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Quantity Surveyor

Qibla, Kuwait City, Kuwait
March 14, 2020

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Quantity Surveyor (Electrical and Instrumentation,

Mechanical, Piping, Structure) SMP E&I


B.E. (Electronics and Instrumentation)

Tamilnadu, South India.622304

Contact number: +965-******** (KUWAIT


An Instrument & Electrical Quantity Surveyor E&I with 7.11 years of experience in the field of Electrical and Instrumentation and Construction O&M of petro chemical, power & manufacturing industries.


To make a Professionally Progressive and learning career in the field of Sr.Project Control Manager and thereby exceed the expectations on the target given by the customers and superiors.


B.E in Electronics and Instrumentation - Anna University Chennai - 2012 First Class with 72%

HSC – Tamilnadu State Board - 2008

Distinction with 65%

SSLC - Tamilnadu State Board – 2006

First Class with 60%


Client: KIPIC Al-Zour New Refinery Project (ZOR), Kuwait Project Title: L9ZR-FI-60-K031 SMPE&I

From Oct ’19 with SINOPEC TENTH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY (STCC) - L9ZR-FI-60- K031, Kuwait as Quantity Surveyor (Electrical& Instrumentation, Mechanical, Piping)



*Piping Materials lists take off from the isometric drawings below as, 1.Material Receipt, Handling and Storage – Straight Pipe or Pipe Spools 2.Weld-end preparation of Pipe Ends

3.Pipe Welds

4.PWHT (electrical) Local on Pipe Welds

5.Non Destructive Examination (NDE) on Pipe Welds

6.Material Receipt, Storage, and preparation for Installation – In- and Off-Line Items 7.Installation of Welded or Clamped Pipe Shoes

8.Fabrication or Supply, and Installation of Standard and Supplementary Pipe Supports

- Hangers, Guides, Anchors, Sliding Plates, Pick-ups, etc. 9.Installation of Engineered (Spring) supports, Struts, Snubbers 10.Flanged Joints

11.Screwed Joints

12.GRP Laminations

13.RCP Connections (Not Used)

14.Inspection Testing

15.Cleaning and Reinstatement

16.Safety Valve Pop Test

17.Steam Tracing – Tracers

18.Steam Tracing – Leads and Tails

19.Installation of Tracing Manifolds

20.Steam Tracing – Channel Tracing

21.Painting of Shop-, Module Assembly-, and Field Welds 22.Paint Touch-up (damages)

23.Insulation – Calcium Silicate

24.Insulation – Cold Insulation

25.Insulation – Personnel Protection T <= 250 C – Metal Sheet / Guards 26.Insulation – Personnel Protection T > 250 C – Rockwool Structural materials lists take off from drawings mentioned below as, Pipe Rack Steel Painted,Process Unit Steel Painted,Platform Steel Painted,Shelter Steel Painted,Rectangular Platforms,Circular Platforms,Flooring - Galvanised,Stair Treads - Galvanized,Straight Handrailing - Painted,Currved Handrailing - Painted,Ladders - Painted Sheeting,Gutter,Drain,Down Spouts,Acoustic Panel,Flooring - Galvanized,Straight Hand railing - Painted,Stud Bolt,Curved Hand railing - Painted,Steelwork,Non Shrink Grout,Epoxy Grout,Drilling Holes,Field Welding

Chemical Anchors,Structural Bolts,Field Plugging Of Existing Steel,Mechanical Anchors

,Miscellaneous Steel- Painted,Fillet weld,Full penetration but weld EXPERIENCE SUMMARY:

Job title: Quantity Surveyor (Electrical and Instrumentation) Company: IMCO Engineering & Construction W.L.L., Kuwait Duration: 25-05-2018 up to 31-10-2019

Client: KIPIC Al-Zour New Refinery Project (ZOR), Kuwait Project Title: L9ZR-FI-60-K034 - High Voltage and Main Electrical Works Project Scope: Instrumentation & Electrical Construction WORK RESPONSIBILITY:

Ensure prompt submittal and completeness of Contractors monthly payment applications and finalize the payment certificates.

Make sure that all cost and quantity records are streamlined and kept in order by the QS’s.

Advise the SRE and REs on measurement procedures and calculation of interim and final quantities.

Evaluate the unit rates for new work items

Establish the way of recording the details and monitor the day works recording and process;

Ensure completeness and validity of all contractual requirements.

Prepare financial statements for monthly report.

