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Registered Nurse Safety Officer

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
May 16, 2020

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Doha, Qatar

+974-****-**** /0+974-****-****


To find a company that will offer me new set f knowledge and experience and will allow me to work independently with my acquired skills and to serve the company, its people, and clients with a heart.

To be able to find the career growth I am seeking and permanently make it as a source of my Bread and butter as I later on Advance in life. Education

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, May 2017


Qualifications Summary

• Philippine Registered Nurse = Average of 82.4

• Qatar Prometric Passer – Qatar Registered Nurse – Nurse Trainee valis until 2022 (for General scope evaluation on Process on June 06, 2020 )

• Data Flow Verified

• Excellent communication skills.

• ILS trained with certificate

• NEBOSH IGC 1 Passed.

• NEBOSH IGC 2 Passed.

• NEBOSH IGC 3 on process

• IOSH trained

• OSHA trained

• Certified Safety Officer


Name : Kerlyn Loyola Ignacio

Address : 426 Medicion 1-C, City of Imus Cavite, PH / Ain Khaled, Ar Rayyan,QA Cell Phone : +974-****-**** / +974-****-****

Email :

Date of Birth : December 1, 1992

Place of Birth : Imus, Cavite

Citizenship : Filipino

Gender : Female

Religion : Roman Catholic


Elementary: St. Rose Learning School


High School: Atheneum Amcan School


College: De La Salle Health and Sciences Institute Year 2009-2010

Manila Tytana Colleges-Manila Doctors College of Nursing Year 2010 – 2017

Computer Skills

• Experience with both PC windows and Macintosh Computers.

• Proficient in Microsoft office and Internet handling.

• Excellent in Excel, Word, Power Point and Adobe.

• Able to type accurately and fast.

• Use of applications in computer.

• Knowledgeable in utilizing programs.


• Have worked as volunteer in an all-campus awareness campaign against Health issues.

• Have led group discussions on various social issues i.e. teen intervention, abortion, etc.

• Initiated a campaign to outreach remote areas of migrants to make them aware of the importance of higher education.

• Member of Red Cross Organization

• Member of Philippine Nurses Association

• Member of Violence against women Organization

• Member of Nightingale Society as 4


year representative



October 2019-Present

• Monitor pediatric patients in accordance to health standards promulgated by the Ministry of Public Health of Qatar.

• Ensuring safety of Kids inside the Facility.

• Monitor Temperature, Respiratory rate, Etc., of kids to avoid transmission of disease.

• Rendering first aid in cases of emergency.

• Cleaning of medical instrument/equipment and items and ensuring the organization of the nurse’s room or Health Facility inside the Nursery.

• Medications administrations and ensuring each medicine is prescribed by a Registered Physician.

• Looking after the wellness of the staff and teachers.

• Reporting Cases of Unwellness to parents and doing health teachings to them regarding the medications they tend to give their kids and proper actions to be done in cases of emergency that they face at home.

• Admin works such as registration and Health history of each kid registered in our nursery.

• Ensuring health documents of each kid is declared and submitted to us. SWISS CONSULTANT DENTAL CENTER:

October 2018- September 1, 2019

• Assist doctors in every dental procedure possible according to the Doctor’s specialty.

• Render safety and assurance of quality service to patients.

• Assess patient’s needs before, during, and after the dental procedures.

• May be assigned in the radiation Area for Xray, panoramic Xray’s and 3D Xray.

• Ensure the safety of patients.

• Do Pre and post procedure care on patients.

• Maintains the cleanliness of the clinic.

• Ensures the sterility of equipment and materials needed by the doctors to be used on patients.

• Maintaining records of patients as well as the inventory of equipment, materials, and stocks.


March 24, 2018 – August 31, 2018

• Render requested care in a school, company, hospital, home setting depending on the request of the clients and depending on assigned tasks.

• Rendering Services thru medical missions on subsidiaries of the Company.

• Continuity of Care possible and needed by a specific Client.

• Providing basic or Palliative care ; Vital Signs Monitoring, Oral care, Feeding, Medication Administration with supervision,

• Holistic care for pediatric Patients, and assisting Mother in feeding the client.

• Rendering Quality Care to a specific group of client in the communtiy especially to elder client.

• Provide Emergency Care to Companies who requestedfor care.

• Monitors availability of Supplies as a SchoolNurse and company Nurse.

• Ensure the Safety of workers and Children, With regards to the environment they belong.

• Administration of Vitamins, vaccines and Monitoring Blood sugar.

• Managing the Use of Equipment for personal Care of Specific Client. MANILA DOCTORS HOSPITAL :

December 12, 2017 – March 20, 2018

• Exposure to Post Surgical Ward Care

• Handling Patients with Tracheostomy, Colostomy, etc.

• Urinary Catheter Placement

• Monitoring Patients Post Op.

• Monitoring Patients’ Contraptions duing Confinement and Surgical Recovery

• Team Leader

• Managing And delgating works For student Nurses.

• ECG placement and monitoring

• Vital signs Monitoring

• Input and Output Monitoring

• Medication Provision

• Blood Sample Collection

• Bedside Care

• Nursinng Care Plans


• NEBOSH IGC 1 PASSER (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health: Management of international health and safety) YEAR 2015

• NEBOSH international general certificate in occupational health and safety

• NEBOSH international certificate in construction health and safety

• NEBOSH international certificate in fire safety and risk management

• NEBOSH IGC 2 PASSER (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and health: Controlling workplace hazards) YEAR 2015

• NEBOSH international general certificate in occupational health and safety

• NEBOSH national General Certificate in Occupational Health and safety

• OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) TRAINED (2015)

• IOSH Managing safely TRAINED (2015)

• Taking NEBOSH IGC 3 (at present)

• Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (2016)

• Immediate Life Support (2018) Doha, Qatar

• Prometrics Passer for Nurse in Qatar

• IVT training and Certificate on Parenteral Medication Administration LICENSES

• Certified safety officer IGC 1: license number igc1/ 00288916/713474 SQA: UE48 04


• Certified Safety officer IGC2: License number IGC2/00288916/714730 SQA: UE46 04 (2015-PRESENT

• Philippine Registered Nurse: license Number: 0898754 Vlid Until 2021

• Philippine Nursing Association Member

• QCHP – Qatar Registered Nurse – Nurse Trainee N22740 (for change scope renewal this June 06 2020)

• With Data Flow and complete CPD units up to date.

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