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Arabic and Egyptian Developer, Proofreader, Editor, Tester, Consultant

San Jose, CA
March 17, 2020

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Professional Summary

Arabic language and Egyptian dialect expert with 13 years of experience in developing, teaching, testing, third rating, proofreading, QC reviewing, and editing, and more than 20 years background in Arab, Middle East and Islamic culture and affairs. Skills

Design curriculum, syllabus, scope and sequence, and content for Arabic language & Egyptian dialect courses, programs, and projects

Search for and select appropriate authentic, copyright free and level appropriate materials

Proofread, correct, edit and QC review materials at all phases of development and production

Use technology effectively in developing and editing materials Expert in grammar rules and cultural issues

Certified OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) Tester and Third Rater Reference in Middle East, Arab World, and Islamic culture and affairs Experience

Associate Professor, Developer, Tester, and Editor 2006 - 2019 Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Selected, recorded, developed, and taught Arabic and Egyptian authentic materials. Tested, rated, and third rated students and instructors of Arabic and Egyptian (ACTFL). Peer-mentored grammatical, cultural, and Islamic issues Lecturer, Arabic Studies, Middle East 2006- 2008

Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) Planned and developed syllabus and content for Middle East course in Arabic Taught, tested, and rated students’ performance

Continuous Improvement Representative 2004-2006

Developed studies, statistics and researches for improvement Cole Instrument Corp., Santa Ana, CA, USA

Professor, Research General Manager, and Editor 1990- 2003 University of Alexandria, University of Cairo, Science for All Publishing House Developed, taught and tested Political Science and International Relations courses. Researched and suggested for improvement

Wrote, proofread, edited, and published research and studies in Arabic Human Resources Manager (1987-1989); Accounting Manager (1984-1986); Librarian


University of Cairo


Ph. D.: Political Science 1990

University of Alexandria, Egypt

Master of Arts: Political Science / International Relations 1983 University of Cairo, Egypt

Diploma (Associate of Arts): Arabic Research and Studies 1980 Institute of Arab Research and Studies, League of Arab States, Cairo, Egypt Diploma (Associate of Arts): Islamic Studies 1980

Institute of Islamic Studies, Cairo, Egypt

Bachelor: Political Science 1978

University of Cairo, Egypt

Community Service

President of “Science for All” non-profit organization, Cairo, Egypt 2002-2003 Supported gifted students and helped needed students Volunteer, taught Arabic language at OCIC (Orange County Islamic Center) and MCA

(Muslim Community Association) of the San Francisco Bay Area 2004-Present Languages

Arabic, English



Association of Egyptian American Scholars

American Association of Teachers of Arabic

“Science for All” Arab Association


Coin of Excellence 29October 2015

For exceptional dedication as a basic course developer and making significant contributions to the Egyptian basic course project by working as a subject matter expert in Middle East School III, Defense Language Institute, Monterey CA Coin of Excellence 26 November 2013

For exemplary work as an Egyptian language subject matter expert in the curriculum development division, Defense Language Institute, Monterey CA Publications (in Arabic Language)

Sakr, Abdelaziz:

“Political Powers in the Egyptian Society”, in Dr. Kamal Elminofy et al (eds.): “The Nation in One Year”, 1990,pp.99-193

Cairo: Arab Counselors Center

“National State and the Pluralism Phenomenon; a Philosophical and Practical Study” Washington, DC: The International Institute of Islamic Thought, 1993

“Religion and State in the West; a Study of the Structure and the Role of Religion in the National State”

Cairo: Science for All House, 1995

“Nationalism, Secularism and Religion; Reading in the Western Experience” Cairo: Al Manar Al Jaded Magazine, 1998, vol. 2, pp.39-48

“Planning for the Political Future; the Reality and the Problems” Cairo: Al-Ahram Journal, 2001, 06/21/01, p.12

“The Civilizing Function of the University”

Cairo, Al-Ahram Journal, 2001, 05/28/01, p. 25

“Futurology and the Practical Function of Sciences” Cairo: Al-Ahram Journal, 2001, 05/03/01, p.12

“The Power in the Strategic Thought”,in the Annual Strategic Report, (pp.223-241) Riyadh: Albayan Magazine, 2003

“Political Analysis and the Concept of Strategy”,in the Annual Strategic Report, (pp. 71-88)

Riyadh: Albayan Magazine, 2006

“Western Criticism of the Democratic Idea; the Theory and Practice”, in the Annual Strategic Report, 2007, pp.13-39

Riyadh and Cairo: Albayan Magazine & the Arab Center of Human Studies

“Civil State”,in the Annual Strategic Report, 2008, pp.15- 44 Riyadh and Cairo: Albayan Magazine & the Arab Center of Human Studies Training

“OPI Tester Training Workshops”; “Egyptian Dialect Testing workshops” ; “Cyber Awareness & Security; “Copyright Regulations and Policies”; “Team Building”;

“Combating Trafficking in Persons General Awareness”; “Web 2.0 Summit”; ”Adobe Audition Training”; “Portable Electronic devices and Removable Storage media”;

“Anti- Phishing”; “All About Error Correction”; “The Grammar Workshop”; "Online Computer Users Security Course"; " Excel- the New Edition"; MacBook Pro and iPad Air2 Essentials”; “Editing for Academic Publications”; “iPad/iPhone Applications”;

“Time Management”; “Recording Audio Virtually in Win 7”; “Basic Formatting Tools”;

“Action Research”; “ Research Question”; “Library Resources”; “Counseling”;

“Teaching Speaking to the ILR Levels”; “teaching listening Comprehension”;

“Enhancing Grammar Learning”; “ILR Levels and Description”; “Passage Rating”…

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