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Engineer Civil

Zamboanga City, Zamboanga, Philippines
March 15, 2020

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Contact Address:

Rasid T. Hussin – Civil Engineer

SM. Drive Talon Talon,

Zamboanga City, Philippines.


Cel. no. +639*********, +639********* Philippines

Position Applied for: Civil QA/QC Engineer, Civil Engineer JOB OBJECTIVE:

An Engineering job that enables me to utilize my education, working experiences and technical background on different Engineering fields, codes, standards and specification in dealing with any various construction projects. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

RTH Construction – Project Engineer

Zamboanga City, Philippines

April 2011– Present

As a Project Engineer of the company, I prepare bid documents to acquire works from both government and private sector, consult and advise the clients of their desired designs to meet the engineering standard and to come up with an agreed work contract. I supervise project implementation, material purchasing, quality control and assurance, check and monitor site construction and progress of works. I also maintain the organization’s reputation according to the construction standard and quality of works that the company can provide within contract schedule. BYA Int’l – Civil QA QC Engineer

Jalalabad, Afghanistan

March 2010 – Dec 2010

As a Civil QA QC Engineer of BYA Int’l, Afghan National Army (ANA), Camp Gamberi, Phase III, USACE Project, I review and check the designed drawing and specification of the project in preparation to generate submittal log and submittals. I ensure the implementation of the QC system, perform work inspection and QC audits, prepare daily and weekly QC reports, maintain QC records management system and maintain current records in accordance with the approved QC plans for factual evidence that QC activities and/or tests have been perform. I am also in charged in coordinating with subcontractors in submitting all submittal requirements like; materials, material product data, physical samples and work procedures to have it approved by the USACE before it will be use at the field. I coordinate with the Government QC personnel and/or technical representatives for all kind of works for quality and submittal issues. I also monitor the local QC inspectors’ performances RASID T. HUSSIN, C E

2 P a g e

CH2MHILL– Lead QA/QC Engineer

Kabul, Afghanistan

April 2008 – August 2009

As a lead QA/QC Engineer of the company, I am responsible in providing the statistical Quality Assurance/Quality Control of work standard according to the code and specification, work techniques and inspection. I implement program and use it as a daily requirement to control and improve the quality of work. I perform technical site surveillance to assure that all materials and works are as per requirements, considering its project schedules. I also supervise, plan and design. I monitor all materials from civil, electrical, mechanical and equipments delivered and installed at the site. I review them to assure that all materials to be use are as per standard and post the material and equipment submittals to AFCEE website to have it approved. I provide and monitor the material submittal register, testing log and also follow up with the consultant regarding all material submittals. I prepare the final QA/QC daily report in conjunction with all site QA/QC activities on the actual work performed. Project Completed:

• Task Order 07 - Camp Phoenix North Expansion Phase I and II, Kabul, Afghanistan

• ISAF freedom Hall, Kabul, Afghanistan

VIAP Versar International Assistance Project – Project Manager (Title II QA) Iraq / Afghanistan

May 2005– July 2007

I am responsible for site’s implementation of Quality Management plan for each ordered tasks by directing and supervising the program for our LN QA Engineer to assure of having the acceptable quality of works in reference to the standard code. I monitor by being involved in all work implementations to assure that the works are according to scope of work, implement work plans and check the quality of materials used whether it is per specification or is required on the standard of construction. I conduct weekly QA meetings with the contractor’s QC Manager to monitor and improve the quality of work they performed. I conduct site inspection and verify documents and materials submittal whether it is the right approved materials according to the requirements of SOW/SOR and standard code. I prepare the final Title II Daily report and Weekly report in conjunction with all the sites of QA activities on the actual work performed. I also suggest solutions and procedures on how to deal and resolve any deficiencies encountered in a project.

I verify the accuracy of the equipments used on any testing requirements and assure that the test has been performed correctly to achieve a reliable test result. I am in charge of the pre-final and final inspection of works in accordance to the SOW requirements, and code and specification in preparation to final turnover of the project. Project Completed:

• Al kasik, Iraq, Motorized Transportation Regiment and Division Troops Battalion

• Baghdad, Iraq, Renovation of the Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Post Exchange, IZ

• Baghdad, Iraq, Construction of Division Headquarters, Support Battalions, National Guard Battalions and Old Muthana Base

• Al Asad, Iraq, Construction of Al Asad military base

• Kabul, Afghanistan, International Airport, Plan and construct Cantonment Area. RASID T. HUSSIN, C E

3 P a g e

RTH Construction – Project Manager

Zamboanga city, Philippines

Dec 2, 2001 - Feb 19, 2005

I am marketing to acquire works from government and private sector for the company project. I assist in bidding by preparing bid documents and bill of materials of a certain bid project. I also have a part in direct supervision in the implementation and construction work on the obtain project in accordance to SOW and agreed measures with clients.

SZOPAD Social Fund – External Supervisor

Zamboanga City, Philippines.

