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Electrical Engineering

Manila, Philippines
March 21, 2020

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CV of Edison R. Nalus

Hired Position: E&I Construction, Maintenance & Control Supervisor, Completion Engr

Permanent Address: #797 FA Muli Avenue Bgry Luacan Dinalupihan Bataan, Philippines

Tel. Mobile: +639*********, +639*********,

Passport No: P4203263A, Expires on 29th August 2022

Skype Id: edison.nalus1

E-mail: /

Educational Qualifications:

B. Sc Degree in Electrical Engineering – University of the East – Philippines 1992

Member – Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineering (IEEE) – Philippines 2010

Summary of Experience:

Twenty (20) years of combine experiences in industrial processing Oil & Gas, LNG, encompassing, FEED, Engineering, Completion, System Turn Over, Estimating, Maintenance, Construction – Fabrication, Pre &Commissioning and Integration activities in the field of Instrumentation, Electrical and

Telecommunication in Oil & Gas Production, Power Plant, Refineries, Process Platforms c/w Man Living Quarters and FPSO, Module Rigs, Jackets and Bridges in both onshore and HUC- offshore in

various projects. Conduct routine work function as QA/QC. Well verse and familiar in NEC, ASME, ANSI, API, ASTM, NEMA. Supervision, Quality Assurance, Testing and Pre-Commissioning, Assists start-up & Commissioning and Maintenance of Electrical Power and Control System, Fire & Gas Fire Protection

System, Process control Instrumentation, Interpret Programmable Logic Ladder Diagram (PLC) for

testing & Motor Control Center and trouble Shooting. (DCS, SCADA, PA/GA, F&G & HVAC System)


Computer Literate: E&I Engineer, Supervisory, Estimate Conversant P6 Primavera, Microsoft Word, Excel, Electrical & Instrument Quantity Surveying / Tracker,

Career Objective

To work in a company or organization where I can utilize my knowledge and skills through my

Experiences in the field of Engineering, Construction, Pre & Commissioning, Maintenance of process

and control Instrumentation& Electrical can be applied and to gain more proper work experience in the field of my profession.

Employment History

Company Name: QATAR Petroleum (QP)

Hired Position: Electrical &Instrumentation Supervisor

Industry: Oil & Gas – Green Field - BUL HANINE Phase 1B Project– & BRIDGE

Date Joined: October 22, 2018 to September 15, 2019

Assigns and involves for E&I to get access and reviews of engineering construction procedures, engineering designed drawings, designed philosophy and methodology as well as package commissioning procedures and the introduction of QP procedure of Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) procedures, reviewed and comments for finalizing the AFC documentations. Planning for the project deliverables.

Monitoring the execution of project in Batam Indonesia, Mc Dermott site, construction, fabrication,

installation and site progress monitoring during construction phase for the preparation of mechanical completion (MC).

E&I material and equipment Inspection and applied preservation as per project requirement & procedures.

Monitor, engaged & involves in the installation of 3.3KV HV Switchboard, HV & LV transformers & Switchboards, distribution panels, witnessing, megger testing and hi-potential testing of HV cables and inspection and signing off Inspection Test Record (ITR).

Monitor the bridge related to E&I installation, lightning protection, grounding installation, inspection testing of Earthing and lightning protection for jacket legs A1/B2-A2/B1 for each fix platform wellhead (WH) and top side platforms.

Monitor the installation of YOKOGAWA marshalling cabinets, 230UPS/AC AND 24UPS/DC, NAV-Aid CP & battery banks, interposing relay, AC to DC rectifier panel, electrical control panel, package and distribution board of small power panels for top side module and wellheads.

Witness megger testing of Low Voltage (LV) 690V&400V cables, instrument cables and, signing off mechanical check sheets after testing.

Witness & vendor liaise and function testing of LV 600V main panel and related ESD & F&G signals, and alarms, and step down transformer input alarms and trip signal.

Monitor and witness of process instruments calibration and process control valves, MOV’s, choke valves,

on-off valves, and emergency shutdown valves, prior for installation.

Monitor and witness the WHCP high pressure tubing testing for hydraulic supply and return for wellheads SCSSV downhole valves, master valves and wing valves and confirmed interpret to Piping and Instrument Diagram (P&ID).

