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Turnover Manager, coordinator and PL coordinator

Warri, Delta, Nigeria
8000 dollars monthly
March 18, 2020

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* ****** ****** ****** **.,

Airport Road, Warri, Delta State.


Telephone: +234**********


Education: 5yrs

Experience: 16yrs

Industry Experience

Turnover Manager/Turnover Auditor/ Coordinator/Punch List Coordinator 8yrs QA/QC Personnel 3yrs

Six Sigma/TPM Facilitator 3yrs

Project Coordinator 2yrs

Career Summary

I am an experienced Turnover Manager, Turnover Package Engineer / Coordinator & Punch List Coordinator at The Amandi 192MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project Ghana (2018-2020); Turnover System Auditor, Turnover System Coordinator, Punch List Coordinator, Completions Certification Engineer at The Ecravos Gas to Liquid project Nigeria (2010-2014); Project Engineer/Coordinator (Building & Construction) at Bonajoes Isumede (2009-2010 & 2015-2016); Project Engineer / Coordinator at Shemud allied Oil & Gas company (2016-2017). QA/QC Personnel at Bonajoes Isumede Nigeria (2008-2009); Quality Process Management Engineer (Six Sigma Certified) at Delta Steel Company Warri Nigeria (2005-2007) With over fourteen (16) year experience of multi-disciplinary interfacing between Engineering, Construction, Building, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning on Onshore & Offshore Industries, from both Contractor and Owner/Operator Perspectives

Professional Experience:

December 2019 – January 2020

Client: General Electric (GE)

Position: Turnover Manager

Project: Amandi 192MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Aboadze, Ghana 2 YEAR SPARE HANDOVER – Responsibilities

Planning, Directing, Coordinating, Handover of 2 year spare to Client.

Supervising & witnessing Handover of GE Turbine, Steam Turbine, FOTP, CEMS & HRSG 2 year Spare from Metka (partners) Material Manger to Amandi (Client) Material Manager.

Taking inventory & sending daily, weekly & monthly report of 2-year spare handed over to Client.

Ensure closure of Pending construction PL Items & Maintainability PL Items. July – Nov., 2019

Client: General Electric (GE)

Position: Punch List Coordinator (Turnover Manager) Project: Amandi 192MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Aboadze, Ghana

Generate Punch List Items with Commissioning & Installation Team during TOP Walk-Downs;

Ensure Punch List Items are properly written;

Ensure signing of Punch List Sheet by all relevant parties;

Update Punch List MTA database;

Follow-up & manage Punch List;

Assign responsible discipline for Punch List Items;

Ensure proper & consistency in classification of Punch List Items;

Ensure Punch List are closed properly & Timely;

Organize & Lead Punch List Closure Walk-Down both Internal & Official with Client;

Motivate, advice & Drive Sub contractors in closing Punch List Items Timely.

Organize Punch List Closure Walkdown with Client

Close Punch List with Client.

Update Punch List Database for Closed Items.

Develop weekly Punch List Report from MTA database. Nov. 2018 – June 2019

Client: General Electric (GE)

Project: Amandi 192MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, Aboadze-Ghana Position: Turnover Manager

Preparing and sending Request for Inspections (RFI).

Compile erection documentation from partner into TOP Folder per System.

Preparing softcopy & hardcopies TOP Binders

Organize and Lead TOP Walkdowns

Organize regular TOP Weekly Meeting with partners & Client

Interfacing with field engineers & quality inspectors

Scheduling Construction, QC, Client participants for Walkdown

Preparing & issuing Walkdown packages

Generate Punch List & ensuring consistency for Categorizing Punch List & follow up / manage Punch List

Updating Punch List Database (MTA)

Ensuring Timely Closure of Punch Items

Closing Punch Items in the Field with Client

Preparing & Signing TOP Protocol

Turnover of System from Installation to Commissioning

Updating WIPT

Report any issue or defect in the application of TOP Procedure. May- Nov. 2018

Client: General Electric (GE)

