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Software Engineer Air Force

Rochester, NH, 03867
March 17, 2020

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Ada Winters

Active Secret Clearance and Special Access

Work Experience

Lockheed Martin 6/18/2018 to present

Marietta Campus, Smyrna, Georgia

Writing Python software used for testing simulated hardware. Agile. Worked on software in Ada programming language for Radar Warning Receiver. Wrote software modification to weather program in Ada for the simulation. Completed Rhapsody UML diagrams for C++ code for the Software Integration Lab software Battle Space Environment simulation program. Linux. Test driven development. Automated test. Special access.

Total Technical Nashua, New Hampshire 10/3/2017 - 3/22/2018 BAE Systems

Worked on the system integration lab (SIL) software in C on an aircraft simulation user interface implementing changes to the device buttons. Worked on a program using CVI LabWindows in C working on an interface on the diode characterization test. This program allows the operator to take measurements regarding the diodes and perform analysis to determine their stability. Converting an Ada OFP program. Worked on a program to interface with hardware survivability equipment. Cole Engineering, Orlando, FL 7/5/2017 - 9/11/2017 Software Engineer

Manned Module Virtualization Project. Flight Simulation Program for the UH60M helicopter to train the pilots.

Software is in Ada, C, and Fortran. GLS Studio is used to generate the helicopter cockpit screens. Jira and

Git is used.

Raytheon Company, Woburn, MA/St.Petersburg, FL 10/15/2012 - 6/28/2017 Software Engineer: Secret Clearance Software for Aegis, DDG1000, AMDR and Single Board Computer software. Maintenance PTRs. ClearCase, Eclipse Luna, Adviser, Rhapsody model code generation. ClearQuest for PTR access. RTC for Scrum. Scrumban paradigm. Radar simulation in a lab environment. Agile software development approach. Linux. Scripts. Peer Reviews. Working on Software Version Description documents for delivery of radar inputs mission data used in ground and flight tests. Working on Perl scripts used for software installation at site. Worked on Software Trouble Reports using the Ada language.

ClearCase, Unix, and Linux. Generate tar files for further extraction at the radars. Performed testing with Operator and Systems Engineer. SWIT. Worked in all aspects of software starting with requirements, analysis, design, code, and tests. Missile Defense Systems.

Teledyne Brown, Huntsville, AL 2/21/2012 – 10/12/2012 Principal Engineer I

Worked on the Stimulated Simulated Framework simulation writing software in C and C++. Written Java code using Eclipse SDK.

Working on a simulation software program. ClearQuest is used for configuration management of the Change Requests (CR)s.

Sikorsky, Stratford, CT 4/12/2011 - 8/5/2011

Software Engineer:

Worked on an embedded user interface for the pilot on the UH 60M Black Hawk helicopter Flight Management System (FMS) which was developed in Ada 95. I worked on a search and rescue pattern user interface screen for pilots. I was also involved in Test, Peer Reviews, and requirements traceability. I worked in many tools including Rational for UML,

Subversion (SVN) CM tool, VxWorks, and DOORS. I supported PCRs and coded the creep, square, sector search distance calculations, and track spacing. Completed the Aircraft gross weight calculations screen, and volcano objects screens using Linux.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Huntsville, AL 7/9/2007 – 4/8/2011 Sr. Software Engineer, Staff:

Wrote user interfaces in Java. I conducted software analysis, software design, wrote code, and developed unit tests on

the MEADS program. I used the Rational Rose UML tool for Model-Driven Architecture. I worked on Eclipse 3.5 and Window

Builder for Personnel and Logistics code generation. I used UML, coded C camera commands to serial port in loopback mode using the VxWorks OS. JViews maps tool. I wrote Software Test Plans, Engineering Test Procedures, and Test Integration Plans. I worked with the STANAG NATO Communications Link-22, JREAP, and GPS. I wrote Software Requirements and participated in Peer Reviews and Testing. I used the Clear Case tool for Configuration Management. Used the Clear Quest tool for PCRs using Linux.

