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Office365 Migrations, Lotus Notes Administrator

Easton, PA
March 19, 2020

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Office*** Migration Engineer

Certified Lotus Notes / Domino Administrator

Certified ServiceNow Administrator

Stephen S. Constantine

Easton, Pa. 18042 610-***-****

Resume: LinkedIn:

Summary: A self employed incorporated consultant, with 2nd & 3rd Level experience as a Lotus Notes Domino Mobile Device Messaging Administrator, and extensive Lotus Notes to Exchange and Office 365 Migration Engineer experience. Also a Certified ServiceNow Administrator.

Client List: U.S. Federal Courts, Confidential U.S. Federal Client, Sun Pharmaceutical, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey, Bank of NY Mellon, MetLife, Towers Watson (formerly Towers Perrin), Phoenix Contact, MasterCard, MEI, Inc., B. Braun, SPX, Henkel, The NBA (National Basketball Association), Automated Financial Systems (AFS), The Hartford Insurance at Planco Financial, The U.S. Department of Commerce at The U.S. Census Bureau (twice), American Water, Hewlett-Packard at Wachovia Bank, Atofina Chemicals, Novartis Pharmaceutical, The City of Philadelphia, Pa., Mercedes Benz, Quest Diagnostics, Ernst & Young, U.S. Tobacco, The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Hoffman-LaRoche, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer.

Software/Tools/Firmware: Lotus Notes Client / Domino Servers R3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.5.3, 9.0.2, Domino Administrator, Domino Designer, Office365 ProPlus, OWA. Outlook 2013 / 2016, Skype for Business, Skype for Business for Android, Binary Tree CMT for Exchange, Binary Tree Co-Existence Tool, Binary Tree AMT for Exchange, CMT Migration Worker, CMT Universal, Exchange Management Console, Exchange Server 2007 / 2010, Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange(NME), Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory 8.13(MMAD), Quest Resource Updating Manager (RUM), ZAPP, ServiceNow, JIRA, Traveler, MobileIron, Mobile WorkTouchdown, Blackberry Administration Service, BlackBerry Servers, BlackBerry Manager, BlackBerry 4.0 Desktop Manager, Citrix, XenApp Remote Assistance Console, Proxy Pro Master, SimpleHelp, Crossware Mail Signature, Lync 2010, Lync 2010 Attendee, Krytool, OpenSSL, Cisco Jabber, VMware Horizon Client, HyperV, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Windows 2008, 2012 Servers, Windows10 O/S, SecureX, GSX Monitor and Analyzer for IBM Domino Servers, Accellion Secure File Sharing to Software, Case Manager, DC Global Calendar 7, EmailXtender Search 4.81, Sametime, QuickPlace/Quickr, TeamRoom, LotusLive, Domino Web Access/iNotes, Lotus Notes Diagnostic (LND), NotesPeek, Avaya Unified Communications, ID Manager, ServerAdmin Plus, Active Directory, TeamStudio CIAO!, TeamStudio Build Manager 8.0.4, Team Studio Template Registryv1.1.9, ITIM (Tivoli Identity Manager), Proofpoint Protection Services, EOP: (Exchange Online Protection), FOPE: (Forefront Online Protection for Exchange), MailMarshal, Cisco Ironport/M670 Content Security Management Appliance, Ytria EZSuite, Sprint Admin Center, Postini, MIMEsweeper for SMTP Manager, MIMEsweeper Policy Editor, Mirapoint Spam Filter, Barracuda Spam Firewall, SpamSentinel, Sophos, TrendMicro ScanMail for Domino, Symantec Anti-Virus Filtering for Domino, Symantec Mail Security for Domino 8.0.5, Inoculan, Norton Anti-Virus, GroupShield, HP Data Protector, Symantec Backup Exec, Veritas NetBackup, Arcserve, FaxCom for Domino, RightFax Module for Lotus Notes, All-in-one Admin Tool, Juniper Connect SSL VPN, Nortel Contivity VPN and Cisco VPN, SysAid, ChangeGear, CA Service Desk, Altiris, GWI (Help Desk Software), HelpMatics, Peregrine Service Center, Heat, Remedy, HPOpenview Service Desk, Netman, Magic Solutions, Utopia, Applix, Bomgar, LogMeIn Web-based Remote Support Software, Meeting Center/WebEx, Netop Remote Control, NetMeeting, LanDesk, PC Anywhere, LapLink, DameWare Remote Control, Microsoft Server Manager, Visio, Microsoft SharePoint Services, Mindjet MindManager Visualization Tool, SSDM Scheduling Administration Tool, SQL Server Configuration Manager, ADT(Automated Deployment Toolkit) for Lotus Notes, ManageEngine OpManager, Microsoft Project, Ehealth Report Generating Tool, IBM iSeries Navigator, Putty Terminal Client, WinSCP File Copy Program, Remote Insight Board Lights-Out Edition, HP IP Console Viewer, SecurePath, Microsoft TechNet, Netfinity Service Manager, Notes Upgrade Services Wizard.

