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Mechanical Engineer Software

Los Angeles, CA
March 19, 2020

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Los Angeles, CA

858-***-**** Arman Bedrosyan

Technical Skills

Strong: React, React Native, Redux, Redux Thunk, Javascript (ES6), Node/Express, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, MongoDB/Mongoose, PostgreSQL, Git Experienced: Webpack, Gulp, Docker, Python, AWS, bcrypt, Oracle DBMS, Heroku, OAuth Work Experience

Witnss Software Engineer Hyperlocal Event Discovery Application for both Android and iOS 2019 - 2020

● Implemented React Native, due to its ability to natively compile JavaScript to Java and Swift code, in order to build a Multi-Platform Mobile Application, while only writing in a single language.

● Utilized Redux Thunk to manage application state and enable asynchronous functions to map geographic coordinates out to multiple components to display beacon locations.

● Leveraged Expo’s innate code tracking and monitoring functionality to dynamically render changes in the codebase and facilitate collaborative editing across numerous iterations.

● Connected to client’s NoSQL Database in order to store and access user data and beacon data, employing request-testing software to adapt and integrate alongside a rapidly evolving API.

● Integrated TunnelBlick in order to connect to the client’s VPN allowing direct and secure access to the client’s database.

● Used Expo’s navigation API and native map system of the OS to provide directions for users from their location to a beacon’s location.

● Invoked platform-agnostic Expo SDK methods to access camera rolls to provide instant media storage and uploading capabilities. Phoenix Tech Frontend Developer, Co-Founder Freelance Development 2018

● Freelance Frontend development in React, React Native, Redux, Node/Express, MongoDB Honeywell Turbo Technologies Mechanical Engineer Automotive and Industrial Turbochargers 2015 - 2018

● Mechanical Design, CFD and FEA analysis, Team Lead.

● Mentored and guided engineers on best practices and skills development.

● Developed newest generation of electric-augmented turbochargers for Motorsport application.

● Led corporate initiative process-standardization committee by conducting weekly meetings and creating S.O.S. documents. REINER Inc Mechanical Engineer Alternative Energy Prototype 2014 - 2015

● Designed and produced the first two working alternative energy prototypes in a fast-paced 5-employee start-up environment AIMS Lab Test Engineer Honeywell HTF 7500E Composite Jet Engine Containment Structure 2012 - 2014

● MatLab data reduction from strength-of-materials lab testing for materials science characterization research.

● Prepared results and reported to Aerospace industry sponsor (Honeywell) for use in material certification reports. Projects

CodeRoom Software Engineer A Text Based Escape Room Adventure Game with JavaScript 2018

● Used React’s Context API to enforce consumer/provider relationships instead of implementing Redux in order to keep the application lightweight and easy to maintain without sacrificing the Flux state management pattern. YulpSmith Software Engineer A Location Based Restaurant Find and Review App 2017 - 2018

● Developed a React application and architected a RESTful API service that reads and updates a PostgreSQL database. Education

Arizona State University B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering 2013 Interests

Cycling, rock climbing, acroyoga, SCUBA, ping pong, spontaneous foam dart wars, blended coffee.

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