Monitor inspection of all fire & gas devices installation base on project detailed drawing and specifications

as well as PA-GA telecommunications system.

Signing off ITR’s for acceptance, construction completion check sheets for all E&I, T and dossiers review for completion, prior for precommissioning & commissioning and monitoring progress report through Project Information and Management System (PIMS).

Monitor and overall coordination of Mechanical works for HVAC package, Fire alarm & Loss

prevention system works in Local Equipment Room (LER)

Perform walk down per sub-system ready for hand it over to pre-commissioning and

Commissioning department. Involves in signing off Mechanical Construction Certificate (MCC).

Involves, hands-on and witness in pre-commissioning and commissioning and perform SAT procedures

base on sub-system wise before load out and sail away.

Employment History

Company Name: IMTECH Industry International BV

Hired Position: E&I Supervisor as Completion Engineer

Industry: Oil & Gas – Seria Crude Oil Terminal (SCOT) EPIC Project

Date Joined: April 2014 to September 2016

Assigned and perform duties as Completion Eng’r. of Instrument and Electrical for the Seria Crude Oil Terminal (SCOT) Control and Automation Infrastructure Project for the preparation of Projects Completion Hand over System wisely with application using GoCCMS (Certification & Completion Management System) and Completion Procedures. ITR’s population for Mechanical Completion Certificates and Pre-Commissioning Certificates SAP System to Verification Completion and Readiness of the projects.

Direct reporting to Project Manager with the co-ordination from QA/QC Manager and Inspectors assigns

to the project.

Following up AFC engineering project drawing updated for fabrication, erection, installation and cable pulling for the preparation of Mechanical Completion of each devices and equipments.

Assist and perform SAP base system for the completion of maintenance procedure implementation after completion and hand over of the project dossiers.

Involves in execution of the project base on Brunei Shell Petroleum project procedures and specifications, application of GoCCMS, systemization pre & commissioning, pre-migration and migration strategy and methodology of SCOT Control & Automation project.

Company Name: Brunei LNG (BLNG)

Position: E&I Supervisor

Industry: Oil & Gas - LNG

Date Joined: March 2012 to March 2014

Assign and performs maintenance turnaround department which involve major shutdown, opportunity shutdown and other projects related matters of BLNG plant.

Performs and carried out reviews of plant design drawings such as fabrication, installation details, specifications and project standards and address to contractors.

Major task is to implement the plant shutdown procedure according to BLNG Process Health Safety Environment rules.

Involves, carried out E&I works during Shutdown of Propane,MCR-1&2 Turbine and Compressors, Waste Heat Boilers, Stork Boilers, Offshore Compression Plant 1-2-3 (OCP1-2&3), HRSG1-2&3, and other related equipments and utility equipments.

Performs and carried assistance GE MK Vi upgrading and fields control instrumentation and electrical

function testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning of the Gas Turbine MS5001&2-A-B&C, GTG-7 MS5001PA and other related E&I and mechanical assistance.

Performs and assists operation during Plant Start-up and back online in operation after shutdown.

Carry out day to day routine related to instrument and electrical maintenance of the plant. IPF Testing on all Safety Critical Equipment of the BLNG Plant.

Coordinates with the sub-contractor on any site installation related matters and daily progress monitoring

Check and reviews work pack for E&I and other related department as project documentations.

Performs and carried out various process control valves, emergency shutdown valves, and field process instruments for maintenance review for possible replacement base on ageing and history of equipment.

Material Take Off against IFC drawings from Engineering and make re-commendation on any

discrepancies and correction.

Responsible and coordinate for tracking materials receiving I&E equipments as per purchase order,

purchase request.

Co-ordinates to planning department regarding major and opportunity shutdown schedules per plan.

SAP Generate Permit to work (PTW).

Company Name: Hawk Berksan

Hired Position: E&I Supervisor, Pre & Commissioning

Industry: Oil & Gas - LNG

Date Joined: March 2011 to December 2011

Project Involved: Upstream Facilities Project CPUII Marib Block 18


Lead the Precommissioning & Commissioning Team.

Reporting to Project Manager about E/I & T issues and daily activities

Responsible for planning of Electrical, Instrument and Telecommunication related works at site.

Supervises and oversee the activities of assigned contractors according to company procedures and schedules to ensure that work objectives and programs are implemented.

