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Registered Nurse Manager

San Antonio, TX
March 20, 2020

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Mackenzie McCall Castillo


Provide the essential skills and services that help support our community. It is imperative to build a strong

rapport with the families in order to provide optimal care and services they deserve.


San Antonio College GPA- 3.4

Associates in Nursing

Graduation: December 2014

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center: Lubbock

Bachelors of Science in Nursing- GPA- 4.0

Graduation: December 2017

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center: Lubbock, TX

Masters in Nursing Administration program- present

Graduation: 12/ 2021


Registered Nurse, Texas, License 874120 (Due November 30, 2020)

BLS- Current (expires August 2020)

PALS- Current (expires May 2021)


RN Care Coordinator

oUniversity Hospital System (Respite Care of San Antonio) February 2019- present

oLori Tapia (Clinical Director)

oFull time 6a - 3p

RN Case Manager April 2018- February 2019

oAngels of Care Pediatrics Home Health Agency

oKellie Moore (Nursing Clinical Director)

oFull time 9a - 5p

Registered Nurse

oUniversity Hospital Neonatal ICU, SA-TX April 2015-April 2018

oRachel Rivas (Director)

o 36 hr week 60 bed unit/Level II, Level III & Level IV Care

Patient Care Assistant June 2014- April 2015

oSTARS program

o24hrs/ week

oFloated to any unit that was short staffed


Over three and a half years experience in a Level IV, 60 bed, NICU

Excellent time management skills

Excellent communication skills with staff and patient families

Strong leadership skills

Assist with deliveries of high-risk infants and premature infants 23 weeks gestation and older.

Provide excellent and comprehensive care to the premature and term critical infants.

Establish strong rapport with staff and management.

Implemented evidence based practice to ensure patient safety (i.e. Barcoding Breast Milk; Developed a Unit Protocol and Policy for the safe administration of Expressed Breast Milk 2016 for UHS).

RN Case manager training completed

Updating patients profiles, discharges, and new medication orders

Skill training check offs as well as assisting the new staff with questions and concerns with their patients

Completing intakes, re-certifications and pre or post assessments


Basic Life Support (BLS)

Risk Reduction for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome & Other Infant Causes for Sleep Related Death (1.1 hours)

Super user for proper sterile technique hanging central lines.

Super user for EPIC

Primary VFC coordinator


American Nurses Association

Oxygen Targeting Committee (UHS)

Breast Feeding Committee (UHS)

Pain Committee (UHS)

Super User (UHS)

Epic Super User (UHS)

VFC primary coordinator


Training multiple nursing students and licensed vocational nurses

TEAM Steps

Giving clinical judgment and advice to the nurses in the home of the patient

Updating and approving changes in medication orders

Supervising the clinic and coordinating patient care

VFC Primary Coordinator


Excellent assessment skills of the neonatal infant in regards to neurological, respiratory, cardiac, gastrointestinal, renal, endocrine, hematological, and physical aspects.

Airway, breathing, circulation, assessment skills

Manage ventilated patients i.e. Drager ventilators, high flow oscillator ventilators, conventional ventilators, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP), Fisher Paykel, VapoTherm, nasal cannulas, and infants on the dove study.

Assist with intubation.

Collect and analyze arterial/venous/capillary blood gases and report abnormal values to the medical doctor.

Skilled with placing peripheral vascular lines.

Glucose assessments

Assist with insertion of arterial lines such as peripheral arterial lines (PAL).

Assist with insertion of peripheral inserted central line catheters (PICC).

Assist with insertion of umbilical venous catheters (UVC) and umbilical arterial catheters (UAC).

Knowledge and skill drawing labs from peripheral arterial lines and umbilical arterial lines.

Experience working in a 58 bed Level IV NICU unit and a 26 bed Level III NICU.

In Level III, I am responsible for 2-3 infants. These infants will be of higher acuity than that of level II. I work primarily on the level III side of the NICU.

Confident working with all preterm and term infants ranging from low to high acuity.

Experience and confidence caring for intubated infants, infants with a tracheostomy, gastrostomy tubes, ostomy bags, ventro peritoneal shunts, subgaleal shunts, omaya reservoir, open wounds, post operative infants (post bowel resection, post reanastomosis, primary anastomosis, diaphragmatic hernia, post surgical placement of a broviacs).

Extensive knowledge and practice with medication calculations.

Proficient working with total parenteral nutrition (TPN), omegaven, and lipids

Experience functioning as the delivery nurse and attending all high-risk deliveries and caesarian sections.

Teach and assist mothers with breastfeeding their infants.

Work with the neonatologist, residents, interns, lactation, and nutrition in developing a plan of care for the neonate.

Advocate for my neonatal patients.

Experience with cooling blankets, septic workups, bedside lumbar punctures, bedside thoracentesis, straight catheter, foley care, foley inserts, restraints on the infant, nasal swabs such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) swabs, suctioning tracheostomy’s, tracheostomy care, and changing tracheostomy’s out.

Provide an advanced level of comprehensive nursing care to critical neonates and infants.

Assist with bedside and emergent surgeries preformed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, such as gastrointestinal surgeries, cardiac surgeries, and shunt placements.

Resuscitate and assist with resuscitation of the newborns.

Counsel family members of patients regarding protocols, anticipated results, procedures, and possible complications.


Responsible for creating a plan of care appropriate and individualized to the patient’s current needs and status.

Calculating hours per week the patient requires for safe nursing care.

Working with the authorization team by completing a thorough case conference form that helps analyze the detailed care the nurse in the home will provide for the patient.

Communicating with the physician team per patient for appropriate nursing interventions for the patients plan of care and medications provided in the home.

Teaching nurses how to properly care for a patient with g-tube feedings either bolus by gravity or by pump feeds.

Teaching nurses how to do proper tracheostomy, g-tube and central line care.

Responsible for doing recertifications and intakes for new patients.

Assessing a patient in the home every two to six months depending on their authorization time and when an incident in the home occurs or in the hospital more than 24 hours from admission time.


Organizing patient care and treatments by including all members of the healthcare team

Work collaboratively with team members to distribute workload, utilizing and learning from each other's skills. Participate in home, school support youth and families.

Support families' needs to identify and understand the eligibility criteria for various health insurance/benefit/entitlement programs through federal, state and /or local public agencies. Assist families in assessment of decision-making capabilities and implementation of appropriate legal status (e.g. health care rep, guardianship) as needed.

Provide support for patients and families in navigating the educational system to ensure patient is utilizing appropriate resources and well-prepared for transition out of school system. Assist patients and families with the identification of problems and obstacles to independent living and develop strategies to mobilize community resources utilizing formal and informal supports.

Provide resource information to families through contacts with parent to parent networks, independent living centers, diagnosis specific organizations and educational materials as needed. Anticipate significant transitions and support patient/family as able.

Supervise and coordinate a facility of thirty plus special needs kids in a foster care group home

Coordinate all specialty appointments and need for follow up

Schedule surgery dates

Monitor paper MARS and update and medications changed per providers request

Primary for VFC program

Monitor vaccine counts and order vaccines for the clinic

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