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System Administrator Manager

Oak Park, MI
March 21, 2020

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Ramyasri Katta

Phone: +1-919-***-****

Career Objective

To be a successful IT professional and build a challenging career with outstanding performance and a leader in my discipline to serve my organization through dedicated hard work.

Professional synopsis:

Having 6 years of experience in IT Industry as System Administrator. Proficient in IBM AIX and Linux Operating Systems.

Knowledge of Red hat Enterprise Linux Servers, AIX, HAMP & VIOs.

Experience on:

Logical Volume Manager.

User Administration.

Installing packages on RHEL using RPM and YUM.

Upgrades Linux.

Install, Upgrade, And Configure AIX.

HACMP – Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting.

Virtualization technologies and Micro partitioning.

Monitoring and Performance tuning.

AIX Logical volume management.

NFS, Network Installation Manager(NIM).

Processing change management and incident management requests.

Troubleshooting issues on Linux servers & AIX servers (LPARs & VIOs ).

Responsible for various Virtual Machine related activities such as

creating template for VMs, deploying VM from the template, creating Snapshots.

Technical Skills

Hardware: IBM pSeries 6, 7, Virtual machines.

Operating Systems: AIX 4/5L, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 6.1, 7.1, RHEL5,6,7.

Servers: IBM Websphere, Weblogic, Apache Web Server, IBM HTTP Server, NFS,HACMP,FTP.

Databases: Oracle 9i/8i, IBM DB2, MS-SQL Server, MS-Access

Others: TSM servers, SAN storage servers, TWS

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from Anna University 2010.


IBM Certified – PSeries AIX System Administration

Projects & Professional Experience

Organization : IBM India Pvt Ltd

Duration : April 2015 – Feb 2016

Designation : Senior Operations Professional

Environment : Managed more than 3000 AIX, Oracle 8, DB2, IBM HTTP Server, Apache Web Server, WebSphere Application Server 4.0 and UNIX Shell scripting.

Managing all types of Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of all Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Monitoring system performance of CPU utilization, swap space and disk utilization in linux.

Disk Configuration and Managing File systems.

Create and Maintain the Linux file system.

Recovery of Root password.

Managing User and Group Administration in aix and linux.

Configuration and Management of FTP Server, APACHE Web Server, DNS server, NFS Server.

Creating Volume groups, Logical Volumes and File systems on Linux systems.

Automating the processes using shell scripts.

Responsible for various Virtual Machine related activities such as

creating template for VMs, deploying VM from the template, creating Snapshots.

Installation of Linux OS by using pxe server.

Installing Linux Using LVM partitioning.

Install Patches/Packages using RPM and YUM.

Providing security services logins like FTP, SSH.

VIO Upgradations.

SDDPCM & HBA Firmware upgrades

Working on AIX OS Upgradation 6.1 & 7.1

Working & trouble shooting on NAS file system issues.

File system management using LVM

Troubleshooting booting related issues, creating boot records, working with system

Restore servers with backup and build the servers, configure new setup.

Upgrade SMP frames, Firmware upgrade on SMP

Work on daily issues that are generated by monitoring tool – file system issues, file system housekeeping, and operating system health checks.

Performing installations using NIM master. Building NIM resources, recovering server using mksysb NIM resources etc.

Perform health checks on servers by monitoring performance related components such as memory, CPU, network and disk activities and analyzing these reports and finding any issues that occur. Using nmon tool.

Paging space creation, analyzing the usage, increasing, decrease the paging spaces etc.

Using Dump device facility, invoking dump, changing dump devices, estimating the dump and logging call with IBM to analyze the dump and fix the issues as per IBM suggestion.

Configure interfaces, new devices - installation and configuration. Removing the device and work with ODM entries that are related to devices.

Finding hardware and software errors using errpt and taking necessary actions to fix if any errors occurred. Running snap utility on servers to know server issues and sending the output to IBM for analysis.

Updating patches on Linux servers.

Involved in Disaster Recovery process.

Monitoring and resolving the issues in Linux systems.

Disk replacement techniques, replacing fault disk (mirrored or non-mirrored). Working on issues on related to volume management, file system management.