U.S Federal Courts: Washington, D.C.

Lotus Notes to O365 Migration Engineer: July 2018 to February 2020

(Work from Home Assignment; Public Trust Clearance)

Migrated 36K Mailboxes, Calendars, Contacts, Archives, Mail-In Databases, and Rooms and Resources from Lotus Notes R9 to Office365 ProPlus for 320 U.S. Federal Court locations across the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, for the Administrative Offices of the United States Federal Courts.

Built out two MCC’s(Migration Control Centers), one in Ashburn, Virginia and the other in San Diego, California.

Installed 100 BinaryTree Migration WorkerApps on each of the two MCC’s for a total of 200 new WorkerApps.

Reconfigured and fixed all 200 newly created WorkerApps, including new Outlook Profiles on each machine and also confirmed WorkerApps up and running and connected to respective consoles.

Trained a colleague on how to build MCC’s and install an additional 100 WorkerApps and re-configure them.

Reviewed and fixed an incorrect and outdated 43 page project specific User and Generic Account Migration RunBook to make it easier for colleagues to drive the migration from start to finish.

Created a 7 page Mail-In Database RunBook.

Ran 100+ Test Use Cases to test the newly built Migration Control Centers and WorkerApps and Co-Existence prior to migration to O365.

Created various documentation and uploaded to Sharepoint site.

Import, Audit, and Validate all users prior to migration.

Analysis of CMT Migration Logs to resolve duplicate folder issues, failed migrations, etc…

Rolled failed users back to Notes, by changing routing info in migration doc and manually updating Notes mail file ACL’s to previous settings.

Create tickets for outstanding migration issues in JIRA.

Insource ServiceNow Fundamentals Training: Wayne, Pennsylvania

ServiceNow Administrator Certification Training: February 2018 to May 2018

Trained by a Certified ServiceNow Trainer. Working Knowledge of ServiceNow Versions Jakarta and Kingston. Knowledge of how to create list views, apply filters, update incident records, create and configure form views, templates, groups within groups, assignment rules, notifications, tables, new modules, branding settings, options and setup, ACL’s, add and update users, roles, groups and creat access control rules, update incidents, add fields to forms, update application menu’s, the CMDB(Configuration Management Database), create CI class, define CI relationship, CI Class Manager, modify list layouts, create and validate import set data, create transform maps, verify imports, define coalesce fields, verify import updates, clean-up import set tables, use Report Designer to create, edit, and distribute reports, run data collector jobs, modify Performance Analytics dashboards, create, approve and publish Knowledge Base articles and Create and Apply User Criteria, Create Service Catalogs, variables, and variable sets, use Workflow Editor to create, validate, test and publish Service Catalog Workflows, configure and test SLA’s, Activate plug-ins, create UI Policy, UI Policy Action, Client Script, Business Rule, Performance, upgrade history, cloning, create update sets, modify problem form, mark update sets complete, retrieve completed update sets. Passed exam and received ServiceNow Administrator Certification in May 2018.