Project: Amandi 192MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, Aboadze-Ghana Position: Turnover Engineer/LEAD

Prepare TOP Procedure with Commissioning Manager & Quality Manager,

Punchlist Procedure preparation with Quality Manager,

Boundary & Scope verification prepared by Commissioning Manager;

Cable List, Instrument List, Valve List verification prepared by Engineering

performing tag to system validation checks

Prepare TOP Packages,

Organize Walkdown for Erection to Commissioning & for Commissioning to customer transfer,

Organize weekly TOP meetings with partners & clients, compiling, erecting, reviewing, auditing &

Verifying Quality documentations,

Preparing all documentation in the Dossier hardcopies & soft copies for commissioning & customer,

Generating & Coordinating Punchlist

Interfacing with field engineers & quality inspectors on items for subsystem Turnover. Position: Project Engineer

Company: Shemud Allied oil & Gas Company

Duration: Jun 2016 – Dec 2017

Site Location: Jeddo, Delta State, Nigeria

Project: Building & Construction of 3, 2, 1 bedroom flat & 2 storey residential & office building. Responsibilities:

o Responsible for planning and efficient building, Project Engineering and Project Management Team support of the building project.

o Responsible for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Reports, etc. o Prepare, collect, and evaluate cost, schedule and progress information on the project. Regularly update the client on building progress.

o Provide and maintain cost and project controls schedules, and update monthly progress on projects. o Monitor project costs and schedule against plan, evaluate for deviations/trends, and forecast what will be the end results if no specific actions are taken to modify the future. o Assemble information on the progress and status of the project. Coordinate, prepare and issue on a timely basis the monthly project status report.

o Perform occasional probabilistic and/or risk analyses regarding the project’s cost and schedule. o Ensure the preparation of a final project report after project completion. o Perform other duties as directed by the Project Executive Position: Project Coordinator/ site supervisor

Company: Bonajoes Isuemede Global resources Nigeria limited Duration: Jun 2015 – May 2016

Site Location: Izakpa Street off airport road, Warri, Delta State Nigeria Project: Building & construction of 4 bedroom bungalow. Responsibilities:

• Review of quotations to ensure only fair & reasonable pricing is recommended.

• Tracking & supervising the progress of work & ensuring jobs done within stipulated time frame.

• Buying of building & working materials (cement, wood, rod, granite, sand, nails etc.)

• Ensuring that jobs are done to specification.

• Payment of workers’ wages.

• Chair site meetings & distribution of data & information to project owner.

• Negotiation with community youths on development settlement as the building process progresses. April 2010 - 2014

Company: Global Petroleum Resources Limited (GPRL), Chevron Nigeria Limited (Contractor) Project: Escravos Gas to Liquid Project (EGTL1)

Position: Turnover Auditor - 2010 – 2012

Turnover Coordinator - 2013 – 2014

Punch List Coordinator - 2014

Turnover System Auditor/Certification Engineer

Interrogate System P&IDs/SLDs to determine System Limits.

Identify all discipline scope; Piping Test Packs, Mechanical Equipment, Electrical Supplies, Instrumentation local & home run cables & hard & soft loop interfaces with DCS & SIS.

Identify all Pre-Commissioning activities; Piping (Chemical Cleaning, Air Blow, Steam Blow, Froth Flushing, and Hydro-Jetting). Loop Function Checks etc…

Conduct Pre-Audit on all Turnover Systems approaching 90% completion

Conduct Audit on Contractor System Completion Dossiers (801 Systems equating to 2000 dossiers)

Verify Scope is complete as depicted on Engineering Drawings (Piping, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Civil & Structural) i.e. Construction & QA/QC have captured all scope

Verify all scope has been captured in the Completions Tracking Database (TOSTR) and highlight any deficiencies.

