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Instrumentation engineer

Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
March 19, 2020

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Al Dabbiya, AbuDhabi




Instrumentation engineer with experience in instrumentation and fire gas systems in onshore and offshore oil & gas facilities. Currently seeking a position to utilize my skills and pursue a highly challenging career in an esteemed organization.


Experienced as an Instrumentation engineer with 9 years of experience in various projects in onshore and offshore.

Project execution, commissioning and development coordination of instrumentation control system, IPS and FGS system in oil and gas industries.

Familiar with ADNOC safety procedures and implementation safe system work based on the hazard identification, risk assessment and PTW system.

Experienced in operation and maintenance of pneumatic, electro-pneumatic well head control panel.

Successfully completed various shutdown activities in live process platform.

Expertise in various stages of instrumentation execution process viz. Preparation of Instrument deliverables includes, Instrument index, I/O list, Datasheet, Hook-up, Cable Block Diagram, JB Schedule, Instrument calibration & installation, DCS/PLC systems installation, loop checking & commissioning of instrument systems.

Operational control and troubleshooting of ESD and FSD logical SDP panel and Fire water panel in offshore and onshore process industries.

Experienced in installation, calibration and maintenance of different types of signal instruments, control elements, shutdown valves, fire and gas devices and telecom instruments in oil and gas industries. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Organization: Archirodon

Designation: Instrumentation Engineer

Duration: September 2017- Present

Client: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

Project: NEB Al Dabbiya Surface Facilities Phase 3 Al Dabbiya Thamama Zone B Transition Development Phase 1 Roles and responsibilities

Supervise and inspect the instrumentation activities in order to ensure the completion and inspection within target dates and priorities defined by the section manager.

Review and interpret engineering drawings P&ID, Layouts diagrams, loop drawings, logic diagrams, cause & effect matrix, I/O list, Inter connection diagrams, Alarm and trip schedule, Instrument data sheet, Shutdown philosophy.

Familiar with all types of FEED and EPIC deliverables, equipment, design and construction progress review Installation of field instruments, cables laying and termination of instruments, Process, pneumatic and hydraulic hookup.

Assure that all the instrumentation activities such as installation, calibration, loop checking, logic test, including relevant troubleshooting are accordance with stated procedures, in conformity with the safety rules.

Successfully completed the shutdown tie in of ICSS modification which involves the addition of analog and digital signal to the existing controllers by hardware and software modification.

Attended FAT for the ICSS modification for the brown field clusters and new clusters DCS, IPS, FGS system and hardware check in Honeywell. ESD and FSC checking based on the cause and effect diagrams and P&ID.

Preparation of method statements, procedures, BOQ, material approval request and TRA as per the project specification and standards.

Attended FAT for the well head control panel functional check, experienced in the commissioning, trouble shooting of well head control panel.

Experienced in maintain of documentation records like as built drawing, mark ups, punch list etc.

Inspection of marshalling and system cabinets and DCS, IPS & FGS software checking, IPS and FGS system configuration checking based on approved documents, P&ID and cause and effect drawing.

Coordinate with other disciplines and team members to close the punch items and organize coordination meeting whenever required.

Organization: Dodsal Engineering

Designation: Instrumentation Engineer

Duration: February 2016 to September 2017

Client: Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore oil operation (ADCO) Project: Rumaitha/Shanayal facilities

Roles and responsibilities

Responsible for the implementation of safe working methods as per the ADNOC HSE standards, procedures and policies.

Engaged in the ICSS system configuration and new panel interconnection with existing remote wells and clusters (Brown field).

Understand the scope of work and area of responsibility to execute the activity as per the approved project schedule and standard.

Monitor the activity, material and manpower requirements to execute the weekly targets and project milestone and schedules in safe manner.

Experienced in FAT/SAT of wellhead control panel, control valves and shutdown valves.

Monitor daily discipline activities and verifies compliance to project procedures, specifications and standards, Review weekly & monthly schedule and assist Construction with planning activities.

Modification and logical implementation of existing/new wellhead control panel and SDP panel.

Reviewing of engineering drawing as per the standards and specification, implementation of activity as per the document standards.

Experience in the installation of all Instrument and telecom devices, F&G instruments and testing of the control system such as DCS, ESD, FGS, PLC etc.

Preparation of method statement and task risk assessment as per the requirements ADNOC approved standards, procedures and HSE polices.

Organization: Kerala state electronics development Corporation (KELTRON). Designation: Instrumentation Engineer- Instrument and control Duration: March 2011 to December 2015

Client: Oil and natural gas corporation India (ONGC) offshore process platforms. Roles and responsibilities

Experienced in the instrumentation activities of ONGC offshore process platform and unmanned platform.

