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Laboratory Technician (Microbiology)

Kitchener, ON, Canada
March 20, 2020

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Kitchener, ON 705-***-****

Diploma in Biotechnology Advanced (Forensics), with knowledge in Quality Assurance & Control, Microbiology research & water processing skills. With a background in Environmental Sciences for Public Health Ontario (PHO) processing water samples and preparing for the Canadian Association of Laboratory Accreditation (CALA). Proficient in MS Office suite, Laboratory Information Mannagement Systems

(LIMS) with over 8 years of teamwork, customer service & interpersonal skills that would make me a great Microbiology Technician.

Strong interpersonal skills

Multitasking, in a fast-paced environment

Inventory management and data entry

Microbiology research

Specimen preparation

Water processing and analysis

Sample collection techniques

Excellent written and verbal communication


Equipment testing and calibration

Maintaining Quality Assurance & Control



Restaurant Server, 05/2019 to 03/2020

Kelsey's Restaurant – Waterloo, ON

Restaurant Server, 08/2011 to 04/2019

Kelsey's Restaurant – Orillia, ON

Managed large groups (15 people or more) alone and with other employees Restocked salad bar and buffet for lunch and dinner service Kept updated knowledge of menu and promotions, recommending specific items according to preferences and food allergies

Cleaned outdoor eating area and indoor dining room by wiping tables, placing trash in receptacles and restocking common areas

Worked with POS system to place orders, manage bills and handle complimentary items for dissatisfied customers

Collected credit card, cash and gift certificate payments from customers and made proper change for cash transactions

Greeted and maintained relationships with regular customers P S



Helped customers place orders, explained menu items and suggested appropriate options for food allergy concerns

Checked identification to enforce age requirement for alcoholic beverages Trained incoming staff on restaurant's practices, culture and procedures to maximize job satisfaction and productivity

Laboratory Assistant, 05/2018 to 12/2018

Public Health Ontario (PHO) – Orillia, ON

Proficient in many laboratory techniques such as pipetting, titrations, membrane filtration, reagent preparations and serial dilutions

Assisted lead technologists in maintaining inventory Meticulously took note of incubator, fridge and freezer temperatures each day, to adhere to departmental standards in preparation for audits

Cleaned and sanitized equipment and workstation in compliance with health and safety regulations Preparation of biological specimens using aseptic techniques Proficient use of cryobeads to isolate colonies from pure culture, in preparation for daily controls on incubated media

Accepting/accessioning specimens into the laboratory, to prepare for High-Volume Testing and Environmental water processing

Followed Standard Operating Procedures to complete controls on DCM and BCIG media each day, to ensure no contamination of water and media

Efficient water processing skills, using membrane filtration to identify Total coliforms and/or Escherichia coli in well, beach, pool and spa water samples Worked within a team environment to ensure priority samples are completed with a high degree of quality and scientific competence

Excellent understanding of proper personal and laboratory safety related to handling biohazardous materials to mitigate risks associated with working with infectious specimens Well-versed in preparation of Environmental water samples Mycology sample preparation using Sab-CCG, Leo-CG media and wet mount preparation Centrifuged blood samples for High-Volume Testing (HVT) Trained in QA/QC protocols: creating/reviewing SOP's, method validation and process of accreditation

(CALA and ISO 17025)

Prepared blood/serum samples for High-Volume Testing; Helicobacter pylori, Hepatitis (a, b, and c), HIV, Rubella, and Syphilis, using two immunoassay analyzers (Architect i2000 sr and Liaison instruments)

Skilled using Remel RapID ONE system test; identifying Enterobacteriaceae organisms Performed work with strict Conducted Rotavirus Screen, Clostridium difficile & Remel Influenza A and B testing

Experience in identifying non-conformance and non-routine procedures and situations, reporting them to the supervisor for continued improvements

Familiar with media preparation, staining methods (Gram & Acid Fast) and use of light microscopy to examine cell morphology

Experience processing parasites in stool samples, via filtration techniques Sample disposal of expired blood and water samples in accordance to PHO standards Diploma: Biotechnology-Advanced (Forensics), 2019

Sir Sandford Fleming College - Peterborough, ON

Courses included: Microbiology, Laboratory Ethics, Data Management, Biochemistry and DNA Applications, to name a few

Ability to work in various laboratories safely and with good laboratory practices Experienced in theory, procedure and integration of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) process and ELISA confirmatory testing, in a laboratory environment Qualified and quantified DNA using agarose gel electrophoresis and spectrophotometry Performed DNA Extractions on various samples (Human, Animal and Plant) Experience performing gene cloning (DNA extraction, performing PCR with primers specific to a particular gene for isolation)

Use of restriction enzymes to combine a cloning vector and gene of interest Certificate: Pre-Health Science, 2015

Georgian College - Barrie, ON


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