Troubleshooting booting problems, working with bootlist, bosboot commands, fixing file systems integrity issues by running fsck.

Migrating AIX 5.2 to AIX 5.3. Upgrading TL or ML, Service packs, APARs, and installing other third party software. Recovering root password. Working with System Resource controllers.

TL migration, using alternate disk installation to minimize downtime in case to go back to old settings.

Configuration HACMP 5.3 cluster setup with p series servers. Have configured networks, Shared Storage, VG creation, Resource group, resources creation, Testing Fall over, analyzing log files to troubleshoot any problems.

Cluster synchronization, taking cluster snap, Cluster verification.

Organization : Alchemy Solutions

Client : IBM, Bangalore.

Duration : July 2013 – April 2015

Designation : System Administrator.

Environment : Managed more than 3000 AIX, Oracle 8, DB2, IBM HTTP Server, Apache Web Server, WebSphere Application Server 4.0 and UNIX Shell scripting.

Trouble shooting of Linux Os and Hardware Issues.

Creating and checking file system.

Creating Swap Partition and Managing swap space.

Installing Linux Using LVM partitioning.

Creating Users, modifying the user’s attributes.

Creating Groups, modifying the group’s attributes.

Controlling Access to Files and directories.

Troubleshooting on Advanced Network Configuration.

Troubleshooting on Booting related issues.

In-depth basic AIX knowledge (LVM, Networking, Error handling, user administration, disk management)

Expertise in VIO server build and client LPAR build.

Expertise on virtualization environment (NPIV and VSCSI) configuration.

Expertise in multi-pathing (SDDPCM, MPIO).

In-depth knowledge in micro partitioning and resource planning.

Expertise in virtualization networking (VLAN, IVE, SEA - load balancing and NIB).

Live Partitions mobility (LPM)

LPAR Migration from Blade to SMP

Extensive exposure on performance tuning in Aix environment.

Expertise in network file sharing (NAS, NFS)

Working experience in DR setup, Global mirroring, Flash copy

Organization : Nexus Techno systems Private limited

Duration : May 2010 – July 2013

Designation : System Administrator.

Environment : IBM AIX, HACMP, VIO.

AIX OS installation, performing network installations – configuring NIM master, creating NIM resources, defining machines, configuring NIM clients and perform clients recovery by using their mksysb image, new installations, TL upgrades etc.,

Fixing booting issues, re-writing boot records, working with maintenance modes.

Performing filesystem integrity checks, fixing rootvg file systems issues by booting the server in maintenance mode.

Recovering root password, replacing failed hard disks, making disks high available by mirroring volume groups, logical volumes etc.,

Fixing mount issues, checking file system integrity, running fsck in maintenance mode on root vg logical volumes if any corrupted lv’s in root vg

System administration including user, system & group management, system updates, performance monitoring, backup/recovery, disk and storage management.

Monitored system status & monitored the processes identify system bottlenecks and balance system loads. Monitored memory utilization and performance.

Setting hard links and symbolic links.

Create and terminate users Ids on daily basis and granting elevated privileges to users and groups via sudo.

Disk replacement techniques, replacing fault disks, working on issues on related to volume management, file system management. Fixing ODM related issues and working on different ODM commands.

Working on System Management Services SMS and changing boot list order etc.,

Performing alternate disk installations and reduce down time while performing installations or TL/ML up gradations.

Configuring VIO Servers and clients (LPARs). Sharing IO Devices using VIO Servers, Setting up Shared Ethernet adapter SEA, etc.,

LPAR operations including: scheduling operations, troubleshooting activation errors, configuring and using system profiles, and activating and shutting down partitions, Power on/off partitions.

Create partitions, partition profiles, and system profiles, activate partitions, and Schedule operations for partitions, dynamic operations for adding, moving, and removing memory, processor resources, and I/O slots.

VIO Server operations, creating virtual adapters and configuring ethernet or LUNs to LPARs

Installing Operating system on LPARs using NIM, Configuring LPARs via HMC, and Performing DLPAR operations on virtual servers.

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