Confidential U.S. Government Client: Dulles, Virginia

Lotus Notes/Domino Administrator: May 2017 to December 2017

(Onsite and Work from Home Assignment)

Part time 20 hour per week work from home office assignment supporting clients Lotus Notes Developers and their applications. Client migrated to O365 and kept Domino Applications which I supported. Used O365 in the workplace. Remotely upgraded a few Domino Servers from 8.5.3 to 9.0.1 and Incremental Installs to 9.0.1FP3. Created documentation on how to upgrade Domino servers and uploaded documents to Sharepoint site. Used OpenSSL to create SSL SHA-2 Certificates, sent CSR to CA for signing, used Krytool to create keyring, copied and pasted server.key, CA cert, CA root cert into text file, used Krytool to import text file, copied keyring and .sth files onto Domino server data directory, updated SSL key file name and enabled SSL port status in server doc, restarted http task and verified open server in browser to confirm SSL worked. Daily monitoring of various agents running on application databases, ran database maintanance on corrupt databases to resolve issue of failed agents., created Change Requests in SysAid, Upgraded ODS on some servers to 51 and 52.

Sun Pharmaceutical, Cranbury Township, NJ and Toronto, Canada

Forensic Messaging Investigation(Lotus Notes): January 2017 to April 2017

(3 Month Onsite, Work from Home and Travel to Canada Assignment)

Hired to conduct a Forensic Messaging Investigation involving siphoned corporate Lotus Notes email. Designed a 10 page outline of how the Forensic Investigation was to be conducted. Traveled to Canada with client team to conduct onsite investigation. Documented all investigative findings and discoveries and presented three reports after investigation, Forensic Messaging Investigation Findings, Process Recommendations for Control of Electronically Sourced Data, and Security Recommendations for Lotus Notes / Domino Server Environment, to CIO for review and resolution

Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy: New York, NY

Lotus Notes / Domino / Mobile Device Administrator: July 2013 to January 2017

(3.5 Year Onsite and Home Office Assignment)

2nd/3rd Level Lotus Notes/Domino/Mobile Device Global Support including 24 x 7 Messaging and Mobility Team On-Call Coverage for 5,000 of client's worldwide staff and global offices, in 42 offices in 20 countries, including North and South America, Asia/Pacific, Europe and Middle East/Africa, plus services in over 100 other countries, including 120 Domino Servers, 2,000 mail-in databases, iPhone, Android and Blackberry Mobile Devices. Use Crossware Mail Signature Tool to resolve/troubleshoot missing customized signatures, Rebuild corrupt $Inboxes, Mail file restores, Create Replica’s, Rooms and Resource Databases, Group Calendars, Mail Marshal Reports, Non-replica database copies on same server via server console, Full Text Index, Archives for users and resolve archive criteria issues, MIDB’s, MIDB signatures using Ytria EZ Suite Tool, new mail files for users whose files are corrupt beyond repair or files with b-tree structure invalid message and missing replica’s, secure distribution list groups, auto reply or notify simple agents. Move termed mail files from prod to archive server to free up disk space, Replace design of mail templates, Re-create clubusy.nsf, Increased BES controller waitcount registry setting to 3 hours to increase restart trigger to address severely hung threads on BES Server. Reset BES activation passwords. Modify ACL’s, Recertify users, Modify MIDB owner field using Ytria. Rename users, Blacklist/Whitelist SMTP, IP's, Domain addresses, host names, etc, using EOP, FOPE and Proofpoint, Confirm and monitor message routing issues, message tracking using Cisco IronPort and Mail Marshal, or track messages in Domino Admin client. Resolved issues with users extremely large mail file by creating a new mail file based on users current design, by creating design only copy of the mail file, saving it as a template, versus as a .nsf file, in order to keep folder structure intact and copied contacts and calendar entries to new mail file as well. User kept old mail file as an archive. Use Accellion to send large files to external recipients. Use Citrix/XenApp Remote Assistance Console or Proxy Pro Master to remote into users machines, Re-generate messages via MailMarshal, Add IP addresses and Host names to Mail Marshal configurator relay table. Address and resolve tickets using ChangeGear, open PMR’s with IBM and upload data to their portal, Researched and resolved issue of vendors/clients not being able to view or accept custom repeat meetings by adding parameters to users notes.ini file and users home mail server notes.ini file. Resolved issue of users calendar showing incorrect availability times by removing user from clubusy.nsf and running tell sched check and tell sched validate server commands. Resolved issue of users not receiving group list mail due to alias of temed users in shortname field in some group members person docs, enable DAOS on mail files via database properties field, install various dictionaries on users machines, resolve issue of ghost mail rules using All-in-One Admin tool to delete and rebuild calendar profiles, replace mail template, sh nlcache reset and restart task router commands to clear router of deleted ghost mail rules, created over 250 How To Documents. Add users to MobileIron Notes group and AD group and send user instructions on how to enable MobileIron on their iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Retire mobile devices, Reset users accounts on traveler server, forced device check-in on Mobile Iron portal to resolve traveler pointing to incorrect mail file path. Restart Sametime MUX service to resolve users sametime connectivity and availability issues. Move users to new certifier, move users mail files between servers, Restart rnrmgr to validate and test the rooms. Use Ytria to add fields and parameters to databases, and modify time stamps on private To Do's, Message tracing to check mail routing for group users not receving mail, Message Tracking to resolve missing sent mail issues. Fix duplicate contacts on blackberry using RSET command, Resolved disappearing mail by removing folder alias's in Domino Designer. Upgrade folder designs for users who are missing buttons as design replace of template did not fix them.

Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey: Newark, New Jersey

Lotus Notes to Exchange 2010 Migration Engineer: September 2012 to June 2013

(9 Month Onsite and Work from Home Assignment)

Migrated 11,000+ mailboxes from Lotus Notes to Exchange 2010 using Binary Tree Migration Tool. Created 50+ FAQ’s and 30+ "How To" documents for client’s help desk post-migration support, 25+ FAQ’s for internal migration team, 21 page document on How To install Exchange/Outlook Profiles and How To install, test, connect and register CMT worker apps and 165 Use Cases for User Acceptance Testing to validate co-existence and migration testing and application functionality. Tested all 165 Use Cases, documenting any issues in the process. Validated migration of pilot users and created spreadsheet to document validation. Installed/configured, connected, tested, checked names, and registered 120 CMT Worker Apps on 6 Master Servers, in preparation for migration. Migrated 600 to 900 users per week while troubleshooting abnormal/cancelled/failed migrations. Using Blackberry 4.1 Manager, deleted Notes BES users and using Blackberry 5.1, created users on Exchange BES server. Used Exchange Management Console to add groups and assign full access rights to groups for shared mailboxes and modify resource policies for migrated rooms/resources by adding delegates to the mailboxes.

Bank of New York Mellon: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Lotus Notes to Exchange 2010 Post-Migration Support: June 25, 2012 to July 27, 2012

(5 Week Onsite Assignment; Budget cuts forced the early cancellation of this project.)

Post-Migration support for a Notes to Exchange 2010 Migration project.

Documented, updated, closed, and/or resolved 300+ outstanding Remedy tickets.

MetLife: Somerset, NJ / Wilmington, Delaware / New York, NY.

Lotus Notes to Exchange 2010 Migration Engineer: April 2012 to June 22, 2012

(3 Month Work from Home Assignment; New CIO canceled the project and decided to move to Office 365.)

Migration engineer for a 100,000 user worldwide Lotus Notes 8.x to Exchange 2010 migration project for a Global Fortune 500 Client, migrating 6TB of data, and 12K of the 100K users in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, India, UK, Ireland, Brazil and Chile, using the Quest Migration Tool. For US portion of migration project, created 50 scripts for 1st Level Help Desk support, 150 “Use Case’s”, and 90 replica mail files from client’s Domino Server to 6 Migration Replica servers for pilot testing. For International portion of migration project, created Migration Pre-Requisite Documentation, Modified 15 page Migration Plan, including Software/Hardware/Tools requirements, Calculated average Lotus Notes mailfile sizes and total data to be migrated, Reviewed, updated and re-submitted migration questionnaire survey provided by international sites, Created 60+ Pre- & Post-Migration support FAQ’s, Created Pre- & Post-Migration Communications to be sent to users.