Audit all Construction & Pre-Commissioning QC Forms to ensure they are completed, and all information depicted therein is accurate, complete with relevant appointed signatories.

Produce Audit Report to Turnover Manager for distribution to Area Managers for action & close-out

I Report directly to Senior Turnover Auditor & Turnover Manager

Interface/liaise with associated Construction discipline leads, QA/QC discipline leads & Pre-commissioning Leads

Interface/Liaise with Contractor (SGC) Turnover & TOSTR Team in order to monitor Turn Over System Tracking Report – Completions Tracking Database (TOSTR)

Tracking all open Observations raised during MC & RFC Audits

Track all outstanding QC Forms to completion in support of MC (Mechanical Completion)

Track all outstanding Punch List Items in support of RFC (issue of Ready for Commissioning Certification), PRSR (Pre RFC Safety Review) PSSR (Pre Start Up Safety Review), RFSU (Ready for Start Up) & RFO

(Ready for Operations).

Track all open Exceptions (Punch with long lead material issues), all open RFIs (Request for Information – Engineering supporting Construction), NCRs (Non Conformance Reports – QC) & MOC (Management of Change – resulting from approved RFIs Coordinate completion of contractor construction activities in systems and Monitor & control the status of punch list and exception lists relevant to quality dossiers; to completion

Develop and maintain system turnover definitions and schedules including alignment with the Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) team

Ensure Turnover is in accordance to company policies, standards and procedures Turnover Package Engineer/ Coordinator

Coordinates with Subcontractors for the Compilation of Certification and documentation generated through Construction and pre commissioning phases.

Produce and maintain System Turnover Dossiers.

Participate in System Walk-down to provide the required documentation and punch list forms.

Collect the marked up final system limits single line diagrams and As built drawings.

Carry out final dossier review for content prior to submission for Mechanical Completion acceptance.

Provide a walk down packet that will include the marked up Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams of the System limits, Turnover System Tracking and Reporting (TOSTR) summary status report, single line Diagrams, copied of the post hydro punch lists if applicable, to verify completeness of work or to have placed on the new punch list to be entered into TOSTR.

Collect Punch List(s) generated during walk down and submit to TOSTR for record and clearing.

Coordinating with the site QA/QC Team for the completion of as built turnover documentation;

Resolving any discrepancies between the completed milestone and quality documentation

Monitoring hydrostatic test packs and Instrument Loop Folders for incorporation into dossiers and provide progress data to the planning and scheduling department

Coordinating with the site QA/QC Team for the completion of as-built turnover documentation;

Liaise with Engineering, Quality Assurance, Maintenance and Operations during turnover and acceptance ensuring smooth transition from projects to operations.

Providing progress information for incorporation into project reports and provides reports with regard to the status of system completions.

Resolving any discrepancies between the completed milestone and quality documentation;

Build Turnover Binders complete with Table of Contents Punch List Coordinator

Review punch list(s) generated during Pre-RFC Safety Review (PRSR) and Pre-Start Up Safety Review System (PSSR) Walkdown and submit for Database input (Zenator) for record and clearing.

Review all Punch List generated during construction before input to Data base (Zenator Data base)

Coordinate completion of contractor construction activities in systems and Monitor & control the status of Punch List and exception lists relevant to quality dossiers

Manage contractor's completion punch lists and ensure timely completion of all outstanding work and turnover documentation

April 2008 – 2010

Company: Bonajoes Isumede Global Resources Nig Ltd. Client: DESOPADEC (Delta State Oil Producing area development commission) Project: Building of Community health center, supply of equipment, refurbishing of School buildings & free medical Care.

Position: Project Coordinator


Attend client meetings and assist with determination of project requirements

Assist the PM in the drafting and issuance of project proposals, budgets, cash flows

and preliminary schedules

Prepare project organization and communication charts

Chair site meetings and distribute minutes to all project team members

Track the progress and quality of work being performed by design disciplines/trades

Effectively and accurately communicate relevant project information to the client and project team

Ensure clients’ needs are met in a timely and cost-effective manner

Review field inspection reports from Consultants throughout the lifecycle of the project

Issue Contracts, Letters of Intent, Purchase Orders, etc.

