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Marketing and Administrative Intern

Vancouver, WA
May 17, 2020

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Vancouver, WA



Seeking a position utilizing my education and internship experience to help advance organizational objectives on time and within budget.

Work Experience

Alma Mater Tacoma, WA September 2019-present

The Hive Coworking Space - Coordinator Intern

Responsible for coordinating all activities pertaining to work space utilization.

Setup Google Business for the Hive

Use Google Adwords to advertise the space

Create monthly newsletters

Implement a shared calendar system for tenants

Digitize documents for the purpose of achieving a paperless environment

Create contracts for various membership types and information documents

Responsible for the signup process of new members

Setup and coordinate educational classes and workshops within the space

In charge of implementation of social mixers for members including budgeting for events

Use graphic design for space promotion and general advertisement

Assist in giving tours, scheduling and setting up events/workshops and hosting art tours

Alma Mater – Marketing Intern

In charge of overseeing all marketing activity for Alma Mater and all its business units (Matriarch Lounge, Fawcett Hall, Milk Gallery, and Hive Coworking).

Utilize and maintain various marketing channels such as Youtube, Google Business, Facebook, Instagram and Eventbrite

Promote and share all created content across social channels with relevant tags, hashtags, locations to ensure brand discovery and effective content distribution

Strategically time and curate content for most profitable engagement/impressions

Assist in implementation of tracking links such as Facebook pixel

Control and create digital advertising

Budget, create, and distribute ads through various channels

Target advertisements for local, regional and national acts

Communicate directly with artists/performers/bookers

Create and direct cross-promotion with other businesses and organizations

Review, analyze, and track insights and analytics from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business to evaluate strategy and implement necessary changes

Alma Mater – Influencer & Community Outreach Intern

Responsible for brand awareness, outreach, and fostering of relationships.

Engage with social media community members to generate better engagement and awareness

Research and compile influencers (i.e. popular local businesses, individuals and artists)

Forge new relationships with local influencers and businesses

Organize ticket giveaways and cross promotions

Alma Mater – Copyright & Creative Intern

Assist in contacting, directing, and creating content and voice for business promotions.

Collect and write daily quality content for all social media avenues

Write and prepare several Facebook event reminders for each event/show

Curate Spotify playlists that include booked shows

Graphically design show promotions and general advertisements

Collect, photograph, and curate high quality content for social channels

GoodDesign Tacoma, WA October 2019-present

Operations Intern

Assist in the operations of this new privately owned brand design business.

Implement Google Business and create accounts for every employee

Create a shared google calendar for employees, as well as, Google Drive for content

Organize use of Trello for projects

Meet with prospective clients and local business owners to establish relationships for future projects

Implement clear and organized goals for the upcoming year (2020)


BA in PP&E (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics) with a minor in Business Administration

University of Washington / Tacoma, WA / Graduating March 2020


Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Business, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Trello, Later, Mailchimp.


Available upon request.

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