Coordinates with the sub-contractor on any site installation related matters and issued final drawings for fabrication and installation. Application of methodology statements as per project procedures.

Responsible for the monitoring of field construction for all installation and with the coordination with other discipline.

Lead QC team and conducts actual inspection for close monitoring of the works at site during construction.

Performs and carried out Instrument. Electrical, PA/GA & Telecommunication, pre& commissioning of upstream facilities and performs Quality Inspections on E/I & T matters.

Supervises and liaise with the operation team regarding E/I & T issues and resolve the as per instruction

from Instrument Operation Superintendent.

Supervision in calibration for all loose and skids instruments and witnessing as per project requirements.

Responsible for (PTW) permit to work system for E&I and other activities of the project.

Assists in preparing ICAPS database from the engineering list and other supporting documents

Developed by TOTAL based on Opercom methodology.

Company Name: GAS Services International Pte Ltd.

Hired Position: E&I Project Supervisor

Industry: Oil & Gas EPIC Projects

Date Joined: July 2010 to February 2011

Projects Involved:

Tiro & Sidon FPSO PetroJarl Cidade De Itajai


Collectively perform review project dossiers and hand it over to client.

Reporting to Construction Manager about E/I & T issues and daily activities.

Involves in the preparation of Instrument and Electrical, PA/GA & Telecommunication Design and Engineering, such as data sheet, Instrument Loop drawing(ILD), Wiring Termination, Process Hook-up details, Process flow diagram, Piping & Instrument Diagram, and other related engineering documents of the project.

Responsible for the installation of E/I& T equipment’s and counter checking base on PDMS architectural engineering design and layout to avoid and minimize clashes during installation.

Lead in preparation of Hand over System Dossiers and equipment packages to the client, manage the system and sub system wise breakdown from commissioning management System (CMS). MC & PC acceptance approve by the client.

Prepare inquiries of related matters to projects, installation regarding to E&I, and issues to sub-contractors.

Reviews all E/I drawings, typical installation drawings, project specifications and procedures prior for site executions.

Responsible for planning of Electrical, Instrument related works at site.

Coordinates with the sub-contractor on any site work task related matters and daily progress monitoring.

Check SAP coding and review materials before purchasing the items for shutdown works, also responsible and coordinate for tracking materials and receiving for Electrical & Instrument equipments as per purchase order and purchase request.

Progress reporting by coordinating to planning department.

Assist and performs during upgrading of DCS, Foxboro system and I/O shed modules and function testing.

Company Name: TOTAL/Yemen LNG JV - Balhaf, Republic of Yemen

Hired Position: E&I Specialist, Commissioning / Operation & Maintenance

Industry: LNG Process Plant & Utilities

Date Joined: June 2009 to June 2010


Performs pre & commissioning of 2 trains LNG Plant and assists start-up of Turbine GE and Elliot compressor for MR, PR, LNG compressors, checks all related instruments and interlock shut down system, trouble shooting, and instrument reliability test.

Liaise with the operation team regarding E&I issues and resolve the issue as per instruction from Instrument Superintendent.

Assist operation Siemens End Flash Gas Compressor (EFG) in commissioning and start-up.

Performs actual work in Siemens Boil of Gas Compressor (BOG) in commissioning and assist operation for start-up and trouble shoot seal gas system for failure start command indication.

Liaise to Train Field Engineer, Head of specialist about instrument, electrical and mechanical issues.

Direct involves in electrical system trouble shooting interfaces to instrumentation system.

Direct performs testing of Fire &Gas system and instrument such as flame detectors, gas detectors, smoke detectors, fusible loop systems. C02 fire cylinder equipment for turbine skids.

Experienced and assist during functional test of F&G system and cause & effect integrate to Triconex PLC system.

Performs actual hand over in all vendor packages, actual site inspection of Elliot, Nouvo Pignone Power Generation, General Electric, Mark VI Speedtronics Panels, Dresser, of Marshalling cabinets and other related instrument & electrical scope of works.

Site inspections, line walk through of P&ID, Electrical one-line diagram, loop drawings and controls, checks all electrical & instruments are installed as per drawing, data sheets and specification.

Responsible for (PTW) permit to work system for E&I and other activities of the project.

