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Data Analyst Machine

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
March 15, 2020

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Seeking a quality environment where the knowledge and experience can be shared and enriched. Looking forward to work with challenges, high degree of responsibilities, varying exposures and scope for technical innovations and opportunities to learn and enhance my skills through continuous learning to achieve the objective of becoming an exemplary professional. Have 1.10 years of experience in Video Data Analyst and currently working as Annotator in Data Annotation.

Work Experience

Mar 2018 – Current

Video Data Analyst

Valeo India Private Limited



Data Annotation:

Data Annotation is a project for autonomous driverless vehicles working on the principle of computer vision. It is the process of labelling the data so as to make data more structured and organized, done using a tool “Philosys Label Editor” .

With the help of Lidar Sensor will manipulate videos and differentiate static, dynamic objects and all other boundaries.

It is the machine learning process done manually for labeling the data of vehicles and other analysis present as unlabelled data.

Video object tracking is done with the DAT video and output will be in XML format using Philosys tool.

Labeled data will be checked manually by Quality Driven Checks.

Worked in projects for Audi, Daimler, Volkswagen and Honda self-driving cars in Data Annotation.

Data Science Project:

Graduate Admission Analysis:

400 applicants have been surveyed as potential students for UCLA. The university weighs certain aspects of a student's education to determine their acceptance. The objective is to explore what kind of data is provided, determine the most important factors that contribute to a student's chance of admission, and select the most accurate model to predict the probability of admission.

Extract, Interpret, and Analyze data to identify key metrics and transform raw data into meaningful, actionable information.

Converted the categorical variables to Binary and replaced the missing values with the mean.

Segmented the students based on their CGPA, GRE and TOEFL score to correlate and predict their chance of admissions.

Tried out few models in Machine learning techniques like Random Forest, Linear Regression and Decision Tree and found Linear Regression gives the better result compared to all other models.

Technical Skills

Data Annotation



Python Basics




Numpy, Scipy, Pandas

Regression Analysis & Model Building

Machine Learning Algorithms – Supervised & Unsupervised Learning, Support Vector Machines, Random Forest, Decision Tree Analysis, Linear Regression Professional Qualifications and Certifications

Data Science with R-Language Certification in Amity Soft Private Limited.

Data Science with Python Language Certification in BIX-IT Academy. Personal Details


B.Tech, Electronics and Communication Engineering (E.C.E) Graduated, July 2016

Hindustan University


Marks 71%

Intermediate,10+2 Graduated, July 2012

AV.Meiyappan Mat.Hr.Sec.School Marks 72%

Matriculation Board, Chennai

High School,10 Graduated, July 2010

AV.Meiyappan Mat.Hr.Sec.School Marks 74%

Matriculation Board, Chennai

Father’s Name : D RaviKumar

Marital Status : Single

Birthday : September 28, 1994

Nationality : Indian

Gender : Male

Address : No:9, Devi Nagar,Karambakkam,Porur,Chennai-116 Declaration

• I, Venkatesh R, hereby declare that the information contained herein is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.



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