate stores records and accounts through sound audit and stock-take procedures;

●Insure all logistical support are given to the project

●Ensure that gender is main-stream is across the project

●Contribute to writing of weekly and monthly reports of programs’ activities for Head Office

●Promote gender mainstreaming across the Ebola prevention & control project.

●Performance Management of field staff

●Integrate women group – gender/diversity in the Ebola awareness and prevention campaign

●Perform other duties as required

Year Job Description

2010-12 warehouse Supervisor, Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS), 107 Lynch St. Monrovia,

Duties and Responsibilities

●Assist Logistics Coordinator in addressing all related logistics issues that arise from

Internal audits

●Support the preparations of logistics plans to support all relevant operations within the organization

●Manage with direct oversight the LNRCS HQs warehouse at ALL 15 LNRCS chapters warehouses and stores-rooms

●Ensured that all items leaving the headquarters warehouse and other in country warehouse are accompanied at all time with WAYbills and Gate Passes

●Ensure with direct oversight the recruitment of all store keeper and casual laborers in keeping with LNRCS policy and guideline

●Ensure that safety and security systems are in placed at all time in the LNRCS warehouse and facilities

●Check and report to supervisor all discrepancies on local or international purchases or donations with follow-up for corrections. Produce a bi-monthly BIN card summary and a monthly stock reports to responsible programs, logistics coordinator, secretary general and the internal audit unit.

●Receive all national and international medical and non-medical supply/equipment into the capital warehouse, verify shipments against Purchase documents and Packing List and follow-up on any discrepancies

●Conduct control assessment of all Medical and Non-medical supplies coming into the warehouse, including documentation of expiry dates and country of manufacture, certificate of analysis and labels

●Check all deliveries of goods for quality and quantity, and record details on Goods Received forms.

●Manage return/exchange of any medical and non medical supplies received in unacceptable state

●Ensure proper storage of all medical and non-medical supplies, including maintenance of cold-chain

●Ensure that all goods in the warehouse are stacked efficiently with maximum possible consideration given to the preservation of goods and reduction of losses. Stacking also included the used of a forklift.

●Pay special attention to the safety of warehouse materials and the warehouse itself, storing hazardous materials separately and, where necessary, in special conditions.Ensuring the presence of fire hydrants and sand buckets throughout the warehouse.

●Separating materials intelligently, such as keeping drugs and food items away from toxic chemicals and flammable materials away from matches.

●Upon receipt of new medical and non-medical supplies, update bin cards and project-level stock reports, and ensure Senior Manager and field sites are notified of new arrivals

●Ensure stock levels are recorded correctly and diligently on bin cards. Ensure bin cards are numbered according to a logical system and kept in an organized and logical filing system.

●Lock the warehouse at the end of each day, leaving the keys in the Logistics office safe, and ensuring the night guards are in place before leaving the location

●Ensure all reasonable preventative and reactive measures are taken for the safety of warehouse personnel, including clear communication procedures in the event of an accident and easy access to first aid equipment and supplies. Check that the contents of first aid kits are regularly inspected and any necessary replacements made.

●Process all Stock Requisitions, ensuring these are complete and duly signed. Support program staff to understand how to use the Stock Requisition form. Contact supervisor immediately in the case of any problem.

●Conduct tours of the warehouse for new staff and briefing for program staff as necessary to understand how to use the warehouse.

●Process all receipt of goods, ensuring proactive coordination with the Procurement team and that a Goods Received Note is completed in every case.

●Check all deliveries of goods for quality and quantity, and record details on Goods Received forms

●Ensure correct storage, stock rotation and guarantee appropriate and accurate stock control and recording at all times.

●Ensure drugs and food items with upcoming expiry dates are closely monitored and reported to in a timely manner to the line manager so as disposals can be organized.

●Immediately report on and, in consultation with the line manager, take appropriate action for the disposal of spoilt commodities.

●Keep always appropriate storage conditions for specific items: including special attention for the storage of hazardous or flammable materials, and drugs are organized according to their requirements and according to specified ambient conditions.

●Follow good warehousing practices to ensure that the warehouse is kept in good order, clean, dry, well ventilated and pest-free at all times.

●Ensure timely and organized filing of all GRNs and duplicate packing lists

●Support the organization and administration of meetings, workshops and events (e.g.

arranging for meeting rooms and other facilities

Assist with arranging for travels: organize transport, logistics, accommodation, documents;

Ensure availability of office supplies and appropriate maintenance of office equipment;

Perform other duties as required

Responsibility 2: Dispatching

●Manage and supervise packing of all medical and non-medical supplies leaving the warehouse for distribution to project/field sites

●Supervise loading and unloading of deliveries to and from the warehouse, managing tasks and keeping attendance records for casual labourers, and submitting weekly request for payment.

