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Civil Engineering Engineer

May 17, 2020

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Contact Info.

Mariana T Zayadeen (Married)



Jordanian Nationality

Place and Date of Birth: Al-Karak – Jordan (19/9/1989)


Civil Engineer with 7 years of experience, worked as Site Engineer,Contract Specification and QS Engineer, preparing pre-qualification evaluation documents, Contract Documents, BOQ and Specifications, Cost Estimation, Participate in Tenders Evaluation, Planning and scheduling, Value Engineering.

Job skills

Supervising tendering procedures and putting together proposals.

Execute proper contracts appreciation and ensure adherence to contractual conditions.

Identify risks and develop risk mitigation plans

Plan, direct, or coordinate, usually through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of steel structures facilities, Hangers, Rigs, steel platforms and Piperack systems.

Communicating and liaising effectively with colleagues and architects, subcontractors, contracting civil engineers.

Reviewing material submittals & shop drawings for projects construction.

Ensure timely & accurate work measurement, billing, certification and collection

Ensure identification, documentation and submission of claims & variations

MS Office (Excel, Word, Power Point), Windows & application, AutoCAD, Revit.

Ensure documentation and preparation for Dispute Review Boards & arbitration

Draft contractual letters to get them approved by Project Manager and send them to Client, Subcontractors, Government bodies.

Finalize sub-contractors’ engagement to projects

Language Skills

Arabic (mother tongue).

English (fluent).

Other skills

Analytical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills

Excellent communication, presentation skills Work well individually, as well as, in team projects.

Ability to work under pressure.


July 2013 – Present: ENGICON-Project Management & Engineering Consultancy.

Contracts, Specification and QS Engineer.


Tasks included:

Prepare quantities, specifications, and BOQ’s (Bills of Quantities).

Prepare Tender Documents, Participation in tender evaluation process and Technical Evaluation for the contractors

Prepare price analysis and perform cost estimates.

prepare a detailed design for the approve option, and provide construction supervision services during the construction.

Manage change, as the client may change their mind about the design, determine the fault in design and BOQs through software, and ensure relevant parties are notified of changes in the project.

Planning, scheduling and updating of the project progress

Value Engineering

Assist in the preparation of major engineering Designs for the varied civil engineering and other infrastructure related projects.

Assist in the supervision of major infrastructure schemes.

Design and procure minor infrastructure schemes

Projects Performed:

oJordan Ahli Bank / 2018 till present

Client: JAB

Location: Jordan

oMercy Corps / 2017 till present

Client: Mercy Corps

Location: Jordan

oFirst Insurance Company / 2016 till present

Client: First Insurance

Location: Jordan

oUSAID Skep Schools / 2015 till present

Client: USAID

Location: Jordan

oMURJAN Three Stars Hotel / 2016 till present

Client: Jordan Engineers Association.

Location: Jordan

oTAKRIT Hospital / Dec-2015 till present

Client: Ministry of public Work and Housing

Location: Takrit - Iraq

oDesign of 8 Sewerage Treatment Plants in KSA / 17-Feb-2015 – 17-May-2015

Client: Saudi Arabian Parsons Limited

Riyadh & Kharj – Saudi Arabia

oDesign of Secondary Conveyance systems from the Sultani and Tafileh Turnouts / Nov-2014 – Feb-2015

Client: Saudi Arabian Parsons Limited

Location: Tafilah & Sultani – Jordan

oDesign and TD for Ma’an Palace of Justice / Ma’an Governorate / 17/Aug/2014 - 5/Mar/2015

Client: Ministry of Public Works (MOPW)

Location: Ma’an - Jordan

oConsultancy Design Services for Rehabilitation of Somaiya Pump Station & related Distribution Network System / Nov/2013 - Feb/2014

Client: Mercy Corps (MC)

Location: Al-Mafraq – Jordan

oDetailed Engineering Design - Aqaba LNG Terminal Design Project / Mar/2014 - Jun/2014

Client: Aqaba Development Corporation

Location: Aqaba – Jordan

oInfrastructure Design Services for Dammam Airport - Saudi Arabia/ Mar/2014 - Jul/2014

Client: Saudi Arabian Parsons Limited.

Location: Dammam – Saudi Arabia

oInfrastructure Design Services for Makkah Open Areas – Saudi Arabia/ Jan/2014 - May/2014

Client: Saudi Arabian Parsons Limited.

Location: Makkah – Saudi Arabia

oInfrastructure Design for Khamis Musheet / Sep/2013 - Jan/2014

Client: Saudi Arabian Parsons Limited.

Location: Khamis Musheet – Saudi Arabia

oStudy & Design of Madaba Ring Road and upgrading Zabboud Interchange/ Apr/2014 - Dec/2014

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

Location: Madaba – Jordan

oConsultancy Services for redesign and preparation of BOQs of (R2) Reservoir in Baghdad – Iraq / Dec/13 till present

Client: Mayoralty of Baghdad.

Location: Baghdad – Iraq.

oDesign & Supervision of Construction of Link Roads in Wilayate Al Qabel Governorate of North Al Sherqyah / Apr/2014 - Mar/2015

Client: Ministry of Transport & Communications in Oman.

Location: Wilayet Alqabel – Oman.

oNorth Badia Host Community Water Supply – 2014 / Aug/2014 - Sep/2014

Client: The International Committee of the Red Cross.

