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Alliston, ON, Canada
March 18, 2020

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905-***-**** •

**** ********* **** • CALEDON, ON L7E 0J3


Software Development – Cryptography – Mathematics – C/C++/go/Python/Java/Assembly – Debugging – Reverse Engineering – Algorithms Analysis – Elliptic Curve Cryptography – Billingual (French)


January 2019 – May 2019 CryptoNumerics Toronto, ON

Senior Scientist

Homomorphic encryption: ring LWE, Paillier

Secure multi-party computation, PSI

Machine learning: linear, logistic regression, regression trees

January 2016 – June 2018 Darkmatter Canada, LLC Mississauga, ON

Senior Cryptographer

Custom cryptography: design, analysis, implementation

Post-quantum cryptography: research, implementation

November 2013 – December 2015 InfoSec Global Toronto, ON

Chief Cryptographer/Developer

Cryptography & Development: ECC, PKI, SSL/TLS, IPSec

HSM, EJBCA, Bouncy Castle, SunPKCS11 providers, OpenSSL, BSafe,

proprietary crypto libraries/firmware

March 2013 - November 2013 BlackBerry/RIM Mississauga, ON

Special Project Consultant

Competitive analysis, reverse engineering: Olly, IDA

Patent counsel

2011-2012 Identita Technologies Inc. Mississauga, ON

Chief Cryptographer/C/C++ Specialist

Credential providers for Windows 7 / MSVC 2010/COM: acoustic cards, OTP, XML, SOAP, TLS/SSL

Identity management and authentication

OTP algorithms: analysis, implementation

2010-2011 Research in Motion Mississauga, ON

Cryptographic Mathematician, Advanced Technologies Group

1 patent regarding circumstantial authentication

iPhone 3GS: security analysis (password bypass, memory dump)

Standard coach for patent prosecution and office actions: ANSI X9.62, X9.63, ISO, IEEE 1363, 802.15.4, SECG, ZigBee, NSA-Suite B, AACS, DTCP, TLS/SSL, etc.

Analysis of cryptographic technologies from outside of Canada

1995-2010 Certicom Corp. Mississauga, ON

Cryptographic Mathematician/Senior Software Developer

5 patents regarding fast ECDSA verification, public key validation, elliptic curve and finite fields arithmetic

SB (Security Builder) developer: v. 1 – 5, toolkit for elliptic curve cryptography

-design, algorithms analysis and implementation, code, testing,

debugging, optimization, porting, maintenance

-C, C++, assembly (Pentium, Itanium, ARM, etc.)

-compliance with IEEE 1363, FIPS certification

-deployment in products, e.g. Microsoft ECC Crypto provider, and professional services

IP (Intellectual Property) work: detection and analysis of patents infringements, support in litigation process

-security/IP analysis, reverse engineering of products and protocols: Sony (AACS, Blu-ray, VAIO, PS3), Microsoft (WPA, DRM), Nintendo (Wii), DTCP

-Assisted the legal team during the litigation process between Certicom Corp. and Sony Corporation

ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography): developed algorithms and techniques for ECC(arithmetic, side channel resistance), presented at SAC, PKC, CHESS conferences

1994-1995 Toronto Stock Exchange Toronto, ON


TSE Floor Closure project. C++ programming, algorithms analysis and implementation: options, derivatives, Black-Scholes pricing model

Canadian Securities Course

1991-1993 University Pierre et Marie Currie Paris, FR


Banach spaces, local theory, Brownian motion, spaces of martingales

Interpolation theory


1988.1991University of Bucharest Bucharest, Romania

Master’s Degree, Mathematics

905-***-**** •


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