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Engineering Office

Milton, ON, Canada
March 14, 2020

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Daniel Ounjakov

Milton, ON 416-***-****


• Experience with the Microsoft Office suite – Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other office software.

• Excellent communication skills acquired through group collaborations and student group projects .

• Capable of working and adapting under pressure and to time constraints both independently and collaboratively.

• Fluent in various languages such as English, Ukrainian, and Russian ENGINEERING & TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Experience with programming using: Java, Python, Visual Basic, VHDL, MATLAB, C, C++, JavaScript, and HTML.

• Engineering in Design Programs: AutoCAD, Quartus, Simulink, and SPICE software such as Multisim and LTSPICE.

• Experience with both digital and analogue circuitry design using FPGA boards, breadboards, oscilloscopes, multimeters, basic circuit components such as capacitors, inductors, op amps, spectrum analyzers, etc.

• Experienced in using and testing high voltage 3 phase power circuits, transformers, and AC motors.

• Experience with using Linux and GNU operating systems. EDUCATION

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Toronto, ON

Ryerson University September 2015 – Present


Ryerson Propulsion Team Toronto, ON

Ignition Team Leader September 2019 – Present

• In charge of designing and implementing a pyrotechnic rocket ignition system that ignites remotely through a radio signal.

• Organized team members and kept to deadlines to make sure our design and prototype was built on time and functioned correctly. Designed the circuit first on a breadboard and then on a PCB. Ryerson IEEE Member

Toronto, ON

Supporting Member

September 2019 – Present

• Helped organize seminar setups and created PowerPoints for younger engineering students and members.

• Organized hackathons and career fairs at Ryerson University. L3 WESCAM Hackathon 2019 Burlington, ON

• Worked with a team to program autonomous drones. These drones were programed to fly and scout a designated indoor area and to stay within given boundaries of the indoor area. C++ was used and image processing techniques such as Hue saturation to find the value of terrain bounds.


- Image Edge Detection

• Created a python application which highlights the edges of an image using various types of filters such as Sobel, Prewitt, and XDoG filters.

- Fundamental Sorting Algorithms

• Used Sorting Algorithms such as bubble, merge, insertion, heap, and selection sort to go through various arrays and sort them based on requested specifications.

- PWM DC motor speed Controller

• Created on a breadboard a pulse width modulator controller using a 555 timer IC to control the speed of various small DC motors.

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