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SCCM Engineer

San Francisco, CA
March 16, 2020

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To provide an elevated level of service with amazing technical skills, excellent customer service and high level of integrity; from which this organization will achieve and exceed their financial and primary commitments.


Citrix XenApp, XenServer, and XenDesktop Proficient on Mac OS devices.

Windows Server 2003, 2008 & 2012 14+ yrs. Active Directory and GPO management

Windows 10, 7, and Mac OS Performance coaching and Course Super.

Management of Teams for projects 15+ yrs. System Administration

20 yrs. customer support experience. SCCM Engineer.

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) developer.


6/17 – Current Arizona AHCCCS, Systems Administrator Phoenix, AZ

Primary function is to manage SCCM, App-V, UE-V and Desktop/Laptop environment.

Maintain Production, Development and Test environment in working condition.

Work with a team of people in projects and troubleshooting the environment.

Work with Desktop support for level 3 escalations.

Manage Update for all End-User Environment.

Maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade the Active Directory, Group Policy, End-user OS and Hardware.

Accomplishments: Setup new SCCM 2012 R2 environment on Server 2016. Have the SCCM workable with the environment. Setup new OU in Active Directory and new Group Policies for the OU. Migrate 1000 PCs to the new SCCM, with new OS image and software. Setup most of the critical software using Microsoft App Virtualization. Build new Desktop/Laptop environment experience with Microsoft UE-V, by creating a OS environment that is consistent throughout enterprise and easy to manage and troubleshoot. Automate OS and App deployment.

9/15 – 12/16 Honeywell, Systems Administrator Tempe, AZ

Primary function is to inventory Honeywell assets (Servers, Application, Databases and Websites) and determine with Data Owner for proper categorization of Export Control vs Non-Export Control.

Work with a team of people in both India and Mexico to restructure how Honeywell manages systems.

Work within Active Directory to properly find and manage assets and update AD.

To ultimately save Honeywell money on how it uses that data infrastructure.

Accomplishments: I have helped discover flaws in the categorization system for servers, websites, databases and applications regarding Export Controlled and Non-Export Controlled. Currently I have saved Honeywell over $460K/year in support savings. Also find other areas where Honeywell can save money by consolidating websites to single redundant server and moving Database to more centrally managed database servers vs. multiple physical/virtual DB Servers for each application. Being part of a team we also have accomplished in discovering functionality and ownership of over 8,500 systems out of over 11,300 systems.

10/14 – 2/15 RedHotSpot, Network Engineer Phoenix, AZ

Senior Network Engineer, design and implement Wi-Fi networks and routers for Customers.

Troubleshoot, maintain and install Windows 7.

Troubleshoot networking issues, physical, logical and software for multiple properties.

Provide Level 3 support for customers with PC setup and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Assess Wi-Fi deployment for new apartment complex and work with vendors to implement.

Work with board of directors regarding company growth and new ventures.

Accomplishments: Successfully deploy campus style Wi-Fi for Tamarak Apartments. This included assessing Wi-Fi capability, testing, troubleshooting and implementation. Planning deployment for three 1000+ unit apartments; includes testing, design, and equipment assessment.

05/14 – 2/15 AZDEMA (Contract), System Engineer Flagstaff, AZ

Responsible for managing all PC, Server, Software, Printer and database systems.

Troubleshoot, maintain and install Windows 7 and XP systems.

Work with the Windows 7 team to plan, troubleshoot and deploy Windows 7 to all users.

Provide Level 3 support for Applications, Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices.

Create and implement new Windows 7 image to upgrade all from Windows XP.

Troubleshoot all existing Unix (Open BSD) servers.

Accomplishments: Migrate 100+ hardware and windows from Windows XP to Windows 7 Operating System (OS). This includes discovering and creating solutions to migrate existing State software to GuardNet compatible software, such that it meets National Guard network minimum requirements. Configure and setup EMC SAN solution, buy configuring VMWare 5.5, Cisco Fabric Switch, and Dell Servers. Design Wi-Fi solution for several buildings within the base.

06/13 – 12/13 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (Contract), Virtualization Engineer Phoenix, AZ

Responsible for creating/packaging software in App-V (Microsoft application virtualized apps).

Troubleshoot, maintain and install Windows 7 systems.

Work with the Windows 7 team to plan, troubleshoot and deploy Windows 7 to all users.

Provide Level 3 support for 500+ Applications, Citrix, Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices.

Perform maintenance and upgrades on Enteo and App-V applications.

Using Active Directory to manage devices, including policies and scripts. Add remove objects in AD.

Create custom VBScript to accomplish automated tasks.

Use an Enterprise level software deployment utility called Enteo to custom build software delivery to Citrix and Desktops.

Accomplishments: Migrate 500+ apps to Microsoft Application Virtualization environment. Part of the Windows 7 deployment team to plan and troubleshoot all applications and work with in house developers to migrate them from Windows XP to Windows 7 Operating System (OS).

