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Quality Engineer

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
March 17, 2020

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No *A, Ranga Enclave,

Gopalsamy Street, Ram Nagar,

Ambattur, Chennai – 600053



To work in an organization where I can develop my inter-personal, technical and managerial skills that can be useful for both, my individual and the organization’s development.

Professional Experience:

Schneider Electric India, Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India.

(i)Production Department

Graduate Apprentice – 11thJuly 2016 to 10thJuly 2017.

(ii)Production and INQC Department

Quality Inspector – 26th December 2017 to 25th December 2019.

(iii)Quality Department

Quality Engineer – 26th December 2019 to 6th March 2020.

Consolidated work experience:

3years and 8months

Technical Skills:

Computer Languages: C and C++ Languages.

Education: Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Chennai.

Bachelor of Engineering in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

CGPA of 8.55/10.

Project title: Digital Image Processing, DNA based encryption using reversible watermarking for medical images.

Abstract: In this study, MATLAB software has been used for computing the data. Initially, the medical image was integer wavelet transformed (IWT). The medical data containing the patients’ medical information was DNA encrypted by the algorithm (image encryption algorithm based on DNA sequence addition operation). The encrypted medical data was embedded into IWT medical image by Lee’s method on reversible data hiding in case 1, and difference pair mapping in case 2. Inverse IWT was performed upon the embedded image (Stego image) which was transmitted to the receiver, in an insecure channel. On the receiver side, initially any noise attack was removed by using suitable filter. Inverse IWT was performed upon the filtered image. Data extraction was done by reversible water marking method. DNA decryption was performed upon the encrypted image and patient’s medical information was retrieved. By performing inverse IWT, the transmitted medical image was successfully retrieved at the receiver side.

Workshops and Training:

Underwent In-plant Training at BSNL, MaraiMalai Nagar, from 24th June 2013 to 28th June 2013.

Completed internship on “SDLC LIFE-CYCLE”, with hands on training on creating“Auto Insurance Quick Quote Application” at Polaris Software Laboratory, Pvt. Ltd, from 9th December 2013 to 27th December 2013.

Attended a two day workshop on “Android coding” at Indian Institute of Technology Madras as a part of Shaastra.

Completed a one day workshop on “Digital Image Processing” at Madras Institute of Technology on 8th February 2014.

Gained a vast knowledge on the 7 Quality Control Tools and Measurement systems analysis.

Learnt, “SAP (System Application and data Processing) Software” while working in Schneider Electric India, Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India.

Knowledge on Six Sigma and FMEA.

Member of Fire Safety and Emergency Response Team at Schneider Electric India, Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, India.

Place: Chennai AnuRaekha Periyasamy


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