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Graduating Student at UC Santa Cruz with BS in Computer Science

San Diego, CA
May 16, 2020

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Mason Nguyen

**** ******** ****, *** *****, CA 92127



Seeking an entry level position in the field of computer science where my strong programming, problem-solving and analytical skills will be utilized.


University of California, Santa Cruz

Major: Computer Science B.S. Expected Graduation June 2020 Jack Baskin School of Engineering

● Relevant Coursework: Algorithms and Abstract Data Types, Data Structures, Assembly Language Programming, Advanced C++ Programming, Computer Architecture, Functional Programming, Introduction to Software Engineering, Computational Models, Principles of Computer Systems Design, Web Applications, Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms Project Experiences


● Team project - Scrum master, led team in UI design and architecture design

● Developed a multiplatform mobile app that acts as a hub for student affairs and raises awareness for both well known and less well known resources that UC Santa Cruz provides.

● Utilized: React Native Framework, Expo Bundler, BeautifulSoup, Paramiko, Git, Bash Shell Scripting, Scrum methodology

● Languages used: Javascript

● Currently being considered by UC Santa Cruz Information Technology Services as a school-sponsored app

Reverse Polish Notation Calculator

● Team project - Led team in developing arithmetic method design and debugging

● Set up team code reviews to establish the most ideal approach in order to meet objective goals.

● Created a reverse-polish notation calculator which supports unlimited precision arithmetic.

● Utilized: Dynamic vector manipulation

● Language used: C++

Nano Interpreter

● Created an interpreter for a subset of Haskell in order to evaluate and apply function expressions.

● Utilized: Scoping, binding, environments and closures

● Language used: Haskell


● Implemented a prioritized based ready queue, priority donation between threads, user processes and system calls in the Pintos simple instructional operating system framework

● Utilized: Concurrency primitives, system calls

● Language used: C

High Level Programming Classes

Introduction to Software Engineering July 2019

● Studied the characteristics of well-engineered software systems. Covered the topics of requirements analysis and specification, design, programming, verification and validation, maintenance, and project management. Maintained an understanding of the steps used to effectively develop computer software. Computer Architecture March 2019

3.7, 3.8, 3.9

● Studied computer performance evaluation, basic combinatorial and sequential digital components, different instruction set architecture with a focus on the MIPS ISA and RISC paradigm. Covered the evolution of CPU microarchitecture from single-cycle to multi-cycle pipelines. Overview of memory system, cache, virtual memory and relationship between memory and performance. Advanced Programming January 2019

● Studied an introduction to object-oriented techniques of software development including data abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, and object-oriented design. Extensive practice using a computer to solve problems, including construction of graphical user interfaces and a multithreaded client/server application.

Principles of Computer Systems Design January 2020

● Studied the principles governing computer-systems design and complexity. Covered familiarity with memory, storage, and networking, concurrency, synchronization, layering, client-server and virtualized system models.


● Meticulous problem solving and ability to work well in groups

● Native language of English; Comprehension of Vietnamese; 6 years of French speaking, reading and writing

● Intermediate in HTML, CSS, Javascript

● Proficient in Python, Haskell, C++, Java, C, Assembly, and Microsoft Office Volunteer/Work Experience

● Helped raised money to buy foods/school supplies to bring to Corazon de Vida Orphanages in Baja, Mexico

● Tutored Pre-Calculus/Calculus for high school and college students

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