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Social Media Sales

East Lansing, MI
March 19, 2020

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Prudhvi Bellamkonda

Phone: 517-***-**** Email: EDUCATION

Master of Science, Business Analytics Broad College of Business, Michigan State University Jan 2021 Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Aug 2015 Engineering

Graduate Student projects Jan 2020 – Mar 2020

Developing a prediction model for 3 years of sales data of a large home improvement company consisting of 70 products and 2000 stores. Cleaned prepared and transformed data from different sources to include promotions,sales and product info in R,python

Tested linear models to predict sales of products over the next quarters, used clustering models like k-means, decision trees to classify products based on prices, location of stores which inturn can be used to apply promotion strategy locally

Exploratoy data analysis and visualization in tableau on Lending Club dataset on Kaggle.Prepared visualizations in loan types, current statues of loans heatmaps with time periods,wordcloud on various loan titles WORK EXPERIENCE

Product Manager Pocket FM, Bangalore Mar 2019 - Aug 2019

• Produced 30+ podcasts and audio shows in a span of 2 months on various topics using a data driven approach through responses on ads run using keywords from Google

• Produced 200+ book summaries from scratch in a span of 3 months by creating a large pipeline of content writers; reduced costs by 60% for production

• Defined KPIs for podcasts based on listening time, listener drop timestamp which lead to an improvement of 20 % increase in listening time, 10% increase in number of listeners Business Development, Clothing, Bangalore Aug 2016 - May 2018 Business Analyst Jan 2018 - May 2018

• Achieved an increase of 5% in revenue by classifying customers into cohorts based on gross merchandise value, ordering frequency, geography, and category of products purchased. Used kmeans++ clustering to segment customers along sales,number of items bought to target and improve conversion by 5%

• Established KPIs to monitor daily progress by setting up dashboards, automating using Excel,SQL and python which lead to an increase in number of calls by 15% on a daily level Seller Business Development Manager Aug 2016 - Dec 2017

• Conducted pre product market research and on-boarded 500 plus business partners in 4 territories with a team of 6 people

• Planned and executed new territory expansion on demand side in 10+ cities across Maharashtra, M.P., Gujarat, Goa by simultaneously hiring and training all sales staff in 2 months

• Coordinated across teams to deliver garment fairs in Udaan across 2 cities, included seller side marketing, buyer side publicising, and social media; attracted 100+ retailers and achieved total revenue of $35,000 dollars Business Analyst Keystone Logic, Bangalore Feb 2015 - Feb 2016

• Defined KPIs for monitoring warehouse order to delivery time performance, created weekly dashboards to monitor the progress

• Created dashboards using SQL and python scripts to create automated dashboards.

• Modelled the time taken using various statistical techniques like logistic regression to predict the impact of factors like presence of goods from various categories, which in turn helped improve planning in advance for such orders. LEADERSHIP POSITIONS

General Secretary Technology

• Coordinated team participation in Technology events leading to participation of 100+boarders in 9 events across year 2013-2014

• Focused efforts on increasing participation and, budget for teams; led to 2nd place in IIT’s Technology General Championship

• Won Gold Medal for case study competition on market expansion by CCD in India

• Participated in Hindustan Unilever Case Challenge and solved an optimization problem in supply chain by using neural network framework and reduced factory to market transport cost RELEVANT COURSES & SKILLS

Courses- Business Analytics Problem Solving; Data Management and Visualization; Large Scale Data Analysis; Communication Strategies for Analytics; Project Management

Skills – Python,SQL,R,Excel,C

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