Check and record measurements of completed work. Direct Work-Total Provisional Contract Price 8 Million Kuwait Dinars. UG Work

Cable Supporting System

Cable pulling


Cable Termination

Cable lighting

Electrical Substation Equipment

Electrical field equipment

Electrical testing

Materials take out from Drawings and prepare the cost summary sheet (CSS) with detailed list of materials mentioned below as,

Under Ground Works:

Excavation, Clean Sand Bedding, Trench Backfill, Underground Conduits (Sleeves), Cable Tiles, Warning Tape, Route Marker, Concrete Pit for Link box. Cable Supporting System:

Cable Tray Ladder Type, SS316 Cable Tray, Installation Assemblies, Non-Metallic Conduit, Perforated Cable Tray, Perforated Cable Tray, Floor or Wall Sealing, Unistrut Chanels, Chequred Plate, Unistrut - SS316L, Gland Plate. Cable pulling,Cable Termination:

LV Power Cable (0.6/1 kV), Instrument Cable for Electrical (300/500 V), Communication Cables/conduit,Communication Cables/conduit, HV Power Cable

(3.8/6.6 kV), HV Power Cable (6.35/11 kV), HV Power Cable (19/33 kV), HV Power Cable (76/132 kV), FO Cable, Earthing Cable, 132kV Joint, 6.6kV Joint, 33kV Joint, Patch Cord, CP Cable, Fire Retardant Coating.


Earthing Cable

Earth Pit

Earthing Connection

Electrical Substation Equipment:

Power Transformers ( assembled, non assembled oil immersed & hermetically sealed, oil filled), NER, HV Switchgear, LV Switchgear, LV Distribution Panels, Stationary UPS systems (AC and DC) (UPS),Bus Ducts, Substation Miscellaneous Equipment, Fiber Optic Patch Panel, Generator, ENMC Testing, EDG Shelter, RMU, Load Bank, GIS Gas leakage Electrical field Equipment:

Remote Control Units and Maintenance Switches (RCU),Cable link box, Cathodic Protection Material (CP), Heat Tracing Equipment, Power and Welding Outlets. Lighting:

Lighting Junction Boxes

Lighting Fixtures


Job title: Quantity Surveyor (Electrical and Instrumentation) Client: KENTECH ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION CO WILL, Kuwait Project Title: K529 & 542 & 513 & 364 Projects

Project Scope: Instrumentation & Electrical Construction and Planner Scheduler activities, Primavera P6


DPR Preparation

Progress Histogram & S-Curve (Plan,Forecast, Actual) Cumulative

Indirect Manpower Histogram & S-Curve (Plan,Forecast, Actual) Cumulative

Direct Manpower Histogram & S-Curve (Plan,Forecast, Actual) Cumulative

Supervision Manpower Histogram & S-Curve (Plan,Forecast, Actual) Cumulative

Project Deviation Analysis Report

Productivity Analysis Report-Actual & Earned Value from Man-hours (Weekly


Indirect Manpower & Equipment Status Report

Look-Ahead Schedule-Weekly

Primavera Schedule Updated Weekly and Monthly

Project Highlights and Constraints-Activities / Material Available Status (Open or Close)

Quality Control Management Report –QC Inspection Status from


HSE Report

Narrative Report

Payment Application of Invoice & Summary Preparation from (TPMS) & BOQ- Activation Code E & I Contractor and Subcontractor Material.

Retention Amount Bills the Finalize of Claimed Cost compared with Balance Claimable Cost & CVI

Cost Control Schedule Preparation

Direct Work Cost-Material, Labor (Direct Labor Only), Construction Equipment, Tools Consumables, Site Contract Period

Indirect Work Cost-Field Supervision, Temporary Industrial water, Tax Duties, Insurance, Bond, Catering, Site Expense, Safety Control Management (Direct

+Indirect) Cost, Site Contract Period, Temporary Housing and Office etc.

Skilled in seeking funding sources and submitting bids and carrying out feasibility studies

Expertise in preparing plans, contracts, budgets, bills of quantities and other documentation

Strong ability to perform risk analysis evaluations; control cost; writing reports; preparing and submitting final accounts

Strong ability to verify quantity and evaluate subcontractor’s progress measurements, claims and variation; assess subcontractor’s invoices and preparation of payment certificates

Demonstrated excellence in maintaining the proper filing system for the corresponding engineering drawings, incoming and outgoing documents

Deft in arranging payments to suppliers and contractors and providing advice and forecasts about costs.

