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Engineer Engineering

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
March 17, 2020

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Karthick Srinevasan

Permanent Address: 1/43, Veerchettipatti, Venkattampatti (PO), Collectrate via, Dharmapuri-636 705.

E-mail Id: Phone no: +91-960*******.


Two years experience in Aerospace structural analysis and one and half years experience in Material Tesing.

Good Knowledge and Experience in Design tool CATIA V5, Analysis tool MSC Patran & Nastran, HyperMesh and MS Office.

Have good programming skills with MATLAB software.

Have good skills in Designing of aircraft components, Stress analysis (Linear static, buckling) and Hand calculations for metallic materials and composite materials.

Had good exposure to Material Testing, Stress Corrosion Cracking and Corrosion Study, Fatigue and Damage Tolerance.


Completed Masters of Engineering in Aeronautical from Moscow Aviavion Institute (MAI) in june 2018.

Completed Bachloars of Engineering in Mechanical from Anna University, Chennai in 2011.

Master Thesis work

Stress analysis and design optimization of wing spoiler with Composite Material

In the first part of the study a theoretical model is developed to calculate the stresses and failure index in a fixed beam, Laminated composite of channel cross section for a UDL(uniform distribute load) Loading condition. The calculation was performed for the three different locations for each layer of the composite for the both web and flange. A Finite Element Analysis was performed for this problem using commercial software MSc Nastran Software. Further a comparison study was made between theoretical model results and FEA results to verify the theoretical model results.

In the second part of the study a spoiler structure was designed using Catia V5 Software. The Component was Meshed using Hypermesh Software. The Structural Analysis was performed for the component using MSc Nastran software for a particular load and boundary conditions. The component was further redesign for the better structural performance (i.e. improving stiffness, reducing stress concentration level and better load distribution).


Presently working as a Project Engineer at Inherent Engineering, Chennai( from February 2020)

Trainee Structural Engineer at Bangalore Aircraft Industry Privatge Limited (BAIL)

(June 2014 to June 2016)


Stress analysis of HTVT attachment bracket

Stress analysis of the HT-VT attachment bracket of a transport airframe with T-Tail configuration was carried out. Local analysis of the attachment region carried out to obtain stress distribution.Fatigue life estimation was done by using linear damage accumulation theory.

Stress analysis and fatigue life estimation for the wing box with a splice joint

Linear static stress analysis of the wing box was carried out using MSC Patran & Nastran. A splice joint at the bottom skin was represented in the finite element model. Local analysis was carried out to obtain the stress distribution near the rivet location. Fatigue damage was calculated using linear damage theory.

Design and analysis of the movable crane structure.

Design of the structural members of the movable crane was carried out using strength of materials approach. Stress analysis of the structure was carried out using MSC Patran & Nastran.

Junior Research Fellow at Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay

June 2012 to November 2013

Plan and design various types of experiments to understand electrochemical corrosion of aluminum alloy, Stainless Steel, Martenstic Steel, Sacrificial anodes and help the Professor to interpret online corrosion monitoring of pipelines. Characterization of materials using microscopy and microprobe analysis and Corrosion studies of alloys in general and aluminum alloys and steel in particular.

Trainee CAE Engineer at Fexilon Technologies, Bangalore

September 2011 - November 2011

Simulation of Results using Hyermesh (using Optistruct & radios solver) for linear-static Analysis. Mesh generation for Automotive/Aero space anti-vibration components with most restrictive criteria. Preparing the geometrical cleanup by using FEM Methodologies (HYPERMESH V10) & Accountable for meshing the components as per industrial approach (2D with or without geometry, 3D meshing, 1D meshing, CFD meshing, refining topology). Prepare Analysis set up for various solvers like ANSYS, NASTRAN & ABAQUS. Creating topology & topographic for Design optimization.


Completed Masters of Engineering in Aeronautical from Moscow Aviavion Institute (MAI) in june 2018.

Completed Bachloars of Engineering in Mechanical from Anna University, Chennai in 2011.


Father’s Name :SRINEVASAN.V.V

Mother’s Name :RUKUMANI.V

DOB :03-06-1989

Sex :Male

Nationality : Indian

Marital Status :Single

Languages Known : Tamil, English, Russian, German, Telugu and Hindi.

Hobbies : Meditation, Visiting holy places.

Passport no : M1892858

“I hereby declare that the above information's are true to the best of my knowledge.”


Place: S.Karthick.

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