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Software Engineer Developer

Alpharetta, GA
March 21, 2020

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S. Michael Koblinski

413-***-**** ● Alpharetta, GA ● SUMMARY

Full-stack JavasScript developer with over 6 months of hands-on experience architecting, developing, and maintaining web applications. Hungry to learn. Highly skilled at collaborating with team members to ship beautiful products within deadlines. SKILLS

React JS React Hooks Redux JavaScript NodeJS MongoDB Mongoose Express JS REST APIs Gatsby GraphQL Material-UI Vue JS Vuex Git Webpack ESLint Babel Socket.IO CSS SASS SCSS Scrum JWT EXPERIENCE

Freelance Software Engineer Dec. 2019 - Present

Self-Employed Alpharetta, GA

Collaborating with two senior developers to create software solutions for clients. Functioning as the primary developer and reporting to seniors for tasks. Practicing week-long sprints where task delegation is determined. New International Foods:

● Created the main website for the largest distributor of Asian foods in the eastern United States.

● Worked on a team of 3 and was assigned the majority of the development tasks.

● Used Gatsby, ReactJS, and GraphQL as a static site generator to optimize SEO and page rendering speed.

● Hooked Gatsby into Contentful as a CMS so that the client could manage their own data.

● Dynamically created over 900 static pages with Gatsby for the client’s products. PROJECTS

Dionysus A full-stack web application that allows authorized users to store data.

● A ReactJS frontend that utilizes React Hooks.

● ExpressJS API and Mongoose backend that connects to a MongoDB database for persistence.

● Stateless ExpressJS server to allow for easy horizontal scaling.

● Uses JWT to authenticate users.

● Passwords are salted and hashed before being stored to the database. New International Foods

A catalog static website built for the largest distributor of Asian foods in eastern United States.

● Gatsby (ReactJS and GraphQL) was chosen as the framework to help build a fast and SEO optimized static site.

● Client required the site to be mobile-friendly, so responsible design decisions were made along the way.

● Programatically created pages from data, resulting in 900 product pages. Blog V Blog A full-stack web application that pits two blog titles against each other and the winner is determined by the user.

● A ReactJS frontend with an ExpressJS API backend and a MongoDB database.

● Designed database schemas and enforced schemas with Mongoose.

● For production, Mongo Atlas is used to host the database, Heroku for the server and Netlify for the frontend.

● Used ChartJS as a third-party charting library to speed up development.

● Followed BEM methodology and used SCSS.


Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Elizabethton 2015 - 2017

● Certification of Completion, Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management

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