Actual and direct hands On in activities of Simultaneous Operation (SIMOPS) to identify the possible or potential clashes and collision which could bring to happen in the project, kick off meetings to be carried out and risk assessment to undertake the constraints and to restrict the hazards associated in all activities in the platform or any projects during operation, commissioning and construction.

Assist Mechanical Completion (MC) checks sheet and related documents and punch list clearing of the projects with the coordination of (ICAPS) Integrated Commissioning and Progress System.

Supervises the activities of assigned technicians according to company maintenance procedures and schedules and ensures that work objectives and programs are implemented. Carries out repair or maintenance tasks as required and produces specialized reports as requires. Ensure that work is carried out in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with the company standards, codes and practices.

Carried out repair or maintenance tasks as requires .Review work orders and determine maintenance and repair priorities in consultation with related sections.

Prepares detailed work programs of preventive maintenance schedules for Instrument equipment in conjunction with the other section.

Involves in Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and witness I&E equipment prior for shipment and installation, generated partial punch list as needed for vendor clarification.

Conducts Site Acceptance Test (SAT) including certification Quality Inspection and drawing as-built with regards to actual site installation.

Witness bench calibration of online and offline process instruments and fire and gas devices before final installation and documents acceptance for client approval.

Organizing Instrument & Electrical manpower and prepare weekly and daily progress activities for reporting and coordinate the engineering design, and seek client approval, vendor representative and other discipline concerns to the project.

Company Name: Sembawang Marine & Offshore Engineering Pte. Ltd.

60 Admiralty Road West #01-02 Singapore 759947

Hired Position: E&I Superintendent

Specialization: E/I& T Field, Fabrication & Installation, Pre & Commissioning

Industry: EPIC O&G Platforms, FPSO

Date Joined: February 2001 to May 2009


Pre-commissioning & commissioning per sub-system, PA/GA and Telecommunication system.

Liaise with vendor for testing of Low Voltage incoming feeder and outgoing feeder and associated interlocks, alarms.

Direct hands on, Supervise EPIC engineering, procurement, construction, fabrication, offshore hook-up, pre & commissioning of combined process, rigs modules, utility modules, living quarters, O&G platforms and well head platforms.

Supervision for the preparation of requires AFC and IFC drawings, ILD’s, SLD’s, Cause & Effect, wiring diagrams, lighting layout, instrument layout plan, earthing, DB’s, Junction boxes, electrical one line diagrams, block diagrams, checks and reviews in any discrepancies and make possible correction and as built. Cables and Lighting load calculation.

Prepares data sheets of all I&E equipments involve in the project.

Study the required drawings, such as P&ID, ILD’s, SLD’s, wiring termination, block diagram, and E/I& T,location plan, specifications, procedures and requirements per project phase.

Quantify the required number of items to establish from IFC drawing and make a plan to monitor the progress and planning for the assigns project.

Coordinates with contractors regarding the installation process and counter checking of clashes through 3D & PDMS and monitor progress as required.

Supervision of a wide range of skilled personnel in any technical jobs, layout during fabrication and construction should comply as per project specification, codes and standard.

Supervise and lead a team regarding material take-off and estimates such as instrument fittings, valves, lighting fittings, special items related to E/I & T and prepares material requisition originates from IFC latest drawing.

Study the layout plan and work closely for the implementation of day today activities and decide firmly in any collision or clashes during installation encounter at site and seek the Client’s approval.

Complete the Mechanical Completion (MC) check sheets for sign– off with the coordination with the ICAPS and or PIMS base system and hand over dossiers of the projects.

Bring up all E/I & T technical queries in any discrepancies on the design drawings.

Monitor E/I& T equipment receiving status and act as QA/QC to check the equipment for possible damage and vendor discrepancies supplied bulk materials before installation.

Working closely to all discipline head to reach the on time and cost-effective achievements of the project and prepare E/I & T as built drawings requirements for the projects.

Supervises which involve system energization, logic & control system testing as per cause and effect matrix, pre &commissioning of Instrument Control Safety System (ICSS), calibration, testing scale reading of various process control instruments such as pressure, flow, level & temperature transmitters, control valves, flow transmitters, positioning transmitters, ESDV’s shutdown valves, and BDV’s blow down valves. Flow element, restriction orifice using vernier calliper, temperature and pressure gauges.

