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Developer Engineer

Allen, TX
May 16, 2020

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Software Engineering Professional



*** ****** **** **, *****,







Moccasin Creek Kennel


Angular 6+




Clean Architecture




Entity Framework



Experienced and motivated software engineering professional with an extensive background of developing web applications that serve hundreds of thousands of users per day, using tools and techniques for modern, scalable and maintainable applications.


Software Engineer II, JCPenney Plano

Jan 2020 — Present

• Participate in daily architectural discussions regarding current projects

• Collaborate in a team environment to create next generation Point of Sale system as part of Penney's overall Plan for Renewal

• InOuence critical design and architectural decisions by providing industry-leading insight and knowledge including how SL ID principals can be used during application development

• Create and track design and workOow of individual components using and ConOuence

• Mentor team members moving from a legacy Point Lf Sale system to the new enterprise PLS system, guiding them through modern techniques and technologies

• Development of items in scope of project sprint using approved technologies and clean architecture techniques

• Participate in design reviews regarding microservices which may impact the project architecture;

• Participate in daily standups to communicate progress and impediments which may arise

• In an Agile Setting, Create high level stories and break low-level details into subtasks after backlog grooming

• Projects include an Enterprise Point of Sale system to replace the current PLS being used in stores todayH part of an effort to modernize omnichannel experience for customers and employees;

Programmer Analyst, Moccasin Creek



Jan 2013 — Present











SL ID Principals

SX Server

NDD (Nest Driven Development)

NFS (Neam Foundation Server)


Qisual Studio

Windows Server


.VEN Core

.VEN Framework

• Sole technical consultant providing guidance, suggesting and implementing changes;

• Developed a CMS in 2013, creating a successful online presence using ASP.VEN web forms and SX Compact Qersion to preserve limited available resources

• Enabled the business to easily post up-to-date products and services information using the CMS system in conjunction with the public-facing website

• Redesigned the CMS and website in 2019 using the latest web standards and technologies including .VEN Core for back end APIs and Angular 6 for front end;

• Increased visibility by implementing SEL techniques including Lpen Graph meta properties

• Stood up Windows QPS for the website and email server, conBguring DVS record types and Brewall

Sr. .NET Developer, Essilor of America Dallas

Jun 201" — Dec 2019

• Worked in all aspects of SD C, from requirements gathering, analysis, design, build and roll-out;

• Participated in the creation of a CRM and a portal allowing client companies to manage their employees' eye care beneBts in ordering safety eye ware

• Worked in an Agile setting and monitored progress using tools such as Jira

• Developed robust solutions using .VEN Core, Entity Framework Core, SX Server and using best patterns and practices such as Clean Architecture and SL ID principals

• Secured newer applications with the latest LIDC standards, implementing Lkta's identity-as-a-service platform for authentication and an org-to-org implementation

Sr. .NET Developer (Contract), IDR Dallas

Jul 2017 — Jun 201"

• Participated in the enhancement of Essilor's Oagship online ECP platform, enabling product returns from ECPs within the same place that products were purchased

• Implemented dynamic bar code generation for return labels using Shipmate, enabling returned items to be shipped using the portal

• Worked diligently with project managers and product owners in an Agile setting

• Uuilt web services required to satisfy requirements of a new projects

• Participated in the development of project SSL, a .VEN core project designed to wrap Lkta APIs and allow applications to manage users federated among the applications via single-sign-on; Software Developer, QMACS, Inc Richardson

Feb 2014 — Aug 2017

• Enabled healthcare patients to pay their doctor bills online by developing branded and customized online payment portals, through which bills where paid and funds were dispersed to corresponding payment systems, all using ASP.VEN MQC and integrating payment gateway APIs such as Authorize.VEN

• Saved the business money by developing an in-house expense report app for TR, initially writing the app in ASP.VEN MQC and then rebuilding down the road in Angular 2x and .VEN Core

• Saved time and resources by developing several scripts to automate otherwise tedious processes, building console applications which ran as scheduled tasks

• Lptimized various processed through which healthcare related Bles were handled by building parsers which read x12 "35 Bles and T 7 Bles, storing data in a manor which was TIPPA compliant and building portals which enabled employees to monitor patient accounts for bill collection purposes

• Reduced the volume of calls to IN by developing Self Telp applications which automated certain tasks behind the scenes that would otherwise be a task for a help desk technician to attend to, such as sending commands to a VI8 system called Medic, usign a 3rd party package called SST.VEN

• Enabled optimized tracking of electronic assets and ordering of new assets by developing an inventory control system, through which items such as computers and peripherals where assigned to employees after being ordered or reallocated

Network Analyst, Ze-Net Technologies Plano

May 2013 — Feb 2014

• Contributed to the success of the businesses model by providing quality network support to hotel guests and occupants of hospitality venues, often by guiding them through the troubleshooting process when connection issues arose

• Acting on my eventual interest in a career change to software development,;proposed and then eventually delivered a software solution that would optimize the search for equipment information and location at hotel properties, allowing network techs to search for a property and then pull up a table with information about the network infrastructure as well as each piece of equipment, developed using ASP.VEN Web forms and SX Server


Associate of Science, Ashworth College Vorcross, GA Jan 2014 — Jan 2016

Computer Information Systems

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