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Scrum Manager

Greenbelt, MD
May 17, 2020

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•Certified Professional Scrum Master with an in depth knowledge and experience in software development lifecycle (SDLC) within multiple domains of Finance (loans, Securities, Credit), properties and HealthCare.

•Experience working with Agile Methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. Knowledge of SAFe and XP.

•Great Coach, Facilitator and Communicator with over six years of experience in Business Analysis and Management.

•Strong ability to Lead and Mentor Teams in an Agile environment and coordinate Release Processes, enabling organizations to build High-Value Products quickly and effectively

•Coordinate Story Writing Sessions with the Product Owners and Development Teams with an aim of decomposing the Epic into User stories that can fit in a Sprint. Make sure that the User Stories meet the Definition of Done (DoD) and Definition of Ready (DoR)

•Work with Product Owners and Development Teams in Estimating User Stories and writing the Acceptance Criteria for the developed user stories, Manage Product Backlog Items PBIs, track Defects, Impediments, Dependencies and Risk, Monitor Burn down Charts and Velocity Charts

• Knowledge and experience working with Teams that implement Agile Testing Techniques as; Automated Testing, Unit Testing, Regression Testing, TDD, ATDD, Continuous Integration, Pairing etc.


Scrum Master / Fannie Mae Virginia

September 2019-March 2020

•Responsible for two Cross-functional Distributed Agile Scrum teams

•Coach the Teams to effectively adopt and implement Agile/Scrum Principles and Practices to delight customers in a manner sustainable to them

•Work with Product Owner in gathering Business Requirements from the Customer

•Coordinate the Scrum Ceremonies; Backlog grooming/Sprint planning/Daily Stand Ups/Sprint Review/Sprint Retrospective meetings.

•Guide Scrum Teams in estimating User Stories using the planning poker technique to enable them avoid over/under estimation and complete task committed to in a sprint

•Support Product Owner and the Development Team in grooming the stories (backlog refinement), Sprint Planning (writing User stories, Prioritize the stories, making sure that the stories follow INVEST/SMART criteria, estimating the stories, writing the Acceptance Criteria)

•Shield Team members from external interruptions and distractions so that the can focus on their sprint goals in order to maximize productivity

•Track impediments, dependencies and escalate risk that cannot be resolved by the Teams to the Scrum of Scrum meetings for resolution

•Motivate and coached the Teams to be self-organized and commit to work without coercion or assigning and dictating task to them. They commit to what they can accomplish and meet their sprint Gold

•Provide consistent, concise, relevant, reliable and timely information to all appropriate internal and external audiences/stakeholders to enable effective business decisions

• Facilitate discussions, decision making, mediate conflicts and maintained transparency within the teams through metrics, thereby improving team dynamics

•Monitor the progress of the team and radiated the information through Burn Down and velocity Charts to Product Owner, Stakeholders and Senior Management

•Encourage and facilitate Internal and External Communication in other to enable radiating of business information

•Coordinate Sprints Release with Program manager, Product Owner and invite the participation of all relevant key stakeholders in the whole process

•Experience with Agile Tools such as JIRA Tool and Confluence

Scrum Master/Program Manager

Wells Fargo Bank Maryland

March 2017-August 2019

•Coached two Cross Functional Teams and followed up with the implementation of Agile Principles and Practices (Agile Ceremonies).

•Worked with the Agile coach, to facilitate the transition of these two teams from (Traditional) Waterfall to Agile Development methodology

• Coached the teams on the implementation of Scrum and Kanban

•Worked with the Product Owner to properly groom and maintain the Product Backlog and aided in determining suitable commitment of the backlog items in sprints

• Assess the Scrum maturity of the team and the Organization and coached the teams to higher levels of maturity, at a pace that is sustainable, efficient and comfortable for the teams and organization

•Ensured that milestones are reached, and deadlines are met throughout the project lifecycle

• Work with product owners to prioritize and validate User Stories.

•Conducted Scrum events; sprint planning, daily stand up, sprint review and sprint retrospective meetings

• Coordinated and participated in Weekly Refinement Meetings for story selection, definition of task and estimation of story (Story Pointing) for backlog items.

•Assisted in determining the team capacity (velocity) from historical data, created Work Break down Structure (User Stories) and corresponding activities

•Identified and mitigated team risk, dependencies and impediments (Backlog issues, Critical defects) on daily bases

•Shielded Teams from interruptions that may impact delivery of the product while monitoring the Dev Teams application of the following techniques in developing and testing of the product increment; TDD, BDD, ATDD, Continuous integration, Continuous testing, Pairing, Automated testing technics

• Documented Team progress and communicated to upper management and stakeholders.

SCRUM MASTER, Holy Cross Maryland

November 2014-December 2016

•Duties similar as above

Facility Manager, Compass INC Maryland

January 2009- September 2014

Recruiting and Staffing

•Interviewed pre-selected candidates

•Supervised an average of fifteen staffs and ensured that they completed all the duties assigned to them properly and in a timely manner as stated on their job description

•Ensured that all staffs complied with the company policy

•Updated and followed up with staffs to ensure that they completed all mandatory trainings

•Orientated and assigned staff to cover all shift and ensured that no shift was left vacant

•Scheduled, held meetings and resolved disputes amongst staffs

•Performed quarterly and annual performance appraisals for all the staffs and submitted the results to the head office

•Maintained petty cash fund giving full accountability of how the funds were expended

•Handled and assisted the client we serve with managing their budgets; managing their bank accounts with full accountability and confidentiality

•Reconciled and balanced clients and facility accounts to ensure accuracy

•Prepared and submitted all monthly financial statement to the Financial Department for review before deadline

•Scheduled and followed up with all the client’s medical appointments

•Safeguarded all the clients medical record with absolute confidentiality in accordance with the HIPPA law

•Participated in the development of IP goals for the residents, followed up with the implementation of these goals and monitored for positive feed back

•Work with the individuals and their cycle of support, practiced Person-Center Thinking and advocated for them in order to make sure that all their goals are achieved


BUSINESS ANALYST May 2005 to March 2007

•Collect business requirements from customers

•Advise customers on account types and benefits

•Assist customers set up and manage their accounts

•Advise customers on loan and credit opportunities

•Approves loans

•Validate Cash Registers with Tellers at the beginning and ending of each shift

•Manage Accounts using Flextra


MBA (Master of Business Administration) 2010.Keller Graduate School of Management, Devry University VA

BSc (Bachelor of Science in Business administration and Economics) 2005 University of Buea- Cameroon West Africa

CSM (Certified Scrum Master) Scrum Alliance

Professional Public Speaker and Facilitator

Leadership Certificate Course-Word of Faith Bible Institute

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