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Engineer Electrical

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
May 16, 2020

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Contact No.: +974********

Post applied for electrical QC Engineer


Seeking the post of electrical and Instrument QC Inspector where I can utilize my 04 years Experience in the field of onshore / mep construction project. Execute the inspection and quality control activities on site, collecting the relevant objective proofs, ensuring supervision and coordination of quality control activities on instrumentation equipment system construction and installation activities


ØGood Communication Skill

Ø Self Confidence.


ØI.S.C Passed

ØBTECH in electrical engineering passed in 2016

ØComputer Skill

ØBasic Computer Knowledge (Auto Cad,Ms-Word, Ms-Excel, Ms-Power Point & Internet)


Name : Mohammad Minnatullah

Father's Name : Mohammad Israil

Date of Birth : 09/05/1986

Religion : Islam

Marital Status : unmarried

Nationality : Indian

Language Known : English, Hindi & Bengali

Passport Details : Old Pass No : H 1604201

New Pass No : S 2000712

Place of Issue : kolkata

Issue date : 05/06/3018

Expiry date : 04/06/2028

Permanent Address : Mohammad Minnatullah

S/o Mohammad Israil

Address: 6/7a kustia road

Dist - Kolkata-700039

State - west bengal

Cell No.: .+974*******


Total more than 04 years experienced in the field of electrical and instrumentation and control system mostly in overseas well exposure to activities work construction and maintenance, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and quality control of instrumentation system in petrochemical.

Chemical,oil and Gas plant,


ØCompany : Anel Emirates

Project : Terminal buiding airport Abu Dhabi) Position Electrical and instrument QC Engineer

Duration : 19th SEP 2016 to 13th May 2018

ØCompany : Essar Projects LIMITED

Project : I.O.C.L, Baroda, Gujarat (India)

Position : (E&I) QC Engineer

Duration : 03th OCT 2018 TO 05th APR 2019

ØCompany : Trags Engineering & air condition c.o

Project : Qatar petroleum district

Position : Electrical QC Engineer

Duration : 10th JUNE 2019 TO Till continue


* Responsible for execution and monitoring of approved Quality Plan in the field of electrical and instrumentation.

* Coordinate with engineering, client and sub-contractors representative on daily basis to resolve any quality problems or issues.

Also coordination with the vendor representative on inspection of instrument at site.

Also responsible for inspection of the construction, activities via installation, calibration loop checking of associated instrument carried out by a team of technicians.

and Testing & Commissioning of all MEP Services.

Anything not as per standard or specification then making surveillance or non conformance reports.

Area of Expertise and System Experience System Design and project Management Application Engineering (ELV/Low current systems such as CCTV System, Fire Alarm systems, gas detection systems, Fire suppression systems, Public Address and voice Evacuation systems, Audio visual systems, Automatic Door and entrance Automation systems, Building Automation and Building Management systems}

As per international standards, specifications, instrument calibration method of statement &as per approved project drawings supervises, inspected & witnessed calibration workshop, DCS Cabinets frame inside RIB's instrument cable duct bank, cable pulling, from RIB to JB & Control room and RGS conduit, stanchion of instrument devices, marshalling panel, junction boxes installation, mounting of instrument advices.

as per the approved drawings.

Check installation of instrument.

Check pneumatically signal connection.

Check power transformers, switch board, accumulator battery, sockets outlet, lighting systems.

Checking & verifying latest revision of the drawings.

Checking all testing equipment which is valid or expiry date.

Checking and review mark up as built drawings.

Co ordinate for the time inspection of the materials and installations.

commissioning are done as per the approved drawings and as per ITP.

Conduct surveillance visits.

Conduct weekly QA/QC audit in yard premises& reporting to Management side

Conducting receiving material inspection of the incoming material either

Coordinating with consultant inspection and client

documents as per Project Specification. Also working experience in

Duties involved site inspection of various instrument on its arrival at site and provide reports to the client inspectors.

Electrical (Low, Medium, and High Voltage Power Distribution System) and instrumentation and control submitted by subcontractor.

* Responsible of testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning of Low, Medium and High Voltage Electrical Power Distribution.

*Responsible for methodical and systematic routine Material Receiving Inspection, Site Acceptance Testing and Final Inspection of electrical and instrumentation erections and installations.

*Conduct vendor inspection of equipment prior to release on site and Review of Factory Acceptance Test reports and manufacturer's Quality Control documents.

* Interpretation and application of electrical and instrumentation engineering schematics, single line diagram, plans, isometrics, assembly drawing, P&ID, hook up and instrument loop diagrams.

