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Piping Plant

Burnaby, BC, Canada
May 17, 2020

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Delta, BC

Red Seal Journeyman Steamfitter/Pipefitter

Apprentice Refrigeration Mechanic

-OSSA Aerial Work Platform, over 80’ -Alberta Class 5 Driver’s Licence

-H2S Alive -High Density Polyethylene Fusion

-First Aid -CSTS/PST

-OSSA Confined Space Rescue -OSSA Fall Protection

-WHMIS/TDG -OSSA Regional Orientation

Employment History

Steamfitter / Pipefitter - Gisborne Industrial - G3 Terminal - North Vancouver, BC

Dec 2019 - Feb 2020

- Installation of new boiler and piping system in grain dryer.

- Hydro test and reinstatement.

Refrigeration Mechanic – Cimco Refrigeration Inc.

Various Projects - Vancouver, BC Jan 2019 – Dec 2019

- Field measuring spools for fit up.

- Building and installing spools.

- Keeping multiple welders busy.

- Installation of exchangers, compressors and vessels on ammonia, freon and glycol systems.

- Pressure test system and reinstatement.

- Disassemble and reassemble compressors and ammonia systems.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter – Lead Hand – Custom Manufactured Systems Inc.

lSteamfitter/Pipefitter Lead Hand – Chilliwack, BC Mar 2019 – May 2019

- Directed crew of welders, apprentices and labourers in completion of CO2 system from fermentation and processing down to packaging.

- Field measured piping from CO2 liquid tanks to evaporators, condenser, reboiler, and compressors.

- Finished fabrication and installation of blow off lines.

- Nitrogen pressure test of system and reinstated lines.

- Commissioning of CO2 system with Pentair engineers.

- Completion of final discrepancy lists.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter – Forman – Ram Mechanical Ltd June 2018 – Oct 2018

lCedar Grove and Roberts Creek Elementary School Boiler Retrofit and Expansion

- Demolition of old boilers and piping system.

- Installed new reverse return piping system under school.

- Connected piping to unit ventilators, convectors, primary coils and reheat coils.

- Ran new supply and returns in ceiling from boiler room to upstairs gymnasium.

- Installation of eight high efficiency boilers.

- Installed new pumps, compression tanks, hydro separators and pot feeders in both schools.

- Installed and tied in new gas lines for all boilers.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter – Quinn Contracting Ltd

lNova Chemicals E3 Shutdown May 2018 – June 2018

- Install isolation blinds and removed manways for knockout drums and depropanizer tower.

- Removed and replaced trays from depropanizer tower.

- Helped inspectors inside tank with cleaning of clogged nozzles.

- Helped with demister pads inside knockout drums.

- Installation of manways, de-blinding, removal of isolations.

- Other various tasks, changing valves, small spools etc.

Mechanic/Steamfitter/Pipefitter/Plumber – Lead Hand Feb 2018 – May 2018

lCape Pine Projects - Minke 50 foot Aluminum Sailboat

- Installed new site glass for fuel tanks

- Removed oil cooler and rebuilt.

- Changed oil and flushed out old coolant.

- Replaced oil, fuel and air filters.

- Disassembled and reassembled hydraulic system for inspection.

- Flushed out hydraulic system after finding milky white hydraulic oil.

- Took hydraulic pump and motor for a rebuild at manufacturer.

- Installed a proper humidity filter for hydraulic reservoir.

- Rebuilt hydraulic anchor winch.

- Rerouted fuel air vents and repaired fuel tank leaks.

- Replaced leaking fittings on engine.

- Repaired plumbing for toilets and sinks.

- Installed new raw water line and new toilet.

- Sea Trial

lPlumber – 55 foot Taima Pleasure Yacht

- Rerouted toilet lines and vacuum accumulators.

- Rerouted and repaired water lines and drains.

- Installed new showers, toilets and sinks in 6 bathrooms.

- Installed new hot water tanks for hot tub and domestic use.

- Did repairs on air conditioning system.

lMechanic/Steamfitter/Pipefitter – 38 foot Fountain Express Cruiser

- Assisted in removal of three engines, generator and replaced with new.

- Removed gear boxs and painted for reinstall.

- Rerouted coolant lines and replaced with new stainless fittings.

- Replaced all brass fittings on boat with stainless fittings.

- Rerouted air conditioning lines and generator coolant lines.

- Changed out through hulls and replaced valves.

- Removed and installed hydraulic pumps, motors and valves for rebuild.

- Cleaning and painting of engine compartment.

Mechanic – Seaspan Shipyard

lVancouver Drydock, The Asprey Ferry Turnaround February 2018

- Removal, rebuild and reinstall rudder and equipment.

- Removal and install of all through hull valves

- Removal and installation of all fans and small motors.

- Rebuilding motors and valves.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter – Lead Hand – SCI North/Aecom Industrial

lImperial Oil, Kearl Lake OPP 1 Sept 2017 – Oct 2017

- Installation of isolation equipment for pump box in SPP.

- Demo and replace 24 inch primary recycle line, from pump to top of pump box.

- Demo and replace 24 inch hydro transport line.

- Use of over head crane to move spools in and out.

- De-blinding, removal of isolations.

- Other various tasks, changing valves, small spools etc.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Clearstream Energy Services

lEnbridge/Spectra Energy, Dawson Creek 2017 Shutdown September 2017

- Isolation of scrubber, economizer, accumulator, lube oil separator and knock out drum.

- Vessel entry to buff welds for inspection.