Towers Watson (formerly TowersPerrin): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lotus Notes to Exchange Migration Engineer: May 2011 to October 2011

(6 Month Onsite and Work from Home Assignment)

Global Project migrating 6000+ users from Notes 6.5 to Exchange 2007, using Binary Tree Migration Tool. Migration Engineer responsible for executing mail file, Blackberry, Archives to PST, Mail-In Database, and Rooms & Resources migrations. Regional Domain, LDAP Host, DC,and AD Domain settings changes/modifications for AMT and CMT/EMM. Daily restart of Control Centers/Migration Servers and Workstations/Worker Apps. Use AMT to Import users, Pre-Migration Actions (Point users accounts to Replica Staging Mail File, Fix Contacts/Group Members, Fix Folders, Maintain Calendar Workflow, Point users accounts to Production Mail File). Set Exchange Mailbox MDB (Database Name, Storage Group and Exchange Server). Enable Exchange Mailboxes and verify SMTP addresses, x.500 Address & updated AD Primary & Secondary SMTP addresses exist, via Exchange Manaqement Console. Set Mail Routing for users to Exchange. Point user to Replica Staging Mail file. Match Domino usernames to Exchange usernames and Select Profile. Set Migration Farm, Migration Profile, pull final replica to staging server, add users to Migration queue, and monitor migrations. Blackberry Migrations using CMT Mobile(Select and point users to corresponding BES Server, Migration IT Policy, LDAP Server for Identifier Lookup, and Wireless backup). Post-migration actions, including sending Post-Migration Notifications and marking all migrated users Complete. Updated and modified Migration Runbook, created documentation on How to Migrate Archives to PST’s, How to Migrate Rooms & Resources from Notes to Exchange and How to Migrate Mail-In Databases from Notes to Exchange. Troubleshoot migrations using Active Directory, Exchange Management Console, MS Access, CMT Universal, etc….Resolved many tickets related to archive post-migration issues. Use IP Monitor to monitor VM Host, Domino VM and CMTe VM. Processed and migrated thousands of archives.

All Lotus Notes Administrator or Lotus Notes to Exchange Migration Projects ranging from 1 month to 2 years or more:

Phoenix Contact: Middletown, Pennsylvania

MasterCard: O’Fallon, Missouri (Lotus Notes to Exchange Migration Engineer)

MEI, Inc.: West Chester, Pennsylvania

B. Braun Medical: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

SPX, Inc.: Charlotte, North Carolina

Henkel, Inc.:Rocky Hill, Connecticut

National Basketball Association (NBA): Secaucus, New Jersey

Automated Financial Systems (AFS): Exton, Pennsylvania

The Hartford Insurance for Planco Financial Services: Wayne, Pennsylvania

U.S. Department of Commerce at Bureau of Census: Suitland, MD (2nd On-Site Assignment)

American Water: Hershey, Pennsylvania

U.S. Department of Commerce at Bureau of Census: Suitland, MD (1st On-Site Assignment)

Hewlett-Packard at Wachovia Bank: Charlotte, NC

Atofina Chemicals: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Novartis Pharmaceuticals: East Hanover & Florham Park, NJ

City of Philadelphia: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mercedes-Benz USA (DaimlerChrysler): Montvale, NJ

Quest Diagnostics: Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Ernst & Young: New York, NY & Lyndhurst, NJ

US Tobacco (UST): Greenwich, CT

Federal Reserve Bank: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Air Products & Chemicals: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Hoffman-LaRoche: Nutley, NJ


Insource, Wayne, Pa. : ServiceNow Fundamentals Training

Frameworks, Trevose, Pa. : Administering IBM Lotus QuickPlace 3

Productivity Point International, Chicago, Ilinois : Administering the Lotus Domino R6 Environment

Global Knowledge Network, King of Prussia, Pa. : Implementing a Domino Infrastructure

Netlan, New York, NY : Domino Administrator/Lotus Notes

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