12/12 – 6/13 I.C.E. Enterprises, Citrix Engineer Scottsdale, AZ

Responsible for maintaining the whole of Citrix Farm. This includes troubleshooting and updating/patching.

Supporting, Citrix Farm includes: 10 XenApp 6.5 Servers, Zone Data Collectors, Provisioning servers, XenDesktops.

Support, Citrix Servers are running on Microsoft Hyper Visor 2008 R2 and managed through SCVMM.

Provide support and maintain Citrix Netscalers.

Provide support in maintaining the XIO SAN storage devices.

Provide Level 3 support for Applications, WYSE, Thin Desktop, Mobile Devices, and VUEM for profile mangement.

Create custom VBScript and Batch File Scripting to accomplish automated tasks.

Backup Systems Administrator.

Accomplishments: Convert all WYSE devices to Small-Form-Factor PCs. This includes testing various PCs from different manufacturer, negotiating pricing, configuration, and deployment planning. Converting the Xen farm from Hyper Visor to VMWare, currently we are at the planning stage and acquisition of software licenses and server equipment. This conversion project include moving half the equipment from main data center to in-house datacenter for Disaster Recovery preparation.

01/12 – 12/12 Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation, Client Systems Engineer Scottsdale, AZ

Responsible for presenting and implementing solutions for end-user systems.

Troubleshoot, maintain and install Windows 7 (Silver Image) and various software (e.g. SAP GUI 720).

Utilized Microsoft SCCM 2007 to manage and inventory all systems.

Provide Level 3 support for 100+ Applications, Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices.

Mange iPhones and iPads using MobileIron.

Create custom VBScript to accomplish automated tasks.

Use Microsoft SCCM 2007 to custom build software delivery to end-user systems.

Accomplishments: Implement Microsoft System Configuration Center 2007 (SCCM) for all client systems in the company. During this process the goals of the project was to propose new solution for standard imaging of the computers, upgrade all systems to Office 2010, and SAP GUI 720. Within three months I proposed new standard for Silver Image for all machines, tested all applications that is part of the image, installed SCCM client to all machines, tested and upgraded all machines to Office 2010, tested and upgraded all machines to SAP GUI 720. Currently all 1000+ machines are in compliant, SCCM 2007 is fully functional and implemented.

08/10 – 10/11 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (Contract), Citrix Administrator Phoenix, AZ

Responsible for maintaining three Citrix farms, two production farms and one test farm.

Troubleshoot, maintain and install Citrix Web, XenApp, XenServer, and XenDesktop.

Utilized monitoring tools such as Citrix Edgesight and Aternity to troubleshoot and fix Performance, Software error, Printing, and other technical issues.

Provide Level 3 support for 300+ Applications, Citrix, Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices.

Perform maintenance and upgrades on Citrix Servers, and applications.

Create custom VBScript to accomplish automated tasks.

Use an Enterprise level software deployment utility called Enteo to custom build software delivery to Citrix and Desktops.

Accomplishments: Migrate the entire company to Office 2010 from Office 2003. Currently as the lead tech for this project, the tasks include working with the Project Manager to communicate with 20 different departments heads to coordinate deployment. Create a custom deployment package using Enteo to deploy Office 2010 to all PC and Citrix. Work with the Business Software Development (BSD) department to troubleshoot, create workaround and fix compatibility issues with 200+ custom build software. Upgrade Citrix environment from 4.5 to 5.0 with Rollup Pack 07. Help setup Citrix XenServer and XenDesktop for upcoming VDI project.

03/08 – 12/08 O Premium Waters, Systems Director Mesa, AZ

Manage, troubleshoot, and upgrade all Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Mobile devices, Printers and software.

Managed Cisco IP telephony. This included two Call Management (CCM v3.0) servers, one IPCC (Call Center Management v3.0), and one Unity (Voice Mail 4.0) server.

Managed SQL database and run lite queries.

Managed Sage CRM and Sage ACCPAC (ERP software) for entire company.

Managed daily tasks such as and not limited to backup, disk maintenance, critical updates and overall server integrity checks.

Managed purchasing and budgeting for upgrades and server/workstation replacements.

Manage and troubleshoot entire Cisco network, including switches, routers, firewalls and other appliances such as web filter and spam filter.

Manage and maintain Microsoft Exchange server and Blackberry Exchange server.

Accomplishments: Setup new File Server and new backup system for all servers and critical users. Redesign of the entire network and it’s IP structure. Completed $500K project; migrate the company’s CRM and ERP functionality to Sage CRM and Sage ACCPAC within nine months. This project included building the proper servers and setting up Windows 64-bit system with Microsoft SQL 2005. Managing two vendors to customize the Sage software to the companies needs and make sure it works with other existing systems. Implement Sage integration with UPS Transportation Suite and Cisco IP Telephony. Manage the migration and deployment of the Sage software to all users in the company.

