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Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineerer

Fremont, CA
March 19, 2020

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510-***-**** - EDUCATION

University of California Santa Cruz, September 2017 - June 2021 Santa Cruz, CA Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Cumulative GPA: 3.51/4.00 Dean’s List: 2017 and 2018 n Coursework Completed: Algorithms and Data Structures, Introduction to Probability and Theory, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Computer Architecture, Machine Learning, Ethics and Data Science SKILLS, INTERESTS & ACTIVITIES

• Technical Skills: Proficient in Java and Python. Intermediate in C++, OpenGL, JavaScript, SQL, AWS, TF, React, Python Libraries.

• Other Skills: Team-player, Easily Approachable, Adaptable, Fast Learner.

• Interests: Interested in Data analytics, Machine Learning, Full-stack Development, Software Engineering WORK EXPERIENCE

Undergraduate Machine Learning Research Assistant Santa Cruz, CA UCSC Augmented Design Lab September 2019 – Current

§ Optimizing accuracy to 92% from 81% with various unsupervised learning algorithms(k-means clustering and edge detection) that create segmentation maps of satellite images which identify different features in a road, due to lack of labeled data.

§ This would allow for further testing of autonomous vehicles in robust and real-life intersections in our Unreal Gaming system with Python, SUMO, and MapBox API’s(unsegmented map images TensorFlow for map creation through Python.

§ Redesigning a deep learning model for a more accurate and robust model that can accelerate our progress. Data Analytics Intern Newark, CA

Practice Suite June 2017 – August 2017

§ Developed a SQL database from recorded video calls with doctors and workers, in order to create a program that allowed doctors or other private practices to efficiently record their data from work.

§ Relayed information with the back-end developers and uploaded it to the system with their SQL databases.

§ Participated in the database design and code design to understand how full-stack development works. Java/Python Teacher Milpitas, CA

Shirdi Sai Parivar June 2016 -August 2019

§ Instructed students ranging from 5th-9th grade, basic Java/Python skills.

§ Collaborated with another fellow peer to create a curriculum for 2 months and discussed end of session goals for students.

§ Taught covered various types of variables, if/while loops, OOP and other basics of Java/Python programming.

§ Class taught additional libraries such as matplotlib, NumPy, and Pandas. PROJECTS

Employee Attrition Rate Model Python, Plotly, XGBoost July 2019 - August 2019

• Developed a Logistic Regression Model and XGBoost Model which predicted employee attrition rate.

• Utilized data from a Kaggle dataset, IBM attrition analysis and prediction.

• Designed various data visualizations and implemented feature engineering to validation increase accuracy by 7%.

• Created mock solutions to decrease employee attrition, visualized confusion matrix and roc-curve. Income Prediction Python, Matplotlib, Sci-kit-Learn February 2020 – March 2020

§ Developed a Logistic Regression Model and Decision Tree model that predicted an adult’s income rate

§ Redesigned data from the UCI machine learning repository,, so it could be used for modeling.

§ Designed and implemented feature engineering and data visualization aspect for an increase of 9.3% in validation accuracy

§ Optimized various methods so they were scalable for all data-frames we intended on using.

§ Incorporated feature testing with thresholds that identified biased features, for reporting bias and ethical fairness. U-Trient React, Python, Figma February 2019

• Created a dynamic website at SloHacks, which won best design, that formulates a dietary plan given certain information provided by the user.

• Utilized Python to create clean the dataset received from an online API and create meals accustomed to their goals and dietary limits.

• Incorporated user info we created a formula which would give the user a breakdown of his macro-nutrients (Protein, Carbs, and Fat) in order to meet his goals for the timeframe they set. Supplies Ordering system at Shirdi Sai Parivaar SpringBoot, HTML, SQL June 2016 – August 2016

• Designed a project that allowed local families to order supplies(flowers) from various vendors (United Wholesale Flowers).

• Integrated data in centralized SQL database rather than keeping data in spreadsheets.

• Created a login platform where users can purchase flowers using SpringBoot tools

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