* Review the Project Quality Plans, shop drawings, project standards and engineering specifications to ensure efficient execution of works.

Ensure the correct implementation of the approved inspection of test plan.

Ensuring proper filling of documents.

Equipment and material incoming goods inspection &^ if any damage making OSD (over & short damage report)

Executes the specific inspection on materials, equipment and construction / installation activities on site.

Execution of MEP Jobs including-Electrical, HVAC, Fire Alarm, Fire

Familiarity with API, BS, ISA, ISO, NEMA, ANSI standard and codes.

Fighting, BMS, CCTV, Card Access, Plumbing system and preparing the quality

Follow the QCP (Quality control procedure) & ITP ( Inspection test plan).

Follow-ups of Client Approvals

Hand over of documents for final inspection and completion of project.

including supporting documents & correspondences

Inspect all instrument to ensure that they are installed in correct assembled, location and area classification.

Inspect and verify of all instrument folders as per company requirements.

Inspected & witnessed instrument cable duct bank, cable pulling, from RIB to JB & control room, and RGS conduit stanchion of instrument devices, marshalling, panel junction boxes installation, mounting of instrument decides such as pressure, level temperature transmitter, RTD and thermocouple pressure, level flow and temperature switch & control valves.

Inspecting delivered materials confirms to the materials submittals.

Inspecting the work as per the drawings/material approval and client

Inspection & witness of cable megger& continuity test before terminating cable & then cable termination check to verify exact termination point of check cable core as per approved wiring drawings. Core marker & tightness of cable.

Inspection activities over the products which comply with the present

Inspection and testing of all types of instrument calibration as per.

Inspection and testing of instrument and control cable terminated in field instrument, junction box, and marshalling cabinet to ensure that are carried as per the project specification and standards.

Inspection and testing of loops from field instrument control room DCS signal working as per data based check the alarm condition and status changing of digital and analog instrument.

Inspection and testing of the instrument signal tubing and air supply tubing and verification of the connection of both the air line and instrument.

Inspection in hazardous (Zone 0, 1, 2) safe areas included detailed.

Inspection of all EEXD OR EEXI certified equipment all system i.e instrument fire and gas telecom glanding, termination for I.S (Insintrically safe circuit) & non I.S.

Inspection of all instrument calibration at calibration lab.

Inspection of cable tray installation and conduit, fabricated support of instrument devices and electrical equipment alignment of panel, marshalling box, mounting of instrument devices such as pressure level temperature transmitter, RTD and thermocouple pressure switch, and temperature switch, cable pulling, form control room to JB the form JB to field instruments.

Inspection of Electrical system such as Cable tray routing, cabling,

Inspection of Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting, FM -200 (Fire suppression

Inspection of instrument installed and impulse tubing as per hook up drawing and P & ID drawings.

Inspection of instrument process connection, high pressure tapping point to high pressure instrument entry and verify that it was installed as per the required standards and all fitting and accessories were the correct pressure ratings.

Inspection on cable lying, glanding and termination loop checking and commissioning.

Installation of instrument tray works, impulse line, ss tubing, copper tubing, fabrication and erection of junction box frame, panel box frame, pedestal, alignment of panel.

Installation of junction box, cable tray, cable laying, dressing and power of all the drive system of cabinet in operation room etc

installation, termination, testing & commissioning of MEP works are done

Involved in FAT (factory acceptance test) & SAT (site acceptance test) activities.

Issues the relevant quality records. And when necessary writes and sends to QC supervisor non conformance reports.

Job involve periodic inspection to be installed for petrochemical plants.

Maintaining the documentation to the full proof of our activities

Manage documents certifying test, controls and inspection.

MEP-QA/QC Engineer in the Site

Monitoring and inspection the worked performed by the construction group conforms to the approved construction drawings asp per project specification and standards.

Oilfield, Prefabs and Pre-Engineered buildings. Confident

Participating internal audit

per Projects Specification

Performs all relevant loop check.

Performs inspection activities as per approved (ITP) inspection and test plan.

Performs punch listing operations.

Performs test communication functionalities.

Performs test of continuity, insulation resistance.

Performs visual inspection, dimensional test, check, rating and material for connection.

policy statement

Preparation of final dossier in each project

Preparation of QA/QC inspection schedule for daily and weekly basis

Prepare daily inspection documents and final acceptance document prior to project completion.

Prepare PAR, CAR and NCR in daily process inspection

Preparing Inspection Test Plans, Related IMF forms & Quality Manuals as

Preparing necessary documentation for diffrent stage of inspection.

Preparing RFI (Request for inspection)

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