06/06 – 03/08 THE PHOENICIAN RESORT, Systems Manager Scottsdale, AZ

Manage all IT aspects at the five-diamond Phoenician Resort. This includes Network, Phoenician domain, onsite exchange server, Property Management System (Unix-based), purchasing and inventory server (AS400-based), Retail, Food and Beverage POS server, RightFax and accounting and back-up servers. Manage twenty-four servers running a mixed environment of Windows 2003, Windows 2000 Server, Unix, AS400, and Linux including SQL databases, one Oracle database server, one InterBase server, WSUS, application servers, and file and printer sharing. Manage interface interaction between all servers pointing to the Property management server either through serial socket or gateway connections.

Responsible for administration of all Cisco network switches and routers, managing firewall, wiring and connectivity including patch panels, and termination for CAT5 and fiber optic cables. Assist with corporate conferences requiring specialized network configurations, including setting up and configuring switches, access points, and wiring of CAT5.

Troubleshoot and maintain 350+ PCs. Help Desk. Assist VIP guests with connectivity problems.

Make decisions and implement security for network and for all users.

Ensure compliance with corporate standards prior to internal and external company audits. Liaise with outside companies and vendors regarding product updates, support, and new technology.

Accomplishments: Created property-specific scripted edition of XP. Managed transition to MS Active Directory structure, maintaining administrative privileges to organizational unit within tree structure. Upgraded emergency backup power plan for data room – required taking servers offline and overseeing restart and any resulting problems. Upgraded spa and uniforms department servers to SQL database. Helped implement and configure media broadcasting server. Implemented and configured fax server. Implemented a digital security system for specific areas in the hotel needing additional security.

04/02 – 06/06 NORTHROP GRUMMAN, Field Technician for HP/MCI Project Phoenix, AZ

Primary point of contact for 11 MCI offices and secondary support for 2 other MCI sites. Maintain active directory container for Southwest area. Maintain CCM Server which provides automatic operating system and software installations.

Assist Server and IDNFE team troubleshoot and maintain internal network. Assist with maintenance and rebuilds of Windows 2000 Servers including creating and maintaining local shares, user access/ permissions, and print hosting.

Support various OS’s and applications including Win98, WinNT and 2000 and XP. Applications supported include Office Suite, On remote management, SAP, On Command CCM, Hummingbird, and other various in-house written programs.

Troubleshoot and maintain network connectivity, printers, laptops, and desktops regarding software or hardware related problems (Compaq, Dell, IBM, Xerox, Lexmark and HP).

Responsible for the decommission of the WorldCom/MCI wireless sites which included breaking down equipment for shipment and storage, running inventory checklist and setting up remaining users in other MCI offices.

Accomplishments: Upgraded all Arizona MCI facilities to new equipment and operating system environments. Transitioned all Arizona MCI employees to new corporate domain implementing the new Microsoft active directory structure.


Training and experience in network design and implementation; this includes knowledge of routers, switches, and Wi-Fi device configuration and implementation.

Experience in various server environments, including Microsoft Server 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2012. Clients supported include Mac OS X, Windows XP, Vista, and 7 based desktops and laptops.

Citrix XenApp 4.5 and 5.0; Citrix Edgesight 5.3.

Network management, Installation and administration of DHCP/DNS/Wins, SNMP, Proxy, Exchange, IIS, SQL, CRM, Sage, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Crystal reporting, Veritas Backup, AS400, WSUS, and Windows terminal servers. Administration includes Active directory/Exchange2003/GPO security permissions, Blackberry Exchange Server and access in a Windows, Unix and Novell environment.

Experience with configuring and managing LAN connectivity including security, creating user accounts/permissions and troubleshooting network problems. Installation and administration of print, file and application servers. General understanding of Networking/Security technologies (Ethernet, routers, switches, firewalls, VPN).

Experience providing help desk support and troubleshooting procedures with various software programs including MS Office 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2010, and 2013, POS, Blackberry devices, and Android devices.

Ability to build, troubleshoot and upgrade hardware in computer systems from start to finish. Troubleshoot and maintenance on Server hardware. Troubleshoot, install and maintain Printer of various manufactures, including HP.

Ability to build training programs, guides and procedures to fit into different work environments, while also creating graphical presentations to help in the process of training small groups.


Certified as Mikrotik MTCNA (Mikrotik Certified Network Administrator)

Certified as Mikrotik MTCRE (Mikrotik Certified Routing Engineer).


08/11 – 12/11 Glendale Community College Phoenix, AZ

Major: Computer Science Minor: Physics

08/07 – Current Landmark Worldwide Phoenix, AZ

Subject matter: Performance coaching, Project Management, Event delivery, and Integrity

08/04 – 06/05 Phoenix Community College Phoenix, AZ

Major: Computer Science Minor: Physics

01/01 – 12/02 Gateway Community College Phoenix, AZ

Major: Computer Science Minor: Physics

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