Jan 12, 2000 - Nov 15, 2001

I coordinate with the contractor and the applicant in the project implementation. I check and monitor the constructor in the implementation of project according to the specification, designs, site plan, project description, implementation schedule and the cost contained in the contract. I also check the contractor’s billing for the release of payment in accordance with the contractor work accomplishment. ABACORP-Engineering Specialties – Project Engineer Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Jan 7, 1996 - Nov 15, 1999

I supervised the waterproofing works of both roof and wall for all buildings and worked as a coordinator with the main contractor and client in Prince Sultan City Project – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and as a Project Engineer of Project Cathodic Protection installation and concrete repair of intake and discharge tank in Petrokemya Project – Jubail, Saudi Arabia. I am responsible in project contract bidding, estimation and implementation of concrete Remediation of turbine foundation in Saudi Aramco, Rastanura.

In Saudi Aramco Mobile Refinery Co. Ltd. (SAMREF) Yanbu, Concrete Remediation Project, Structural Repairs ST-3 and ST-4, I am responsible for the Quality Assurance of the work to meet the standard specification, to coordinate with the consultant for proper procedure in performing the work with the highest quality standard. I am also responsible for the quantity and field estimate requirement, structural layout, concrete and steel reinforcement. I also work as the Estimator with the company, who is assigned in preparing the bill of quantities for various project bidding to Aramco, Samref, Sceco and others.

Project Completed:

• Prince Sultan City Project, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

• Petrokemya Project, Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

• Saudi Aramco Mobile Refinery Co. Ltd. (SAMREF), Yanbu, Saudi Arabi RASID T. HUSSIN, C E

4 P a g e

Jeddah Chamber of Commerce – Civil Engineer

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

April 6, 1988 – Jan 06, 1996

I worked as a Supervising Civil Engineer, who is responsible for the company’s various building projects. My works are engaged with structural concrete work from layout, foundation, footing beam, slab column and to its finishing work. I also worked as Civil inspector to monitor the work, to meet the required work specification and the project’s material quality control. I prepare the schedule of work program and manpower supply to a certain work. I do Engineering office works such as estimation, drafting and other related works. Projects are undertaken with the new JCCI Headquarters in Jeddah, Jeddah Exhibition Center Building and Warehouse City project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Jamjoom Construction Ltd – Civil Engineer

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Sept 28, 1986 - April 5, 1988

I am assigned in some building and residential project construction in Jeddah. I am responsible in laying out building into required dimension and area. I prepare the excavation for the foundation, supervise the preparation of formwork, steel reinforcement and concrete pouring. I supervised finishing works, such as wall cladding, plastering, fixing ceramic and marble. At the same time, I am also responsible in preparing the work progress to its percentage of completion, and dealing and communicating with the project consultants.

Khalid Bin Hamad Al Dossary – Field Engineer

Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Sept 28, 1984 – Sept 6, 1986

I am a Field Engineer in Ar-Rabiya Grading and Sewerage Project for Executive housing of Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO). I am responsible in the estimation of bill of materials needed in the project. I organize and assign workers to their respective works. At the same time, I do survey works such as leveling, plotting out road curve, lot monument, site boundary, as well as required compaction test. I am responsible for the preparation of trench, where manhole and pipe would be layout and supervise pipe connection from house to house, organize workers and assign them to their respective works. I also worked as an Estimator of the company for six months in various bid projects to Aramco and Sceco. APPLICANT PERSONAL INFORMATION:

Name : Rasid T. Hussin

Nationality : Filipino

Sex : Male

Age : 54 years old

Home address : 219-H S.M. Drive

Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City- 7000, Philippines

Cel. No. 006***********, 006***********

E-mail Address:


5 P a g e


College : Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.) Zamboanga A.E Colleges, Zamboanga City

Reviewed : Civil Engineering Review Course

Besavilla Engineering Center, Basak, Cebu City

Six month review duration.

Examination Taken/Passed : Civil Engineer Licensure Board (1982) Given by Professional Regulation Commission

Manila, Philippines

: Government Career Service Professional

Examination (1983) Given by the Civil Service Commission. Membership (Dec. 1982) : Philippines Institute of Civil Engineers Inc. (PICE) BASIC SKILLS:

• Computer Knowledge

• Engineering skills

• Surveying work

• Driving


• Dr. Abdullah S. Dahlan, Secretary General

Jeddah Chamber of commerce & Industry

P.O. Box 1264, Jeddah 21421

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tel. no. 02 -651-5111

• Engr. Hasan Abu Hamad, Project Director

Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry

• Arch. Joseph K Farhat, General Manager

ABACORP – Abdulaziz Ali Al-Turki Corporation

P.O. Box 30445, AL-Khobar 31952

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tel. no. (03) 894-5528

• William “Bill” Johnson, Program Manager

VERSAR International Assistance Project, Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq

• Ernest Waterman, Program manager

Ch2mhill, Kabul, Afghanistan

• Erik Olness, PE, Project manager

Ch2mhill – Camp Phoenix and ISAF project

Kabul, Afghanistan Project



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