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Software Engineer, React, Node, Java, Python, SOLID Principles, TDD

Waukesha, WI
May 17, 2020

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Grant Dakovich Waukesha, WI

College: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Degrees: Computer Science and Statistics

Skills: React-Redux, Nodejs, TDD, Git, MongoDB, Linux, Facebook Messenger API, Machine Learning, Python, Neural Networks, C, Java, Working Remote Some knowledge in: Swift Apple Dev, Hadoop, Twitter Bots, SQL, Flask Personal Projects:

React Online Ordering Template for Restaurants as a COVID-19 Solution (React, Redux)

- Series of reusable react components that can be slotted in and out without changing the overall Redux store code and functionality. All data is pulled from one file for easy redeployment of the template for a new restaurant.

Facebook Hackathon: Frienddeals (Node, MongoDB)

- Messenger application that allows businesses to charge different customers at the same time for a reduced price. The code uses the Facebook Messenger API to send codes to users so that they can share with their friends and save money.

Pokemon Go Raid Simulator (React, Node, MongoDB)

- An application in which players of Pokemon Go can simulate battles. Designed with a global Javascript object instead of using Redux in order show myself why Redux is beneficial. Web Socket Donation Board (Node, MongoDB)

- Hackathon project designed to provide real-time feedback and updates for people that donate to charity. Designed with web sockets.

DEEPak Chopra (Python)

- A Deep Learning Natural Language Processing algorithm that copies the diction of Deepak Chopra

- Developed as a team. It converts words to their parts of speech. Then, it runs a Recurrent Neural Network on the sequence of parts of speech. The output was then used as priors for a charRNN. Kaggle Competition

- Developed various statistical models on the Kaggle website: Decision Trees, Neural Networks, and more. Work Experience:

Backend Developer UW-Biochemistry Department

UW-Madison Biochemistry Professor

10/2018 – Present

- Developed an algorithm as part of a team to determine metabolite concentrations based on NMR spectrums (remote). I write my code with a focus on SOLID principles and Test Driven Development because in the past my code has suffered without them. Software Engineer / Data Science Intern


05/2019 – 09/2019

- Created a ChatBot for the client website using Multilayer Perceptrons and Bag-of-Words (Python and Flask). The ChatBot answers questions about client’s data without learning how to navigate the website structure. In writing, I gained valuable experience working with designing a scalable web add-on. IT Projects Remote Intern

HNI Risk Services

09/2018 – 12/2018

- Automated SQL data flow tasks

- Created Power BI Dashboards

Data Analytics Software Intern

HNI Risk Services

05/2018 – 08/2018

- I developed Javascript programs that can show customers graphs that illustrate the differences between insurance plans.

- Gave a presentation to a client’s management team describing their employee survey results.

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