- De-blinding vessels and removal of isolations.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - JFSL/Jacobs Field Services Ltd

lAgrium Vanscoy Potash Operations – Vanscoy, SK June 2017 – July 2017

- Removal of FRP tank and related piping.

- Install new XLR underflow pump box.

- Tie in pumps and do pump strain piping.

- Install stainless steel piping into tank.

- Reroute piping from crystalizer to analizer.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Clearstream Energy Services

lRepsol Energy, Edson Gas Plant Shutdown May 2017 – June 2017

- Blinding/deblinding of vessels and related piping.

- Removal and installation of demister pads in all necessary vessels.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Bonnyville Welding Ltd.

lCenovus Energy – Christina Lake March 2017 – May 2017

- SAGD well pad construction.

- Install seperator vessel, related piping and steel.

- Tie in pump skid, and module inconnect piping.

- Assist in installing chick stand piping into well heads with AWP.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Profab Energy Services

lHowe Sound Pulp & Paper Jan. 2017 – March 2017

- Fabrication of 2 inch steam purge lines.

- Running welders, drawing as builds, weld mapping, heat numbers etc.

- Install piping, supports and equipment.

- Hydro test system and reinstatement.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Clearstream Energy Services

lWest Fraser, Hinton Pulp Mill December 2016

- Blind/deblinding of causticizer vessel.

- Removal and replacement of 14 inch valves.

- Removal and replacement of various PSVs.

lCenovus Energy, Christina Lake Shut down Sept 2016 – Nov 2016

- PSV Install/removal with SABA/SCBA.

- Blinding/deblinding of treater, and IGF vessels.

- Installation of Gama Jets for chemical rinse.

- Buff welds inside vessels for inspection.

- Bolt up/final torquing of blinds.

lCenovus Energy, Pelican Lake Shut down September 2016

- Removal/Installation of replacement piping.

- Torquing/Bolt up

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Nason Contracting Group

lSuncor, Fort Hills: River Water Intake, Raw Water Pump House

- Hydro test system and reinstatement. May 2016 – August 2016

- Working on final punch items.

- Commissioning.

- Demobilization.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Winfield Industrial Construction

lHinton Pulp Mill June 2015 – November 2015

- Lead Hand, Lignin Plant Commissioning.

- Install and layout new pumps, cooling and piping systems.

- General plant maintenance, changing out old equipment.

- Draw layouts, read and interpret prints and isometric drawings.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Willbros Tanks and Facilities

lSurmont 2: Expansion Project Sept 2014 – Feb 2015

- Working on punch list/score card packages.

- Finding and fixing any discrepancies found in mechanical system.

- Hydro test system and reinstatement.

lEdmonton Railway Transfer Station

- Cut, fit up and weld out 14 inch expansion loops to isometric drawings.

- Install expansion loops in upper pipe rack with crane.

- Bolt up, working on installation of loading arms and piping systems.

- Hydro test system, and reinstatement.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Artisan Energy Solutions

lVarious CNRL sites - Grande Prairie, AB May 2014 – Sept 2014

- Picker truck operator, Palfinger knuckle boom.

- General construction and maintenance of small plant sites and compressor stations.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Bristow Projects Inc.

lTri Oil Resources - Fox Creek, Alberta Nov 2014 – May 2014

- Construction of small separator station, with holding tanks.

- Hydro test system, and reinstatement.

- Other various small pipeline construction projects.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Clearstream Energy Services

lHusky Energy, Heavy Oil Upgrader – Lloydminster, SK Aug 2013 – Nov 2013

- 2013 Shut down/Turn around prep.

- Replacement of 12 inch XV control valves.

- Various tasks running AWP for install of new tank and piping system.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Terra Firma Resources Inc.

lTAQA North Ltd – Eckville, AB Jan 2013 – June 2013

- Worked as a helper, running picker truck.

- Various sites, doing maintenance, and new construction projects.

- Use of theodolite and transit in relation to field measuring for piping and supports.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - DCM Integrated Solutions Inc.

lMosaic Potash Mine, Tailings Line Expansion – Colonsay, SK July 2012 – Nov 2012

- Direct piping crew in installation of tailings line.

- Install pumps and related piping in pump house.

- Install basalt lined piping and pipe rack from plant to external pump house.

- Install and fused HDPE piping from pump house, to top of tailings pile. (6km in total)

- Hydro test system, and reinstatement.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Quinn Contracting Ltd.

lNevis Gas Plant – Stettler, AB Apr 2012 – June 2012

- 2012 Shut down/turn around prep.

- Isolation of vessels, and holding tanks, in preparation for confined space entry.

- Install temporary water and steam distribution piping to flush and clean systems.

- Enter into vessels to do buffing and cleaning for tank inspection.

- Hydro test system, and reinstatement.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Worley Parsons Cord Ltd.

lBlackfalds Mod Yard – Blackfalds, AB July 2011 – Apr 2012 - Installation crew, strong knowledge of rigging, hoisting, directing cranes and equipment.

- Lay out drawings of piping systems, supports, and related equipment, following prints.

- Install and repair valves, pumps, meters, and related piping and equipment.

Steamfitter/Pipefitter - Gisborne Industrial Construction Inc.

lCopper Mountain Mine Project – Princeton, BC Feb 2011 – June 2011

- Instrument air installation crew.

- Field measure threaded piping, headers and supports.

- Use of threading machine and related equipment.

- Use of roll groove/cut groove machine to install sprinkler systems.

References available upon request.

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