Location: North Badia – Jordan

oDesign & Supervision of Construction of Link Roads in Wilayate Liwa Governorate of North Al Batinah / Feb/2014 - Nov/2014

Client: Ministry of Transport & Communications in Oman

Location: Wilayate Liwa Governorate – Oman

oInfrastructure Design Services for Jeddah Al Hijrah 1 & 2 - Saudi Arabia/ May/2014 - Nov/2014

Client: Saudi Arabian Parsons Limited

Location: Jeddah – Saudi Arabia.

oConsultancy Services for Studies, design and preparation of construction tender documents (Construction of health centers - Expansion and renovation of existing health centers) in southern district -Jordan/May/2014 - Aug/2014

Client: Ministry of Public Works & Housing

Location: Ma’an – Jordan.

oRehabilitation of wells in the North / 2013-2015

Client: International Relief Development (IRD)

Location: North Governorates – Jordan

oConsulting Services for Preliminary Design, Preparation of Design – Build Tender Documents and Construction Supervision for Um Elulu – Jerash & Hofa Transmission Pipelines / Jul/2012 - Nov/2015

Client: Ministry of Water & Irrigation,PMU/KfW

Location: Jerash & Ajloun – Jordan.

oWater Reuse and Environmental Conservation Project – RIAL II/ 2010-2015



oMafraq Sewer Trunk Line/ 2013-2014

Client: Mafraq Water Incorporation (MWI)

Location: Mafraq - Jordan.

oSite Supervision Support for Construction of Water, Sanitation Hygiene Facilities in Za'atari Camp/ Feb2013-Apr2013

Client: Oxfam GB/ /ARDD

Location: Za’atari Camp - Jordan.

oConsultancy Services for The Sewer Networks of Highlands / South Catchment of South Amman Project /Jun/2011 – Sep/2014

Client: Ministry of Water & Irrigation/Water Authority

Location: Amman - Jordan.

oWadi Mousa Tourist Zone Urban Design and Landscaping / Jun/2013-Dec/2013

Client: Petra Development & Tourism Region Authority

Location: Wadi Mousa - Jordan.

oEarly Disposition Development Projects of the Dead Sea Development Zone / 2012-2013

Client: Jordan Development Zone

Location: Dead Sea - Jordan.

oSarapisStores Zone / 2011-2013

Client: Dr. Harran Yaqob Zuriqat

Location: Ajloun- Jordan.

oMonitoring of the Disi-Mudawarra to Amman Water Conveyance System on BOT Basis/ Jan/2010-Dec/2013

Client: SWECO for the Ministry of Water & Irrigation / EIB, OPIC, PROPARCO

Location: Amman - Jordan.

oConstruction Supervision of Irbid Ring Road, Phase I / Nov/2010-Aug/2014

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Location: Irbid - Jordan.

oConsulting Services for Infrastructure Design for Al Rayyan Hills ProjectI / 2009-2013

Client: Qatari Diyar

Location: Yemen.

oConstruction Supervision of Karak Entrance Bridge/ 2008-2010 (Recently Renovated)

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Location: Karak – Jordan.

oDesign Review & Construction Supervision of Wastewater Collection System, WWTP & Effluent Reuse for the Municipality of Naur & Adjacent Areas/ Feb/2008 – Oct/2009 (Recently Renovated)

Client: Ministry of Water & Irrigation / Water Authority of Jordan / Korean Government

Location: Amman – Jordan.

oUpgrade of Mafraq Wastewater Treatment Plant/ Jun/2007- 2008 (Recently Renovated)

Client: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Location: Mafraq – Jordan.

oDesign and Supervision of WHO New Office Building in Amman / 2006-2010 (Recently Renovated)

Client: World Health Organization

Location: Amman – Jordan.

oDesign of the Ministry of Finance and its Departments Complex/ 2005-2006 (Recently Renovated)

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Location: Amman – Jordan.

oAl Ekeder Wastewater Treatment PlantAmman / Oct/2002-Dec/2004 (Recently Renovated)

Client: Ministry of Water and Irrigation / Water Authority of Jordan

Location: Northern Governorates – Jordan.

June 2012 – June 2013: Ministry of Housing and Public Works – Owner and Project Management.

Site Engineer / Civil.

Karak – Jordan

Projects Performed:

oSpecial needs school / 2012-2013

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Location: Karak - Jordan.

oGovernment departments Complex / 2012-2013

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Location: Karak - Jordan.

oStadium / 2012-2013

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Location: Karak - Jordan.

Professional Education

Bachelors of Civil Engineering

(Mu’tah University, Karak, Jordan Jan/2012)

GPA 73.4%

Good Grade (High).

87.5% Scientific Stream (Latin Patriarchate School – Wasieh / Karak-Jordan)

Professional Memberships:

Jordan Engineers Association member since March 2012

Courses and Trainings Attended

• Quantity Surveying Course 5-26/9/2011 (30 hours) - Jordanian Engineers’ Association

• Primavera (P3) Course 3-17/9/2011 (18 hours) - Jordanian Engineers’ Association

• Project Cost Estimate and time management 9-20/8/2014 (18 hours) - Jordanian Engineers’ Association

• Primavera (P6) Course 28/10-11/11/2014(18 hours) - Jordanian Engineers’ Association

• FIDIC Module 1 (4-5 October 2015) at Jordan Engineers Association.

• ENGICON training student for 4 months - 2011

• One-year Trainee at Ministry of Public Works and Housing 2012-2013

• FIDIC Module 2 (28 Feb-1 March 2017) at Jordan Engineers Association.

Driving License

Jordan (Full and Clean)


to provide upon request

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