Supervise testing of F&G instrument such as flame detectors, gas detectors, smoke detectors, heat detectors, fusible loop systems, C02 fire cylinder for turbines, and FM 200 system.

Knowledge PTW system in the project involves.

Direct Supervision in preparation of Job card and equipment and man hour estimates for all carry over work for offshore and hook-up integration and planning for execution of offshore activities.

Direct Supervision in pre & commissioning of MV & LV Switchgears, Motor Control Centre (MCC) Testing, motor test run, temperature and overload testing. Commissioning of Utility Systems such as electric firewater and diesel firewater system and related F&G and PCS interlocks and all related equipments.

Direct Supervision in cables Hi-Pot testing rated 5KV to 13.8 KV and HV & LV Transformers.

Involves in project general documentation for acceptance as required using ICAPS for the completion of Project Dossiers and liaise with the clients for approval.

Direct Supervision t PMT, control and supervised sub-contractor. Provide organized system and ensure of all required materials are available.

Manpower pre-plan schedule and machineries mobilization plan to fulfil the daily achievements and prepare weekly progress report to convey with Project Manager and customer.

Coordinate with the safety department for daily safety meeting of all trades to have as one’s purpose of freedom from danger or risk during installation and construction phase.

Projects Involved

Tunu 11 Phase 2 Development Project- Onshore & Offshore

North Manifold Platform (NMP3) & North Compression Platform (NCP2) - Total EP Indonesia Ptd. Ltd

Kerisi CPP Development Project- Onshore& Offshore- 2 Process Module, Utility,& Living Quarters Conoco Philips Indonesia

FPSO Bohai Field, Block 11/05 of the Bohai Bay – Onshore People's Republic of China

ConocoPhillips China, Inc.

FPSO Esso Exploration & Production, Nigeria – Onshore, Saipem

FPSO Teekay Petrojarl

Third Transmission Platform (TTP)- Onshore& Offshore

PRP GAS & Metering Platform& Living Quarters - Bechtel Ptd. Ltd. Thailand

Bongkot Field Development Phase 3C - Onshore& OffshoreSPP Platform and Utilities, Thailand Offshore - PTT Thailand

DAN FG Field Development Project- Onshore Maersk Olie Gas Platform for Denmark

Panyu 42 & 51 Platform Field Development Project, 2 Drilling Wellhead Platforms, 2 Living Quarters-Onshore & Offshore Devon Energy China, Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea

Balal a Combined Process cum Living Quarters Platform and a Wellhead Platform Iran Oil & Gas Platform Field Development Project- Onshore& Offshore Total Fina Elf Iran

Anoa Gas Export Platform- Onshore & Offshore Natuna Gas Field Development, Batam Island & West Kalimantan Indonesia Premier Oil Indonesia.

Company Name: Sirte Oil Company (SOC) El Brega, Libya

Hired Position: E&I Maintenance / Shutdown Phase Project

Specialization: Instrumentation Operation & Maintenance

Industry: Oil & Gas Petroleum

Date Joined: July 2000 to October 2000


Assigned in operation and maintenance of gas plant, refineries and oil wellheads, base in system description and schedules, overall maintenance and changes of such components of every instruments and electrical equipment found with faulty and defects.

Direct Supervision of commissioning team, perform loop testing final operation to analyze probable cause per system as per project requirements, checks and trouble shoots defective components and rectified to meet the requirement limits.

Assists in start-up of two boilers and heaters and verified that all interlocks are working properly.

Assists in start-up of solar turbine, and close monitoring of recycle valves and other related process instruments during operation.

Direct Supervision regarding trouble shooting and maintenance of all instruments and electrical controls in Ionic’s process water system and performed daily routing in the plant.

Work looks ahead of assigned wellheads to be checked and maintained of each chemical injection skid and records a daily base routing.

Maintain and trouble shooting of all process instruments in gas metering skid interface to Hartman Brown Distributive Control System (DCS).

Checked and verified all process instruments of every oil and gas separators to ensure each can meet the correct reading as a basis of production quantity of the plant.

Daily routine schedules as required.

Direct Supervision in commissioning of various plant start-ups prior to operation.

Involves in Kick-Off meeting for Simultaneous Operation (SIMOPS) to identify at an early stage the potential clash of activities before to commence the works.

Quality Control Inspection of Instrumentation works involving fabrication, installation, and bench field calibration.