Installation, calibration and maintenance of process instruments, control elements, F&G devices and telecom equipments.

Carrying out preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, calibration and troubleshooting, servicing and repair of various process instruments, control valves and f&g devices.

Manage and control shutdown, preventive and corrective maintenance activities and safety check (IRR

/ ITM) of instruments and fire & gas systems.

Preparation of audit reports, calibration schedule & report, preventive maintenance & report.

Familiar with different shutdown activities of unmanned well platforms and process platform and successfully normalized the plant in a given span of time.

Repair, maintenance and calibration of SMART transmitters and positioner.

Familiar with volumetric flow meters, mass flow meters, differential level transmitters, radar, magnetic floating type level transmitters, pressure transmitters and temperature transmitters.

Familiar with calibration of pneumatic level controllers and positioners.

Machinery management and condition monitoring of different types of rotary equipment’s by Bently- Nevada vibration monitoring system.

Organization: Fluid control research institute (FCRI), Kerala, India Designation: Junior trainee

Duration: June 2010 to November 2010

Calibration and condition monitoring of flow meters in oil and gas industries. EXPEIENCE IN INSTRUMENTATION

Transmitters : Installation, configuration,calibration and maintenance of Pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, DP flow transmitters, DP level transmitters, Displacer Level transmitters, GW Radar level transmitters, Ultrasonic flow meters, Electromagnetic flow meters, Turbine flow meter, Wet gas meters, Multiphase flow meters, Multi variable transmitters Manufacturers involved: Rosemount, ABB, Honeywell, Masoneilan, Yokogawa, GE, Daniel, and Roxar

Control Valves & Accessories: Calibration, testing and maintenance of Control valves and accessories which include valve positioners (SMART, pneumatic), volume boosters, regulators, Manufacturers involved:Fisher, Kentintrol, Severn glocon, Masoneilan, Positioners (Fisher, ABB, PMV metso, Foxboro, Siemens)

On/Off Valve (Shutdown/Blow down): Testing and maintenance of on/off valve and its accessories like SOV, position feedback transmitter, quick exhaust etc. Manufacturers involved:Biffi, Bettis and Rotork.

Well Head Control panel: Safety check or functional checks, troubleshooting, and maintenance of wellhead control panels and its components.

Manufacturers involved: Sulaiman petrotec, Boustead, Petrocontrol, Petronash and Proserv

Pneumatic Instruments:Installation, calibration and maintenance of pressure indicating controller level indicating controller, level transmitter, pressure transmitter in well head platforms.

Gas Turbine: Involved inturbine startup and troubleshooting of its control systems. Calibration and maintenance of various instruments, F&G systems that is associated with turbine control system. Manufacturers involved:Solar Turbines (Caterpillar Company), Rolls-Royce Avon.

Vibration Monitoring: Testing, installation and troubleshooting of vibration probe, proximitor. Manufacturers involved:Bently Nevada 3500

Control System: Operation and checking ofDCS and PLC systems. Using software to perform overrides, alarm inhibition and checking parameters and settings. Manufacturers involved:Yokogawa (Prosafe RS and Centum VP), Honeywell Experion EXPERIENCE IN FIRE & GAS SYSTEMS

Gas Detectors/LOS (Open path): Installation, calibration and maintenance of various point type and line of sight gas detectors for H2S, Methane, Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide.

Flame Detectors: Installation, testing and maintenance of UV, IR and UV/IR flame detector

Smoke /Heat detectors, LHD, Manual Call Point:Installation, testing and maintenance of addressable and conventional type smoke and heat detectors, Manual call points and LHD.

High Sensitivity Smoke detection : Testing and maintenance of HSSD systems installed in substation and instrument equipment shelters

Deluge system : Wet testing, Dry Testing and maintenance of deluge valves and foam system

Fire suppression system: Logic check and maintenance of Inergen system,Co2 system, Novac system.


(St. Joseph college of engineering and Technology, Palai, Kerala, India)

(June 2006 to April 2010, Full time course)




Certificate in petroleum and gas flow measurement from fluid control research institute (FCRI) Palakkad, India

Safety training STCW-95- Firefighting, Elementary first aid, Proficiency in survival techniques, helicopter under water escape.

DCS,PLC,SCADA training in SMEC automation, Cochin PERSONAL Date of birth: 20-03-1989

DETAILS Sex/Nationality: Male/ Indian

Marital Status: Married

Passport No: H9120788 (Cochin, Kerala, India)

Languages known: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil

Valid UAE Driving License.


Here with, I authorize that the information is true to the best of my knowledge. Abudhabi Joseph Chacko

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