●Ensure all outgoing shipments are properly documented, including updating of bin cards and preparation of waybill; packing lists,

●Coordinate shipment to project/field sites with Logistics

●Perform other duties as required

Responsibility 3: Reporting

Produce a weekly bin card summary, detailing all movements in and out of the warehouse, to present to the Senior Logistics Officer at the end of each working week.

Ensure that the stock report is kept up-to-date and that stock counts are conducted at least twice per month. Submit monthly snapshots of the stock report to the Logistics Manager including a monthly bin card summary.

Undertake regular stock reconciliations to verify actual stock quantities against that on documents.


Other duties include the training of field store keeper of all LNRCS store rooms around the country for better performance and prepositioning of disaster relief materials throughout the 15 counties along with logistics coordinator and perform other tasks as required by line manager

Year Job Description

2008-9 Warehouse Assistant, Liberia National Red Cross Society

Duties and Responsibilities

●Request and managed the supplies of 3,500 gallons of diesel fuel, lubricants and spare parts of all LNRCS headquarters vehicles and generators and present bi-monthly report

● Manage LNRCS drugs and cold chains at the LNRCS central drug room which is supplied upon written request to the LNRCS clinics and prepare a monthly report for all supplies to the warehouse supervisor

●Perform other duties as required

Job Description

2009, Jan-April Acting Fleet Manager, Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS)

Duties and Responsibilities

●Manage all LNRCS vehicles and equipment with direct oversight on placement and supervision of drivers.

●Other responsibilities included the preparing of fleet wave reports which include but not limited to the calculations of fuel and lubricants consumed, the number of kilometer cover that is calculated against the fuel consumed

●Ensure the correct recording of vehicle log book

●Ensure and produce monthly report

●Assist in audit process

●Ensure swift response of vehicle replacement or service in the case of breakdowns

●Perform other task as assigned by supervisor

Job Description

2007 Finance Volunteer, Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS)

Duties and Responsibilities

●Carried out financial posting to general ledger and help with financial transaction computer entries

●Due to the absence of banks in the leeward counties, assist in the transporting and payment of field office staffs and volunteer by direct payment

●Make withdrawal and deposit for the organisation

●Perform other tasks as assigned by supervisor

Year Job Description

2006 Secretary, Office of the Representative, Dist. # 1, Rivercess Co.

capital hills, Monrovia, Liberia

Duties and Responsibilities

●Take record of legislative sessions and present information to the staffs briefing

●Receive and sent out all communications on behalf of the assigned office

●Ensure that daily time sheet is available

Year Job Description

2004-05 Book keeper, Inter Digital Computer School, Benson & Buchanan Streets, Monrovia,

Duties and Responsibilities

●Record all financial transaction,

● Carryout monthly update of tuitions paid and makes deposit.

●Ensure monthly payment of staffs

●Record all financial transactions and make daily report to supervisor

●Fill in as an replacement trainer

Year Job Description

1999-2000 Logistic clerk, Malasian/Liberian Timber Cooperation, Virginia, hotel Africa, Monrovia, Liberia

Duties and Responsibilities

●Received all forest purchase request and prepare and signed general purchase requisition of all needed items for forest logging operation and forward to headquarters for action.

●Collect purchase request and produce local purchase order

●Ensure general oversight on all forest equipment and crossed cut logs.

●Manage vehicle maintenance and drivers of forest operations

●Ensure timely reporting for resupply to forest operation

●Aid in audit process

●Ensure the construction of staff housing units and reconstruction of damaged homes

●Ensure the maintenance of fuel and lubricants with minimize wastage

Year Job Description

2001-02 Logisticians, forest operation, Royal Timber cooperation,

Duties and Responsibilities

●Manage all assets and ensure that the forest operation is run smoothly with all logistical practices and procedures in line

●Manage all procurement activities in line with procurement standards and procedure within the forest operations

●Prepared forest purchase request and forward to headquarter for action and make follow up

●Manage fuel, lubricants and supervise the refueling and services of 33 (thirty three) yellow machines and the numbering of forest logs for port shipment

●Fill in for any driver who is absent with or without cause and institute corrective measures in line with management policy


1988-1989 Mechanical Apprenticeship,

Liberia National Police HQ Motor pool

Other jobs had, included community HIV/AIDs awareness mobilizer and taxi driver

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