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Maintenance Data

Hyattsville, MD
March 19, 2020

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Database Administrator with *+ years of experience on oracle RAC, GOLDENGATE, DATA GUARD, and EDBPostgres Maintenance, replication and migration. Skilled at migrating oracle databases to PostgreSQL on premise and to AWS cloud with tools like MTK, SCT and DMS. Also have extensive knowledge on performance tuning tools likes AWR, ASH, ADDM, PG_STAT_ACTIVITIES, pgBadger and extended event to troubleshoot performance issues and ensure that the system works at its optimal. Highly detailed oriented, with a drive to continually expand and obtain knowledge to better service Databases and assist in solving problems. Looking to apply skills learned through experience in assisting companies to archive their goals and objectives.

Areas of expertise include:

Project & Production Support

Oracle 12c, 11g, & 10g Versions

Installation & Configuration

Upgrades & Patches

Migration of Systems

Backup & Recovery

Performance Tuning

Dataguard & Broker





Recovery Catalog

Optimization of SQL & PL/SQL Scripts

Database Security

AWR Report

ADDM Advisors





SHELL Scripts

OEM Database & Grid Control






Streaming Replication



Mtk tool


Pgadmin 4


Oracle 10g, 11g and 12c, PostgreSQL 9.6, 10, 11

Technical Proficiencies:

Platforms: Windows Server, Linux (red hat, centos),

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL PL/PgSQL, Bash

Tools: OEM Grid Control, AWR, ADDM, ASH, PgHero, PgAdmin 4, PEM, PgTune, PgBouncer, PgBadger, Remedy,


Caterpillar - Peoria, IL

November 2017 – 2020

Database Administrator

Oracle DBA

Database Administrator responsible for managing all aspects of oracle and PostgreSQL (Cloud and on – premise) databases.

Oversaw 24/7 on-call support for databases using Oracle 12c Cloud Control for alert monitoring and notification.

Upgraded databases from 10g to 12C

Monitor and troubleshoot RAC databases to maintain availability of production databases

Migrated systems to Multitenant Architecture using CDB and PDB applications

Extensively investigated and followed-up with application teams, and proposed solutions to resolve slowness and performance issues

During production hours, resolved lock and resource contention issues

Provided tuning recommendations to application teams through troubleshooting systems using SQL baselines, SQL profiles, and SQL Tuning Advisor

Identified root causes of SQL performance issues by analyzing EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL-TRACE, and TKPROF trace files

Aided troubleshooting of performance issues through analysis of AWR, ASH, and ADDM reports

Cloned and migrated small databases using import/export utilities, and used Datapump import/export for 11g/12c databases

Applied patches, upgrades, and maintenance on all databases

Utilized production data to refresh development and test instances regularly.

Provided technical assistance for installation and upgrading of existing Oracle databases.

Data Pump, EM Grid Control, and various other daily, and enhanced features in 12c such as table and partition recovery

Implemented Oracle TDE to provide transparent encryption of stored data

Used Oracle Enterprise Manager to perform database monitoring, maintenance, and performance tuning

PostgreSQL DBA:

Installed/Configured PostgreSQL Version 9.6, 10 and 11 and monitored and managed them using PgAdmin and PSQL

Performed backup using pgBackrest, pg_dump and pg_Basebackup

Created and managed database objects such as users, roles, indexes, views, sequences and permissions.

Migrated oracle databases to AWS RDS PostgreSQL using SCT Data Migration Service (DMS) Tool.

Migrated from oracle to PostgreSQL on-premise using mtk

Performed database Patching as well as version upgrade using Logical replication and Pg_upgrade from 9 to 11

Configured and managed Streaming Replication between master and multiple slaves for high availability

Used customized scripts to monitor table growth and automated backups using cronjobs

Used PgHero for performance tuning. Tuned SQL using Explain Analyze and PG_STAT_ACTIVITY

Performed maintenance activities like vacuum, vacuum full and analyze.

Tuned Postgre Instances using Pgtune and Pgconfigurator

Configured pgBouncer for connection pooling

Use pg_tune for performance tuning

United Airlines - Chicago, IL

Database Administrator

August 2014 – November 2017

Implemented procedures for automation of database management through tables and indexes.

Executed processes for evaluation of system space, database allocation and storage metrics.

Maintained all existing databases and new installations at current and stable production levels

Installed 11gR2 RAC while performing disk group management in ASM

Monitored health checks of OCR and VOTING DISKS while troubleshooting issues in RAC environment

Ensured the secure and efficient operation of Oracle Database Systems

Performed daily tasks such as resolving tickets, development support, and collaboration with application tuning

Created and implemented recovery strategies, and successfully recovered databases using RMAN

Utilized RMAN utility to schedule and monitor physical backups in the CRON tab

Created users, groups, roles, profiles, and granted privileges according to job needs

Optimized and tuned SQL queries using SQL-TRACE, TKPROF, and EXPLAIN PLAN utilities

Applied security patches such as Patch set, Critical Patch Updates, and Patch Set Updates

Used Transportable Tablespace (TTS) to quickly move a user’s tablespace across Oracle databases

Implemented data refreshes using RMAN, Datapump, and conventional export/import for Oracle 11g and 10g

Installed and configured Oracle database on LINUX and WINDOWS platform

Upgraded databases from 11g to non-CDB 12c

Successfully used materialized views and Oracle Streams in Oracle 10gR2 to perform data replication

Implemented Tablespace level TDE security and created Oracle wallets

Constantly monitored the performance of databases through viewing alert log and trace files

Managed space, capacity planning, disaster recovery, and overall maintained the databases

Sql server experience

schedule database and transactional log backup using the database maintenance plan wizard

on performance tuning I have use extended event to tune the performance of sql queries and store procedures and index tuning wizard

done maintenance using the maintenance wizard

schedule jobs and alert using sql server AGENT

install sql server 2012,2014, on windows.

hands on import and export of databases

backup and recovery of database base on recovery models

extensive knowledge of the alwayson high availability on sql server


BSc in English common law

University of Yaounde II

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