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Special Education Support Supervisor/ Speech-Language Pathologist

Doha, Qatar
March 17, 2020

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Oksana Kamenetskaya

T. (974-****-****

Regency Residence Tower, apt. 207 West Bay, Doha

U.S.A. Citizen

Licenses and certifications:

• American Speech and Hearing Association member and certificate holder (ASHA)

• New York State License to Practice Speech-Language Pathology

• Teacher for Students with Speech and Language Disorders certified (TSSLD)

• PROMPT trained (level 3)

• Embedded Coaching Techniques (Level 2)

• Talk Tools (Oral Placement Therapy)

• Hanen Program Certified

• Certificate in Fundamentals in Music Therapy

• Applied Behavioral Analysis Trained and Certified

• Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC)


St. John’s University, Queens, N.Y. May 2009

Master’s degree in Arts and Education

M.A. - Magna Cum Laude

Dual Major: Speech-Language Pathology/ Teacher for Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD) The City University of New York, Queens College, N.Y. May 2006 Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences

B.A. - Cum Laude

Major: Communication Disorders

Minor: Child’s Psychology


New York City Department of Education, District 31 New York, N.Y Jan-May 2009

Graduate Clinician in SLP

• screened/evaluated and treated communication and learning based disabilities across grades

• developed and implemented lesson plans in SLP sessions

• developed and implemented special education programs in the mainstream and inclusion settings

• participated in the Individual Education Plans

• developed carryover protocols to support generalization of skills across settings Pediatric Internship - St. John’s University Speech and Hearing Center New York, N.Y.

Graduate Clinician in SLP Sep 2007-Dec 2008

• assessed and treated various cognitive disorders pertaining to attention, memory, problem solving, and executive function, etc.

• assessed and treated various receptive/ expressive language, speech, voice and fluency disorders

• provided evaluation and treatment to students with learning disabilities, PDD, MR, ADHD, CAPD, etc.

• provided consultations to parents and teachers to support carryover and generalization of learned skills Audiological Practicum

St. John’s University Speech and Hearing Center,

New York, N.Y.

Graduate Clinician in SLP June-July 2007

• provided audiological screening and evaluation to children and adults

• assisted with development of care-plans, providing habilitation and rehabilitation services to children and adults with various types of hearing impairments


Child Development Center

Qatar, Doha

Head of Speech-Language Pathology Department April 2015- March 2020

• provided consultations, assessment and treatment of various communication and learning based disorders

• provided school-observations that aim screening and assessment of school environment and teaching protocols for students with special education needs

• developed and implemented topic specific parent training programs during initial and ongoing stages of therapy

• provided ongoing consultations to the parents of the children on the ASD spectrum, to support them in application of behavior management and communication techniques

• consulted parents and advised them on the selection of enrichment and carryover activities to facilitate generalization of skills in the natural environment

• consulted and supported parents in identification of goals and development of practical programs for family intervention plans

• developed and implemented learning support programs for students in the mainstream and special education settings

• assessed and analyzed client’s home/educational settings to support their integration within the community

• developed home/school programs to support clients’ progress and promote generalization of learned skills across all settings

• promoted cultural sensitivity across all team members to ensure appropriate approach to clients/ families from various cultural backgrounds

• liaised and closely collaborated with schools’ teaching staff on implementation of special education programs and plans

• promoted a model of client oriented and individualized service provision through staff supervision and training

• developed clinical and administrative protocols within and across departments

• ensured client satisfaction by closely interacting with families and incorporating their feedback within the department procedures

• supervised staff members, clinical fellows, students, and volunteers

• assessed the need and ordered clinical materials for the SLP department

• anticipated, evaluated and prevented safety risks for the clients and staff members

• managed team’s caseload and supported the team in making imperative clinical and professional decisions

• developed clinical programs within/across the clinical departments (PT, OT, Learning Support, Psychology/ABA, etc.)

• developed and disseminated learning materials for the staff and clients’ family members

• assessed team members’ performance; prepared quarterly and annual performance reviews/reports

• provided ongoing training across clinical departments to ensure high standards of care and evidence-base practice

• provided ongoing supervision and served as the mediator between the team and management to ensure maximum productivity

• developed and organized clinical schedules and case allocation/re-allocation within the department

• actively collaborated with other department heads in developing and promoting multidisciplinary approach to intervention

• provided multidisciplinary referrals to related external health care providers and authorized learning agencies

• actively supported marketing team in developing and organizing promotional and outreach initiatives

• screened, interviewed, and facilitated hiring process of the new clinical personnel

• developed and maintained partnership with other clinical/educational institutions in the region and worldwide Therapeutic Resources /Amerimed Early Intervention Homecare Services New York, N.Y.

