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Engineering Java

Ottawa, ON, Canada
March 13, 2020

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Padma Brundavanam

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Mobile: +1-613-***-**** Carleton University- Ottawa, Canada . Master of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering Coursework: Inter-networking and telemedicine; Authentication and Software Engineering; Computer Communication; Advanced topics in computer communication; Real time development of distributed systems using UML, Worked on SDN technology under the supervision of Dr. Chang Cheng Huang, Integrated Database systems, Internetworking technologies, Mobile communication systems (2017-2019) GITAM University – Visakhapatnam, India. Bachelor of Technology, Information Technology Coursework: Operating Systems; Databases; Algorithm Design and Analysis; Compute architecture; Computer Graphics; Programming Languages; Image Processing; Artificial Intelligence; Robotics and Automation; Formal Languages and Automata; Systems Programming; Compiler Design (2010-2014) Programming languages • Java Enterprise and Standard Editions, C, C#, C++, Python; Web-development: html5, JavaScript; Modeling languages: UML, DATABASE: SQL, MYSQL.

Testing and Automation • Selenium web driver (Working towards completion) Computer networking • Networking Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, DNS, DHCP, ICMP, TELNET

• Routing Protocols and techniques: RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, MPLS

• Network security: IPS/IDS, Firewall, IPSec.

• Cloud and virtualization: VMWARE, VITUALBOX, KVM, DOCKER, NFV

• Networking tools: Cisco packet tracer, Wireshark, Putty, WinSCP


Operating systems • Linux (Ubuntu, Centos and RedHat), Windows, MacOS Tools and Software • PyCharm, Eclipse, NetBeans, Papyrus, IBM rational rose, SAP ABAP, MS-Office Freelance Content developer • Create content for computer science students with respect to coding.

(January’16-December’16) • Help students finish coding challenges if any, post the solutions to the website, which are reviewed by experts. Technologies used: Java, C, Operating systems

Intern at CMC • Completed a 5-month internship at CMC ltd.

• Worked on Java technology, created a web-forum like stack-overflow. Technology used: Java, APACHE TOMCAT, ORACLE 10G

Course Project TEAM-LEAD

(September’18-December’18) • Created virtual connection between the routers in the university of Ottawa using Putty. Created Ethernet and serial physical connections between 8 routers using switches. Used Cisco routers c7200, GNS3

• Performed Layer2 and Layer3 connectivity 1. Configured the Ethernet connections 2. Configured inter-switch Trunk links

3. Configured VTP and created VLANs

4. Assigned IP addresses to router interface

• Configured serial connections, created multi-point frame relay PVC connection to inverse ARP.

• Created Point to point encapsulation and transparent bridging

• Configured Intra-AS Routing in AS65001 using OSPF, BGP Systems Engineering Project Comparison of various Network Intrusion Detection tools (Snort, Suricata, Bro)

(January’19-April’19) • Analyzed three tools to conclude, which tool outperforms other two.

• Snort has performed better between all the three tools and the results were recorded on the graphs using Wireshark technology.

• They were tested in three different kinds of testing environments such as a Linux, Windows and MacOS

• Parameters like speed (number of packets analyzed per second), duplicates, the ability of the tool to detect the intrusion are considered to compare these tools.

Keywords: Snort, Suricata, Bro, Linux, Wireshark, Network Intrusion detection Academic Project Semantic Proximeter

(January’14-December’14) • Goal is to Create a tool that determines the relativeness of two words entered by the user on a GUI. The tool calculates the relativeness of the two words entered. Technology used: html5, CSS, java, Servlets

• Achieved expected outputs, also tested using various testing metrics like unit testing, penetration testing, beta testing. Used Wordnet database to obtain the information about the words. The database consists of the definition, synonyms, meronyms, hyponyms, hypernyms.

• By receiving all the data from the database, this tool performs the test between the two words and produces the closeness/relativeness of the two words entered by the user Education

Technical Proficiency




• Worked on WIRESHARK: Analyzed packets, Troubleshoot, drew some interesting results by using a dynamic database using its PCAP files.

• Worked on SDN technology: Is a research problem associated with its controller placement in a dynamic environment. Compared various research papers related to the same. (MAPE, Clustered approach, capacitated controller placement, LiDy, LiDy+ are some of them).

• Developed a prototype for online bookstore using COMET methodology (Class, object, sequence, state chart, Communication, boundary objects) Tool: Papyrus, IBM rational rose

• Operative Portent: Created a web platform. This tool allows communication with other users. Technologies used: Java, MVC, APACHE TOMCAT

• Worked on SAP(ABAP) Programming.

• Currently learning Python programming.

• Working towards CCNA certification(S&R) - targeted for Fall 2020

• Presented a paper on “Advancement of Science and Technology in Maritime industry” in Indian Maritime University (IMU, a Central university) and stood in the 5th


• Presented a paper on “Client/Server Communication on the Web” in GITAM University. MISCELLANEOUS


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