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Toronto, ON, Canada
75 per hour
March 17, 2020

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Siddharth Pawar


** ***** ** ******** ********** in Oracle and SQL server Database Administration along with 6 years as a project manager, in steady state support projects and implementation projects. Also, have an experience in database upgradation and data centre migration projects as a Database Architect.

Expertise in troubleshooting and fixing the database, infrastructure issues, and misconfigurations.

Worked as a data modeller to define new schemas, database objects, referential integrity, indexes, data flow and SQL/PLSQL for data accessibility and DML for applications.

Worked on the AWS to configure database servers, migrated database from an HP UNIX to Redhat Linux on the AWS VM also supported the databases. Experienced in VMware configuration and Hands on experience in shell scripting.

Designed the backup policies and maintained backup and recovery of databases sizing in terabytes using RMAN and 3rd party vender tools like HPDP, Veritas and Tivoli.

Hands on experience on Golden Gate classic and integrated. Worked and completed golden gate migration of Oracle database, was in TB cross-platform from HPUX to Solaris 11 VM. Also defined and maintained Golden gate table replication setup from Primary to DR and Teradata reporting servers.

Applied PSU, CPU, bugfix and online patching on Oracle RAC environments and single instance databases and patches on SQL Server. Worked on installation and configuration of OMS, OEM.

Experience in Creating and supporting all flavours of standby databases like ADG, mount mode, delayed standby databases and snapshot standby database. Experienced FSFO configuration and management of ADG and PR using DGMGRL.

Worked on Oracle 11g RAC on Exadata X3 and 12cR2 RAC on Exadata X6 and ExaCC X7.

Migrated Oracle databases from multiple Datacentres to single datacentre cross-platforms, cross-versions using RMAN convert, Export Import, Datapump and Golden Gate.

Worked on MS SQL server 5, 8, 12, 14, 16 databases. Worked on Always on availability for SQL server 16. Upgraded Databases from SQL server 2005, 08, 12 to 16. Supported Databases on Azure.

Migrated SQL server databases from lower version to SQL server 16. Configured and maintained on SQL Server mirroring.

Worked on SQL server scale up, scale down. Done Point in time recoveries for some databases. Experience on MS SQL SSIS,


Completed configuration of SQL server backup and restore policies for SQL server Databases.

Working as senior Oracle and SQL database administrator and data modular at a client location Ministry of Transport. Working on Azure and SQL server database configuration and management. Writing a shell scripts to complete the automation. Doing a data modelling using Sybase Power Designer.

Company: CGI Canada (Stratford PEI) May 2019 to Oct 2019

Worked as Senior Oracle and SQL server DBA. Supported Oracle and SQL Server databases of the client.

Worked on day to day operation, Database upgradation, patching, refreshes for Oracle on Linux and SQL server on Windows platform for Client Encana Inc. from Stratford PEI. Worked on installation of Oracle 2 node cluster on ExaCC environment and migration of databases to new ExaCC environment. Done a troubleshooting and fixing the issues on SQL and Oracle Databases. Worked on the new processes set up in the projects. Troubleshoot and fixed the database, infra performance issues in oracle and SQL Databases. Worked extensively on database refreshes from production to QA using RMAN, export, import.

Company: TCS Canada (Saint Ste. Marie ON) Nov 2018 to May 2019

Worked as Senior Oracle and SQL server DBA. Worked on day to day DBA activities like performance monitoring, troubleshooting and fixing Database issues, database refreshes. Completed a migration project where SQL server databases were get migrated from old version 5,8,12 to SQL server 2016 on Azure. Worked as a data modeller to define new schemas, database objects, referential integrity, indexes, data flow and SQL/PLSQL for data accessibility and DML for new upgrades for an applications. Worked on Always on availability cluster for SQL server.

Worked on Migration project where SAP oracle databases are getting migrated to Oracle 12.2. Trained the team member to take over as a DBA. Followed agile, Prince2 methodology for database development deliverables. The client was Algoma steel Inc. Sault Ste. Marie ON. Set up complete SQL and Oracle Database monitoring using Ops manager tool.

Company: Atos Global IT solutions Pvt. Limited Nov 2016 to Aug 2018

Designated as a senior consultant (Database SME) in AHS database department, worked as an Oracle Database SME and team mentor for sixteen client projects including major clients Philips and SCB.

Client Projects: Philips/ SCB

Philips is a Netherlands based electronic instrumentation company.

Standard chartered is a bank in Singapore.

Role: Senior Oracle DBA/SME.

Domain : Banking, Electronics’

Responsibility: Worked as a shared database SME. Worked on high-end issues like design, application performance, P1-P2. Worked as a database architect while designing new environments. Worked extensively on performance tuning of a database, SQL, system, and memory on the database environment. Mentored the database teams, and help them resolve the day to day issues. Worked on Oracle and MYSQL Databases on AIX, Linux, Solaris and HP UX.

Supported more than 16 clients along with Philips and SCB resolving the mission-critical issues and helping the team grooming their technical skills. Supported Exadata X3 and X6 storage nodes compute nodes and database instances on compute nodes.

Coordinated support plans for commercial customers with enhanced or premium support offerings. Scheduled and delivered training to team members and clients as and when obligatory.

Company: TechMahindra Limited May 2014 to Oct 2016

Worked as a Project Manager and Oracle, SQL database SME DBA, Oracle Database architect.

Client Project: Vodafone Australia (Sydney Australia)

Vodafone is the telecom Domain Company is giving services like mobile, broadband, Wi-Fi in Australia.