Early Interventionist/SLP Oct 2010- Mar 2015

• provided habilitation service to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with various neurological conditions and developmental disabilities: Autism, VATER syndrome, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder, Encephalopathy Dysphagia and feeding related disorders, medically fragile, hearing loss, global developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, Apraxia of Speech (CAS), articulation disorders, phonological disorders, Dysarthria of speech, fluency /voice disorders, and others.

• provided comprehensive evaluation of communication and swallowing skills, utilizing standardized and dynamic assessments

• designed and implemented dynamic and engaging individualized therapy plans

• designed and trained family members in implementation of home therapy plans to facilitate generalization of skills

• designed and organized therapeutic and recreational activities to be implemented by multidisciplinary team members and families

• provided community trainings to cultivate functional, social-emotional, physical, and intellectual development of infants and toddlers

• appraised family’s unique needs, developed and arranged necessary modifications to achieve target objectives

• developed progress reports reflecting patients’ individual growth of skills, and necessary modifications to achieve long- term goals

• provided references and clinical justifications for additional medical consultations, evaluations and exams

• facilitated, coordinated, and lead multidisciplinary monthly Individualized Family Service Plan meetings

• generated and provided professional development trainings and learning materials for the team staff and family members

• consulted families in regard to compensatory and stress coping techniques related to family’s specialized needs via Embedded Coaching Technique

• assessed and developed individualized AAC systems and provided training to clients and their families

• coached therapists on the team in effective intervention strategies related to the family’s unique circumstances, cultural differences and believes to ensure family focused approach

• served as a parent and community advocate to ensure quality of service and necessary accommodations across different settings

• evaluated and facilitated continuing collaboration of multidisciplinary team members to ensure holistic approach to intervention

New York City Department of Education, District 30 New York, N.Y.

Teacher of Speech-Language Improvement/Head of Learning Support Sep 2009- April 2015

• closely collaborated and lead a multidisciplinary team comprised of school psychologists, special education teachers, social workers, and occupational therapists

• monitored and ensured implementation of alignment of Common Core Curriculum with students’ individual programs and provided necessary support and modifications to teaching intervention strategies

• administered screening procedures for identification of students at risk and students who require learning support services

• analyzed and identified factors influencing students’ learning difficulties across subjects, by establishing their strengths and weaknesses based on school wide assessments

• coordinated testing accommodations and devised adapted materials for students with a variety of learning disabilities

• analyzed an interpreted clinical document to establish eligibility for special testing arrangements

• consulted pedagogical staff on special needs accommodations to facilitate best learning outcomes for individual students with established learning disabilities and students at risk

• administered formal and dynamic assessments to establish and differentiate the learning based and language based academic difficulties, for development of individual education plans

• facilitated development of Individual Education Plans including different learning domains and subject areas

• facilitated semiannual Individual Education Plan meetings with the team and parents to ensure ongoing progress

• developed and implemented individual and group special education programs across grades and subjects

• managed and monitored application of special needs programs within classrooms

• analyzed and facilitated optimal learning environment for students with special education needs by identifying accommodations and interventions

• monitored development of strategic, interactive, dynamic, and differentiated lesson plans in line with a school’s and states’ standards

• developed and conducted workshops for parents and teachers working with students with special needs

• consulted teachers regarding students’ individual learning styles and implementation of appropriate accommodations

• evaluated and treated cognitive disorders pertinent to attention, memory, and problem solving

• provided assessment and treatment to students with hearing impairments and Cochlear Implants

• facilitated development of ESL program, to ensure cultural sensitivity and differentiated and multimodal instruction

• promoted collaboration amongst administrative and teaching team to develop and implement a strong learning culture and high achievement within the school

• provided referrals to external agencies and learning/therapeutic establishments Languages: English, Russian. Professional Skills: Extensive experience with cultural/language diversity and working with individuals across the lifespan; strong management skills; innovative approach to education and intervention, via combining traditional and novel approaches and research, according to Evidence- Based Practice. Personal traits: Enthusiastic, leadership skills, goal-oriented, attention to details, patient, flexible, persistent, innovative, strong interpersonal and communication skills Computer Skills: MS Office XP Pro (MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook), Pharmacy Plus, Windows XP, Vista, Appointment Plus, Get Timely, etc.

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