Function test and loop checking and E&I site supervision.

Acceptance test. Troubleshooting& repairing of faulty Instrument equipment and devices.

Carries out analytical calibration & simulation of instruments, fire &gas system.

Direct Supervision in testing operation and analyze the probable cause of defective instruments during maintenance, cleaning disassembly and make necessary alignment.

Check all the electrical characteristics of such components against working standard conditions.

Refer to the drawings; specification and manual for require performance limits.

Company Name: Kellogg Brown & Root, Rhourde El Baguel Algeria,

P.O. Box 4522 Houston, TX 77210-4522, USA

Hired Position: E&I Field Supervisor

Specialization: Instrumentation, Installation, Pre & Commissioning

Industry: Oil & Gas Petroleum

Date Joined: March 1997 to November 1999

Projects Involved

(SONARCO) J6355 Enhanced Oil Recovery Project, Very Early Gas Injection Field (VEGI)


Walk Down and fully understands System P&ID.

Perform Mechanical Completion (MC) Activities and signing off ITRs with the close cooperation of construction team in compliance with the project drawings and specifications.

Dossiers completion for handover and Conduct pre-commissioning and testing followed by commissioning and ready for acceptance.

Prepare inquiries for instruments and electrical fabrication, installation and issues to sub-contractors.

Prepares detailed work programs of Electrical &Instrument equipment in conjunction with the other section and reporting to E&I Construction Superintendent about E&I issues and daily activities

Supervises general technical jobs, layout involves in the field of instrumentation and mentoring contractors.

Carrying out technical clarification with Engineering and other discipline with regards to the design and preparation of manpower planning, schedules and material take off and other related documents and reports.

Prepares installation of field instrument assigns for each oil well head after drilling contractors are true with their work and ready to complete the require equipment of wellheads.

Experienced direct involves in pre & commissioning of all associated instruments and electrical control of Oil Export Booster Pumps, Bently Nevada vibration monitors interlock pre and shut down system, as well as fuel gas skid, electrical heat tracing system, air-compressor PLC’s for testing.

Line walks through the P&ID’s and Quality Inspection to locate all field devices are complies true and correct orientation and checks as per data sheets given are in accordance with project specification.

Interpret PLC ladder diagrams and testing.

Direct Supervision in Pre & commissioning of the projects integrates in Foxboro Distributive Control System (DCS) with all shutdown interlocks per system package. As well as F&G system of the plant.

Checks and reviews E&I MTO and equipment selection against IFC and AFC drawings, tracking of materials and equipments as per purchase order and make recommendation on any discrepancies for correction, as well as the preparation of material requisition originates from IFC drawings.

Responsible for (PTW) permit to work system and other activities of the project.

Line walks through the P&ID’s and Quality Inspection are complies checks as per specification and data sheets given are in accordance with project specification

Prepares As built and all associated and necessary drawings and documents for final reviews and submission to the client.

Company Name: Sunkyong Engineering & Construction Ltd. / Foster Wheeler Thailand

Mapta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong Thailand

Hired Position: E&I Supervisor / QA/QC

Specialization: Instrumentation Field Quality Control

Date Joined: June 1996 to October 1996

Projects Involved

Thailand Petrochemical Plant, Thailand Aromatics Plant


Assigns in Quality Assurance and Control for the project completion which involves inspection, review final construction documentation to ensure and meet the project specification and standards

Client liaison about the specific function to be carried out in order to avoid technical discrepancies related to installation, and layout shall be accordance to the final (IFC) drawing and project technical specifications.

Continuously monitor quality control activities in construction and make recommendation on quality-affected workmanship.

Conducts actual inspection for close monitoring of the works and introduces some measures for better workmanship and strict compliance on work schedules.

Company Name: Mohammad Mojil Group

Position: E&I Field Supervisor / Technician

Specialization: I&E Pre & Commissioning

Date joined: September 1992 to February1996


Direct supervision of instrument crew and monitor work efficiencies with respect to schedules and actual progress and plan and execute recovery plan as required.

Direct Supervision in the fabrication, installation, calibration of various electro-pneumatic instruments for offshore platforms.

Direct Supervision in calibration of Honeywell process and control instruments, such as pressure, level, temperature, flow transmitters. Current to pneumatic

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