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Python Engineer

Hayward, CA
May 17, 2020

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Dany Itani

669-***-**** **6 Grand Terrace, Hayward, CA, 94541


UC Berkeley - Bachelor’s in Computer Science - Class of 2021 WORK EXPERIENCE: *CANCELED* Software Development Engineer at Workday (May-Aug 20’) PROJECTS (Through August 2019):

Reinforcement Learning: Implemented model-based and model-free reinforcement learning algorithms, applied to the AIMA textbook’s Gridworld, Pacman, and a simulated crawling robot in Python. Bear Maps: Back end development of Google Maps (API, routing and location data, route search) in Java. Predicting Taxi Ride Duration: Program that uses a database of NYC taxi rides to create a regression model that predicts the travel time of a taxi ride given multiple features in Python. Scheme Interpreter: Developed an interpreter for a subset of Scheme (Lisp) in Python. Sacramento Kings Mobile App: Used UI design in Javascript, HTML, and CSS to add multiple web pages for the Sacramento Kings’ mobile application with a team I had never met before. Classification of Numbers: Implemented a perceptron algorithm and neural network model, and applied these models for digit classification in Python.


- STATS C100: Principles and Techniques of Data Science (Python); transforming, querying and analyzing data; algorithms for machine learning methods including linear/logistic regression, classification and clustering.

- COMPSCI 61B: Data Structures (Java); linear lists, queues, trees, arrays strings, hash tables, graphs, algorithms for sorting and searching, storage management.

- COMPSCI 170: Efficient Algorithms & Intractable Programs (Python) ; models of computation, lower bounds, algorithms for optimum search trees, balanced trees and UNION-FIND algorithms, numerical and algebraic algorithms, combinatorial algorithms, NP-completeness, unsolvable and intractable problems, Turing machines.

- COMPSCI 188: Artificial Intelligence (Python); game playing, knowledge representation, inference, planning, reasoning under uncertainty, machine learning, robotics, perception, and language understanding.

- COMPSCI 61C: Machine Structures (C and RISC-V [assembly language]); pointers, logic, arithmetic, instruction sequencing, I/O, interrupts, memory management, process switching.

- COMPSCI 161: Computer Security (GoLang and C); Cryptography including encryption, authentication, hash functions, cryptographic protocols, and applications. Operating system security, access control. Network security, firewalls, viruses, and worms. Software security, defensive programming, and language-based security. Case studies from real-world systems.

- COMPSCI 186: Databases (Java); Access methods and file systems to facilitate data access. Hierarchical, network, relational, and object-oriented data models. Embedding query languages in programming languages. Database services including protection, integrity control, and alternative views of data. High-level interfaces including application generators, browsers, and report writers. Transaction processing. TECHNICAL SKILLS:

Fluent: Python, Java, SQL, C, RISC-V, GoLang Intermediate: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Scheme

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