Preparing bills of quantities with the client and handling post-contract activities

Undertaking cost analysis for repair and maintenance project work

Assisting in establishing a client's requirements and undertaking feasibility studies

Performing risk, value management and cost control; advising on procurement strategy

Identifying, analyzing and developing responses to commercial risks; preparing and analyzing costing for tenders

Allocating work to subcontractors; providing advice on contractual claims and analyzing outcomes and writing detailed progress reports

Valuing completed work and arranging payments; maintaining awareness of the different building contracts in current use and understanding the implications of health and safety regulations


Job title: Quantity Surveyor (Electrical and Instrumentation) Company: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. Madhaya Pradesh Company profile: Engineering Procurement Construction of Oil & Gas Manufacturing industries.

Working period: 2014 March to 2016


The preparation of Bills and Schedules of Quantities of materials, labour and services required in the construction and equipment of building, or engineering works.

Visit building sites to monitor progress.

Preparing tender and contract documents, including bills of quantities with the architect or the client.

Preparation of specifications when required so to do.

Undertaking costs analysis for repair and maintenance project work.

Assisting in establishing a client’s requirements and undertaking feasibility studies.

Performing risk and value management and cost control.

Preparing and analysing costings for tenders.

Advising on procurement strategy.

Identifying, analysing and developing responses to commercial risks.

Allocating work to subcontractors.

Providing advice on contractual claims.

Analysing outcomes and writing detailed progress reports.

Valuing completed work and arranging payments.

Maintaining awareness of the different building contracts in current use;

Understanding the implications of health and safety regulations.

Areas requiring more specialised knowledge include: Offering advice on property taxation.

Providing post-occupancy advice, facilities management services and life cycle costing advice.

Assisting clients in locating and accessing additional and alternative sources of funds.

Enabling clients to initiate construction projects.

Advising on the maintenance costs of specific buildings EXPERIENCE SUMMARY:

Job title: Quantity Surveyor (Electrical and Instrumentation) Company: ABB way Engineering and Construction SINGAPORE. Company profile: Engineering Procurement Construction of Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical, Power

& Manufacturing industries.

Working period: 2013 march to 2014


Project: Jurong Aromatics complex project (From March 2013 to March 2014) Client: Singapore Oil Refining Company.

To carry out monthly valuations of work in progress, including forecasting of final costs and sales.

Prepare and monitor project cashflow forecasts.

Measure, value, submit and negotiate contract variations.

Provide advice to project staff on commercial and contractual matters including reviewing and drafting of correspondence.

Prepare submit and negotiate project final accounts.

Commercial vetting of sub contractor tenders and contracts.

Certification of subcontractor monthly valuations and final accounts.

Ensure that business commercial processes are adhered to at project level.

Assist in preparation and adherence to project purchasing targeting and costing budgets.


Job title: Quantity Surveyor (Electrical and Instrumentation) Company: Chennai petroleum corporation ltd, Chennai, India. Company profile: Engineering Procurement Construction of Water, Petro Chemical, Power & Manufacturing industries.

Working period: From March’2012 to April 2013.


The Quantity Surveyor is responsible for accurately measuring and pricing using Contract drawings, specifications and Bills of Quantities.

Advise on contractual matters.

Ensure completeness and validity of contractual requirements

Advice on Contractor’s resource allocation

Audit payments to Contractors.

Ensure prompt submittal and completeness of valuations.

Check and record measure of work done.

Prepare variations and day-works.

Monitor contracts final cost estimate

Maintain expenditure records.

Review, negotiate and prepare claim settlements

Coordinate and monitor activities of his team

Prepare financial statements for monthly report.

Perform other duties associated with this position as may be appropriate. SKILL SET:

TOOLS: AutoCAD, Primavera P6, Mile Marker, PMS.


finding out a client's needs and assessing if their plans are feasible

working out quantities and costs of materials, time and labour for tenders

negotiating contracts and work schedules

advising on legal matters, including risks and disputes

monitoring sub-contractors and stages of construction

writing regular reports on costs and preparing accounts for payment

keeping up to date with construction methods and materials

following health and safety and building regulations STRENGTH:

Analytical approach and Logical analysis of problem, hardworking, quick adaptation of new environment, and positive approach to problem at hand and interface of solutions for the same possessing excellent individual and team work spirit. PERSONAL DETAILS:

Date of Birth : 23th Nov 1990.

Nationality : Indian.

Passport No : J9844615

Passport issue : 10-09-2012

Passport expiry : 09-09-2022

Marital Status : Married.

Language Known : English and Tamil.

Total years of experience : 7.11 Years.

Ready to relocate : Yes.

Expected salary : Negotiable

Notice period :

Alternate no : +965-********

Reason for shifting : Better prospects

I hereby declare that the information given above is true and to the best of my knowledge. With regards


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