Maintain Contract Execution Tracking Log

Assist the PM in the review of Contractor quotations to ensure that only fair and reasonable pricing is

recommended for approval

Prepare substantial completion certificates and ensure all required project close out documents are obtained

Communicate ideas for improving company processes with a positive and constructive attitude, and for developing this attitude in others

Keep the Project Manager (PM) and others informed about project status and issues that may impact Client relations

March 2005 – 2008

Company: Delta Steel Company Owvian Aladja

Position: Engr II / Supervisor II

Dept.: New Initiative

Section: Quality/Process Management

2007 – Graduate Trainee program

Six Sigma & Total Productivity Maintenance (T.P.M) 2008 – Six Sigma Facilitator


Solving problem using Six Sigma DMAIC & DMADV procedures in Steel melting plant)

Quality management/control using Six Sigma DMAIC procedures – using 9001-2000 procedures

S.O.P Tracking, TAP TO TAP study of production process, TIME STUDY OF PRODUCTION/OPERATION process in Steel Melting Plant (SMS) & Pellet Plant.

S.O.P AND S.M.P FACILITATOR - Standard Operation Procedures & Standard Maintenance Practices facilitator.

Finding root cause of breakdown in Steel melting plant & Pellet Plant – USING WHY WHY ANALYSIS. IMPLEMENTATION OF EIGHT PILLARS OF TPM (TOTAL PRODUCTIVITY MAINTENANCE):

JISHU HOZEN [Autonomous maintenance] creating maintenance cautious operator.


KOBETSU KAZIEN [Focused improvement],


HINSHITU HOZEN [Quality maintenance],




IMPLEMENTATION OF 5S – GOOD HOUSE KEEPING - Keeping our working environment/areas clean and neat for conducive and safe working. Hence improve productivity and safety of workers. 2003 – 2004

Oceanic Software Company

Backlink Technology Solution (BTS)

Delta State University, Abraka Company:

Position: Operation supervisor

Supervision of online payment of student’s fees, online registration of course online and sourcing of material for projects and training of students and lectures on the use of the computer and internet Jan 2002 – 2003: National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) TUTOR (Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry) Education:

1995-2000 - Faculty of Engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (B-Eng Mechanical) University of Port Harcourt

Second Class lower Division

May/June - 1994

Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE)

Nana College Warri, Delta State.

1989 - First School Leaving Certificate.

Olodi Primary School ‘A’ Wari, Delta State.

Professional Training:

System Boundary Checks on Construction Drawings (Chevron Training Center Ogere)

Six Sigma Certification Training (Quality Process Management System Certification)

Total Productivity Maintenance Certification Training (T.P.M)

EGTL Manpower Building & Capacity Development Training Courses.

Understanding & Interpretation of Electrical One Line Diagrams (Chevron Training Center Ogere)

On the job training on Turnover Systems Auditing Procedures & Guidelines (Chevron Training Center Ogere)

Tablet Training & Cloud Computing

Understanding, Reading & Interpretation of P&ID's (Chevron Training Center Ogere)

Foundation FieldBus Devises

Understanding & Interpretation of Loop Drawings, Segment Drawings & Junction Box Drawings

General Site Safety Courses.

Lock Out Tag Out - LOTO Training


1. Leon Schwab,

Turnover Audit Senior Supervisor,

Escravos Gas to Liquid Project


2. Andrew Devaney,

Turnover Manager,

Escravos Gas to Liquid Project


3. Fridolin Duerrmueller,

TA electrical BOPGE, Gas Power Systems

Amandi Project, Ghana

Brown-Boveri-Strasse 7

Baden, AG 5401 Switzerland

General Electric (Switzerland) GmbH

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