Role : Project manager/ Database architect

Team size : 16

Domain : Telecom

Responsibility: Worked as a project manager taken care of day to day operations, billing, process management, mentor to the team, new project definition and implementation. Worked on oracle E-business suite 11i/r12. Worked as a database architect the role includes Planning and implementing, migration, installation, upgradation of the Oracle database from HP-UX to Solaris 11 and Linux VM and AWS. Built five node RAC primary and ADG setup on Solaris 11 VM, database version was and the database size was 40TB. Worked on the AWS to configure database server, migrated a database from HP UNIX to Redhat Linux on the AWS. Experienced in VMware configuration to create dev database servers. Worked on MYSQL Databases on AIX, Solaris operating systems. Worked with a BAU team as a database manager and SME resolving mission critical L3/L4 issue. Worked on application, database and system’s performance tuning to fix business critical issues. Supported Database on Oracle Supercluster also supported fusion, SOA, BRM and Siebel databases.

Company: Infosys Limited Oct 2008 to April 2014

Designated and worked as Project manager and team mentor. Worked with IMS Database team for different client’s projects as below.

Client Project: Apple Sep 2010 to April 2014

Apple is the US based company having products like iPod, iPad, MacBook’s, iPhone, OS like MAC etc.

Role : Project Manager (Oracle DBA)

Team size:38

Domain : Telecom

Responsibility: Worked as a project manager taking care of billing, day to day operations, process implementation, handling escalations, Mentor to the team helping them in the Installation and cloning of binaries, ACFS ASM. Completed the Primary, standby database configuration and done the maintenance. Completed Cloning production database to QA. Worked on a day to day database operation, patching and upgradation of binaries and databases. In two years’ time, we built around 4000 database environment to support the business needs. Worked and fixed the Business critical issues on Primary, ADG, and RAC. Supported Exadata V2 machine’s storage nodes and compute nodes.

Client Project: Viterra.Inc, (Regina SK Canada) Sep 2009 to Aug 2010

Viterra is a one of the largest grain company in Canada.

Role : On-site Database Administrator

Domain : Foodgrains.

Responsibility: Worked as a data modeller for addition of schemas, database objects, referential integrity, indexes, data flow and SQL/PLSQL for data accessibility and DML for addition of new functionality in existing application.

Worked as on-site Oracle database administrator on Linux and mainframe and SQL Server DBA on Windows platform in Regina. Viterra wants to migrate their 9i database from Zos (Mainframe) to Redhat Linux and upgrade to 11g. I planned and implemented the procedure of migration and upgradation of databases. Also worked on day to day operations like space usages handing, production implementations, PT, SQL tuning, database cloning, Patching and upgrade the binaries and databases. New project plan and implementations like OTM, CAMS, and Oracle fusion databases.

Client Project: PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) Nov 2008 to Aug 2009

PWC bring a global perspective along with in-depth knowledge of local, state and US issues. PwC focuses on audit and assurance, tax and advisory services.

Additionally, in the US, PwC concentrates on 16 key industries and provides targeted services that include human resources, deals, forensics, and consulting services. We help resolve complex issues and identify opportunities.

Role : Oracle DBA

Domain : Auditing.

Responsibility: PWC was a new project, Worked as KT planner arranged and got KT from PWC SME. After KT worked as an offshore DBA and taken care of day to day operations. Which includes day to day issues like space management, backup and recovery by RMAN and snapshot back up by SAP tool. Database cloning from production to QA, test databases. Patching and upgrade the binaries and databases.

Company: KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited Feb 2007 to Aug 2008

Worked on the client Project BNP Paribas as a DBA.

Client Project: BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is French Bank.

Role : Sybase/oracle DBA.

Domain : Banking.

Responsibility: Installing Sybase on HP UNIX, Installing Sybase clients for developers. Creating databases, devices, data files as per requirement. Refreshing dev databases from Production databases. Worked on a data modelling to define new schemas, database objects, referential integrity, indexes, data flow and SQL/PLSQL for data accessibility and DML for billing applications.

Worked on Crystal reports, wrote optimized queries for reporting purpose. Worked on Performance tuning, handling backup management, Periodical check-up of data files and devices, memory structures, Capacity planning and user Management. Implemented database security using database roles, taking periodic backups for recovery purpose. Recover database on failure. SQL tuning, Creating stored procedures as per requirement.

Company: Webify Services Pvt. Limited Jun2006 to Jan 2007

Client Project: UHDE INDIA LTD (ThyssenKrupp)

Role : Oracle DBA, Database Designer & Database Programmer.

Domain : Manufacturing.

Responsibility : Responsibilities include Analysis, Database designing, Installing Oracle databases. Done the data modelling for new application creating database objects, added referential integrity to them, and created indexes for data accessibility after considering the column cardinality, data flow and SQL/PLSQL for different applications. Creating tablespaces and data files, rollback segments, verification of contention at various parts of SGA, Performance tuning and backup management. Periodical check-up of data files and tablespaces, buffer cache, shared pool, etc. Installing Oracle binaries for various platforms. Developed various functions, procedures, packages, database triggers Data Conversion Migration of data from SQL server 2000.

Bachelor of Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Amravati University 2001.

Oracle Certified associate 9i.

Oracle Certified Professional in 10g.

ITIL foundation 2011.

Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner


Oracle 8.x,9.x & 10g,11gR2,12cR2, Oracle RAC 10g and 11gR2 RAC,12cR2,Sybase ASE 12 and 15,Mssql server 2005,2008,2012,2016

Machines/Operating System

Linux, Solaris, Exadata Machines X3,X6, Mac, Window, HPUX, AWS


OEM, TOAD, HP-SM7, Remedy, Espresso, Golden Gate,VmWare, NetApp, Netback, Service Now, HPDP, Veritas Netbackup


Export-import,Datapump,RMAN, AWR,ADDM,SRVCTL,CRSCTL,OCRDUMP,OCRCONFIG,logdump,Oracle data miner, ASH, DGMGRL, BRtools

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