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Queens, NY, 11375
March 14, 2020

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Digong Jiang

Brooklyn, NY *****

626-***-**** EDUCATION

New York University (NYU)

Master’s in Computer Engineering GPA:3.78/4.0 08/2019-05/2021

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) Certificate of Attendance in Software Engineering GPA:3.46/4.0 09/2016-06/2019

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) & Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering in Telecommunications Engineering with Management by BUPT GPA:3.35/4.0 Bachelor of Science (Engineering) in Telecommunications Engineering with Management by QMUL 09/2012-06/2016 SKILLS

Languages: C/C++/STL, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Shell Commands, XML

System/ Databases/ Tools: Linux, git, yum, homebrew, MySQL, Visual Studio, VxWorks, IntelliJ IDEA

Knowledge: OOD/OOP, TDD, agile development


10/2014 Silver Medal, The ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest Mudanjiang Site 2014 (Rank 29th/156 schools)

12/2014 Bronze Medal, The ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest Shanghai Site 2014 EXPERIENCES

Laboratory of Trustworthy Distributed Computing and Service (BUPT) Research Assistant 10/2015-05/2016 C, C++, Shell, RDP, OCR, Open Source Software

Implemented character recognition on the Remote Desktop Protocol

Designed and implenented a method to save all the video transmitted by RDP as images of incremental bitmap update with C/C++ and API provieded by guacamole-server, guacamole-client and Cairo, complied with GCC/G++ on CentOS

Implemented character recognition on the saved images by Tesseract using Shell commends, whose code is less and easy to understand, rather than C on CentOS and utilized MySQL as a database to save all the texts recognized from RDP PROJECTS

Optimizations on VxWorks with the Development Board, ARM920T 09/2016-01/2017 C, Real-time, VxWorks, Embedded

Implemented optimizations of memory allocation, message queue and soft timer on VxWorks and utilized them with task- based TCP simulation

Requested memory allocation of different sizes in advance to avoid external fragmentation, applied linked list, queue and hash table in management and verification, realized 4Byte calibration to improve operating speed

Implemented message queue with unifiedly defined messages that can be passed by a poiner to save time and memory

Implemented software timer by unifying all the timers with the same start time and managing with min mapping heap, 50% of the time is reduced compared with the linked list soft timer when running the TCP tasks FTP Client Program Based on Shell 04/2015-05/2015

C, Linux, Shell, Internet Protocol

Implemented a Command line tool on Linux that can transmit files with Linux FTP server by File Transfer Protocol

Built connection between FTP client and FTP server using C socket and realized FTP protocol by finite state machine.

Imlpemented basic commands of FTP client, e.g. ls, mkdir, pwd, cd, put, get, quit, etc., two mode (port, pasv), two kinds of data representations (ascii, binary), which runs faster then the Linux FTP client tool OTHER COURSE-TYPE PROGECTS

1 C project, 1 C++ project, 5 Java GUI projects, 1 JavaWeb project, 1 JavaWeb testing project; more than 50,000 lines of code

All of the Course-Type Projects are done as the team leader, who was responsible for designing the overall architecture, assigning tasks to team members and reviewing the codes.

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