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Manager Engineer

Spring, TX
March 21, 2020

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Duane Treybig

Spring, TX ***** 903-***-****

Summary of Qualifications

Multifaceted Research and Development Scientist and Chemist with expertise in chemical manufacturing, personal care, oil & gas fracturing, production and refinery chemistries specifically friction reducers, proppant transport, diverters, corrosion inhibitors, water control, H2S, scale inhibitors and hydrate inhibitors. Responsible for securing 70 US patents and 280 + patents world-wide. Looking for an opportunity in Dallas area to be closer to wives’schildren and grand children.

Business Acumen

Scientific Research

Technology Proficiencies

Project Management

Portfolio Management

Process Improvement

Manufacturing Optimization

Budgeting & Cost Control

Research & Development

Corrosion Inhibitors for HT & H2S

Synthesis and Formulation

Fracturing and Production Chemicals & Fluids

Polymer Development

MS Office Suite & Publisher

SAP & Pages

SciFinder (CAS) & Chem Draw

Agilent GCMS & Chem Station LIMS

M Movie Maker & Final Cut Pro


Professional Experience

Senior Research Scientist Finoric, Beasley, Texas, Oct. 25, 2019 to Current

Responsible for development of new low cost high temperature (280 oF to 350 oF) corrosion inhibitor for acidizing fluids and spearheading, development of brine tolerant friction reducers, High Viscosity Friction Reducers (HVFR), low temperature diverters, new polyacrylamide breakers, low cost lubricants with very low lubricity coefficients for drilling, and synthesizing oilfield production chemicals; such as MA/AO ester PPDs, Amine Methylene Phosphonic Acid, ABDAC, as Finoric manufacturers and introduce these products to the market.

Petroleum Engineer 1 Aramco Services Company, Houston, Texas Aug. 26, 2019 to Oct. Oct. 25, 2019

Responsible for development of low cost high temperature (280 oF to 350 oF) corrosion inhibitor for acidizing fluids for carbonate and corrosion inhibitors for ultra high H2S (20 to 40 % H2S) in Saudi gas wells. Also, responsible for economical proppant buoyancy coating for microproppant to improve proppant transport in farfield diversion applications.

Senior Research Scientist Finoric, Beasley, Texas March 17, 2019 to Aug. 23, 2019

Responsible for development of low temperature diverters, new low interfacial tension nano anionic flow back aids and EOR surfactants, patentable Friction Reducer hybrids and patentable crosslinkable friction reducers. Responsible for writing manufacturing procedures for scale inhibitors, biocides, surfactants, H2S scavengers, alkyl pyridine quats, imidazolines, sulfonates, dry polymers and solution polymers.

Senior Research Scientist Keane Frac., The Woodlands, Texas July 23, 2017 to March 4, 2019

Responsible for development of more economical proppant buoyancy coating for improving proppant transport; dust control coatings; potentially patentable anionic flow back aids; far-field diversion and environmentally friendly zeta potential altering systems. The proppant buoyancy coating was trialed for EQT and Encana. Nano Release (Flow back aid) was pumped Dec. 29, 2018 and a patent filed.

Technical Manager Baze Chemical, Palestine, TX Feb 27, 2017 to July 23, 2017

Responsible for technical sales, technical service, formulations and reactions for North American Oil and Gas Markets in the fracturing, completions and stimulation areas and in personal care. Develop a full product line for the fracturing, completions and stimulation Oil and Gas Market. Provide solutions for the customer's problems as they arise. Meet with the potential customers and provide solutions. Spearheading building of a new laboratory at the Baze EO & PO manufacturing plant site in Palestine. Hire new lab personnel. Develop new ethoxylated and/or propoxylated demulsifiers, surfactants for personal care and assist in their manufacturing. Synthesize, determine performance and scale-up of a new alkyl phenol formaldehyde resin for paraffin control.

Research & Development Scientist Lubrizol Oil Field Solutions, Houston, TX Jan, 2014 to Jan, 2017

Conducted thorough patent search for viscoelastic surfactants (VES) compositions and applications, cataloging all relevant information; selected target molecules from this search and distributed research, work, follow-ups amongst the team. Developed testing process for VES molecules and trained all team members on use.

Virtual leader of 7 Scientists developing differentiated VES for use in oilfields.

Collaborated with 2 team Scientists in the discovery of a new additive for increasing viscosity of viscoelastic surfactants six times their normal viscosity; this discovery reduces the price of any VES and makes them comparable in price to guar.

Developed an environmentally-friendly and thermally stable zeta potential altering system (ZPAS) allowing the production of oil without producing sand.

Research & Development Scientist Weatherford International, Houston, TX May, 2013 to Jan, 2014

Managed and Led fracturing and production projects. Determined raw material specifications for ZPAS, a quality control method to quantify sand agglomeration strength; established quality control standards for finished zeta potential altering systems (ZPAS) for consolidating sand.

