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Manager Operator

Kamloops, BC, Canada
March 15, 2020

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Jess McKinnon

#**-**** *** ****

Kamloops B.C v*b7v2


Objective: To obtain full-time employment within your company using the skills and knowledge I have gained throughout my extensive experience in the industry. My strong work ethic, attention to detail, dedication for safety and procedures would be of benefit to your company. I have worked with large companies and feel confident working under-pressure and tight deadlines. Taking my Nace Level 3 on May 18th,2019 Then Iam taking my API-1169 on March 14-15th-2019 to add to my resume.

Work Experience:

•CIP Nace level 2

•Sandblasting and coating specialist-supervised and trained new tradesman in industry

•Assessing and estimating cost of jobs

•Designing and fabrication of mobile blasting units

•Internal/external tanks coatings

•Internal/external pipeline coatings

•Concrete contaminates

•Designing and preparing inspection reports for quality control

•Preparing inspection reports on blasting profiles and coatings

•Experience in set up of vendor accounts with industry specific supplies

•Mechanically inclined and able to troubleshoot most mechanical engine malfunctions

•Equipment restoration, tear down and rebuild has fired engines

•Copious experience in auto-body and restoration

•Strong interpersonal skills and conflict resolution

•Preparation of safety audits with Customers Safety Officers

•Numerous safety orientations and certificates

•Critical thinker with significant experience in supervising crews up to 40

•Eye for detail with skill to work independently without supervision

•Working on large scale projects with grand-scale budgets

Employment History:

United Pacific Pipeline- Red Deer, Alberta

Coating Forman-Nace Level 2- QC/QA-100% Inspection

United Pacific Pipeline- Red Deer, Alberta

November 3rd 2018- January 26, 2019

In this position I was in charge of organizing all man power up to a crew of 12. 100% Inspection. Recording all data relating to the coating. Also problem solving when there was issues with the coating due to weather or any other concerns. On this job ther was numerous of differant coating such as FBE Bore Section Piping. Also all riseres were Denso Products. The Main Line was a differant coating Poly Guard. There was lots of differant challenges on this job due to the differant volteges and differant product repairs. Working along side a Third Party Level 3 Nace Inspector.

Jesse James Coating- Torrington, Alberta, April 2013-September 2018

Sandblasting Company- Owner/Operator

During this time, I worked with companies such as; Atco Pipelines, Suncore- Albean sands Shell, Flint, LedCore, Embridge, Penn West, TIW tank manufacturing, Wilbrowes- MTL pipelines. My company provided sandblasting and coating to pipelines being installed in varies locations in Canada. By having a high level of quality control, we maintained a healthy relationship with these companies and have received many letters of recommendations that can be provided on request and as appropriate.

Coating Forman-Nace Level 2- QC/QA-100% Inspection

United Pacific Pipeline- Red Deer, Alberta

November 3rd 2018- January 26, 2019

Operations Manager

Douglas Coatings Suncore Main Plant- Fort McMurray, Alberta, February 2010-March 2012


B & K Refrigeration Ltd- Fort McMurray, Alberta, December 2008- January 2010

Operations/ Sales Manager

Shale Industrial Coatings LTD- Fort McMurray, Alberta September 20015- December 2008

Operations Manager-

Noremac Coatings LTD- Fort McMurray, Alberta June 2005-September 2005


K-Lor Contractors LTD- Bonnyville, Alberta

Operations Manager/Equipment Operator

Moe’s Sandblasting- General Foreman- 1996-2002

Certificates and accomplishments:

•CIP Nace level 2- with all updated calibrated testing equipment

•Train the trainer SPC- manufacturer approved

•SP-2831 Brush Grade Coating- September 2016

•Shawcor- K-60, GTS-80, TBK-80 rev.1- March 2016

•SPC Brush Grade Coating- February 2015

•SPC SP-4888 Brush Grade Coating- February 2015

•H2S Alive- November 2015

•Field Installation Procedures- K-GO, TDK-GO, GTS-80, TBK-80, CRPN, MS-1, CRP-PE- January 2015

•Construction Safety Training System- November 2014

•Cloverdale Industrial Linings Applicator- 2013

•Field Installation Procedures for Canusa HBE, HBE Repair- October 2013

•WHIMS- Train the trainer- May 2008

• Alberta OHS Legislation Awareness Course- May 2008

•Prime Contractor Course- May 2008

•Leadership for Safety Excellence- May 2007

•Certified Operator of Aerial boom < 80 ft- August 2007

•Girth Weld Coating- EC 124- July 2007

•Excelling as a First-time Manager or Supervisor- December 2006

•Transportation of dangerous Goods

•Confined & Restricted Space Entry

•O.S.S.A Regional Orientation Program

References are available on-request to serious recruiters.

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