Raytheon Systems Company, Huntsville, AL, Sunnyvale, CA 12/06/2004 – 7/6/2007 Senior Systems Engineer

Worked on the THAAD software project to build an end-to-end ETESIM simulation in C, and C++, and FORTRAN which consisted

of three models; radar, missile, and launcher. I worked in ADA95 for a layer over the Operating System. I worked on a Radar Input Simulation project that sends signals into the BMDS radar for training purposes using JAVA. I supported requirements mapping to code, Software Change Requests (SCRs), and test verification using Linux. Quality.TFCC Missile Fire and Control. Northrop Grumman, Huntsville, AL 6/25/2001 – 12/01/2004 Software Engineer

Performed analysis, design, and coded the Battle Management Command and Control software in Ada 95, Commands to the Radar, Tactical Ballistic Missile, and Lower Tier Defended Assets (LTDAs) on the THAAD project. UML detailed analysis and modeling using Telelogic Tau drawing tool. Wrote Test drivers to test the software. Wrote CORBA middleware software and generated Ada95 code. I wrote and modified requirements which were stored in the Requirements Traceability Matrix

(RTM) tool. Used MIL-STD 6016 for Tadil-J communications formats of the message bits. Wrote Unit Test Descriptions. Used the Visio drawing tool. Tested mathematical algorithms. Scientific programming. Joint Net. BMC2. I wrote the random number generator software using a given algorithm for the THAAD project. Solaris. Communications with the radar to the missile using messages via UDP using Unix. TFCC Fire Control.

Raytheon Systems Company, Huntsville, AL 9/29/97 – 6/22/2001 Software Engineer

Worked on the Communications THAAD Radar Interface Control Document (ICD) with bit specifications and what scale factor number is used as a multiplier to get the correct results. Object-Oriented Design (OOD) Evaluation using ObjectTeam Tool, the Understand for Ada tool which is useful to analyze the software. Fire Control THAAD. I unit tested software and used the Apex tool. Unit tested the Ada95 software for BMC3I with the AdaCAST Test tool. Drew the UML Architectural design objects and performed Object-Oriented Analysis (OOA). Used RTM for the requirements. Wrote CORBA for the Radar Communications messages to the radar from the BMC3I. Completed a Six Sigma. project using Unix. Weapons Systems Engineering. SCI Systems, Inc. Huntsville, AL 2/96 – 9/97

Software Analyst

Wrote DSP2181 embedded code. Worked on writing a test pattern to memory and reading it back to confirm the device

was working to the chip. I wrote the Test Procedures for the Patriot company project, OO/GUI Windows C++ using Borland for the Communications Test Set EFOGM Gunner’s Console project with the 1553 bus displaying responses from a joystick embedded in the tank for use by the gunner. I fixed the EPROM generator in C using Windows.

CSC/Raytheon (Joint Venture), Patrick Air Force Base, FL 2/80 – 2/96 Software Engineer 1987 to 5/94, Systems Analyst 5/94 – 2/96: Worked for the USAF Space Command, 45th Space Wing, PAFB/Cape Canaveral, Fla. I worked on launch related software by performing analysis, design, code, test, as well as maintenance on the Eastern Test Range. Produced I/O interface software. I worked on the data reduction for radar, telemetry, FTSS and Telemetry Range Safety buffer producing data for C3, C4, and UK Polaris missile projects for post-test analysis in Fortran. Wrote a user interface in Assembly language on the AN/UYK-20 computer. I wrote Verification Test Plans in compliance with 2167A with Test Reports and Test Procedures. Completed software for Titan IV/Centaur, Navy Trident II, and SDIO Brilliant Pebbles projects aboard the USNS Redstone Navy ship. SATCOM data was received from the rocket and recorded on magnetic tape for analysis. I have Ship and at-sea duty experience. Wrote standard deviation equation software to test the GPS device with data from the satellite. I performed bit swapping and masking from the Navy formats to fit the target platform computer bit specification to address the endian issue. MIL-STD 2167A using Windows. System Experience

Hardware: Flight Management System, Sun Blade and Ultra 10 Creator workstation, CDC MP-60 Mainframe, Unisys AN/UYK-20 communications processor. Linux, Unix. Ability to program in the following Software languages: Assembly language, Compass Ultra-16, Fortran, Ada, DBASE IV, Basic, Pascal, Z-80, MC68000, C, C++, Visual Studio C++ Education

Worked on Ph.D. Completed all classes, 8/2005 Nova Southeastern U. Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Florida Technical University, June 1993 Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, Rollins College, August 1987 Bilingual: Spanish/University French

Medical Interpreter Certificate

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