Established methodology for creating high conductivity fractures by forming pillars.

Developed new generation zeta potential altering systems (ZPAS) for consolidating sand from oligomers and/or polymers and acidic hydroxyl containing compounds (Lewis Acids).

Commercialized the sale of anti-agglomerates for the prevention of gas hydrates in Canada, resulting in $50,000 sales in the first year.

Technical Support Manager & R&D Sceintist Weatherford International, Houston, TX July, 2012 to May, 2013

Managed the synthesis and evaluation of differentiated production chemicals; managed laboratory.

Synthesized and contributed to the development of new corrosion inhibitors for sour environments, low solids H2S scavengers, new hydrate inhibitors (anti-agglomerants), pour point depressants for HMW crudes.

Synthesized and formulated a dialkyl sulfate quat of 1,2-substituted imidazolines which were further formulated with intensifiers for prevention of H2S corrosion between 50 and 120 oC in fresh water and water with salinity (see US 2015/0354323) for Weatherford.

Synthesized and formulated anti-agglomerant compositions as hydrate inhibitors and developed processes for their preparation. In some implementations, the anti-agglomerant compositions were able to handle greater than 10 oC subcooling in a sour system upto 40,000 ppm H2S and also without the need for a hydrocarbon phase (see US 2018/0037804). These anti-agglomerants were successfully field trialed and sold in Canada (see SPE 173724).

The replacement of monoethanolamine with alkyl amines in the synthesis of trihydroxyethyltriazines minimized or eliminated the solids formation of triazine H2S scavengers by preventing formation of disulfide polymers. Furthermore, ether solvents were discovered that minimized solids formation and lowered the pour point of the trishydroxethyl triazines.

Technical Support Manager Syrgis PChem, Inc., Latexo, TX Oct, 2008 to July, 2012

Managed laboratory personnel, established research and development department budgets, purchased necessary lab equipment, and provided solutions for quality control manufacturing problems/issues. Synthesized products for sales and research and development projects.

Directed team of 5 laboratory staff members, including the hiring of two new employees.

Spearheaded initiative to build a new laboratory facility, completing it within time and budget constraints (total budget for the project was just over $200,000).

Re-engineered company’s Pour Point Depressant (PPD) manufacturing process.

Synthesized and supported manufacturing of DETA, AEEA, AEP and TEPA imidazolines as corrosion inhibitors with and without additives some of which contained sulfur. Supported manufacturing of alkyl pyridine quats and benzyl chloride quats of dimethylamines from KAO.

Invented and synthesized environmentally-friendly temporary and permanent clay stabilizers.

Contract Engineer Schlumberger, Sugar Land, TX March, 2005 to Jan, 2006

6-Month contract position; commercialized short-term engineering project (STEP) for H2S and CO2 corrosion inhibitor, increasing company’s product line. Corrosion inhibitor performance was determined with wheel test and added to Schlumberger product line.

Senior Research Chemist Nalco Energy Services, Sugar Land, TX Feb, 1998 to March, 2005

Led teams responsible for outside-in projects for Schlumberger, Halliburton, and MI drilling.

Formulated, tested and patented inorganic acid corrosion inhibtor for Schlumberger (see US 6,500,943). Corrosion inhibitor was also used by Nalco mining division.

Developed, formulated and tested many alkyl pyridine and quinoline quats with intensifier packages for Schlumberger. Testing was preformed at many temperatures and various quantities of the intensifiers to determine optimal temperature range for each type of metal coupon. The key to quinoline quats was having about 20 % isoquinoline concentration present in the quinoline.

Created, commercialized, and patented viscoelastic surfactant that was 50% more cost effective than competitor’s; sold approximately 1-2 million pounds of this product in Canada.

Discovered new use for polyhydroxyetheramine (PHEA) as a relative permeation modifier and patented this application; this was used in 11 oil and gas wells with a ROI of $6.1 Million annually.

**Additional experience as a Research Leader in Isocyanates Process Research, Research Leader in Coatings and Intermediates Research, Project Lead in Epoxy Resins Research, Project Lead in Polyolefins Research, and a Senior Research Chemist & Project Lead in Chlor-Nitrogen Research with the Dow Chemical Company in Freeport, TX**

Education, Credentials & Training

Master of Science in Chemistry Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry University of Texas, Austin, TX


Rheology Certification, at MIT ISO 9001 Certification

Two Time Inventor of the Year at Dow Chemical

Award for Manufacturing 1st Polyester at Dow Chemical


Dr. John W. Hanes Leadership Academy Versatile Salesperson Training Ametek Chandler Engineering Viscometer Chandler Corrosion Autoclaves Rheometrics Rheometer Fann 35, 50, & Grace Rheology Core Flow Experiments Indentation Force & Compressibility with Texture Analyzer Maximum Sand Free Rate (MSFR) Testing EI, CI, & Probe GC/MS FTIR

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