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Software Developer

Cleveland, OH
May 16, 2020

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Saurabh Pramod Dhole • 216-***-**** •

• Cleveland, OH 44114 •


I am actively looking for full time opportunity with a constant desire to learn, would like to work with passion and focus in a dynamic organization which challenge my skills and knowledge. With 4+ years of experience transpire an opportunity to contribute positively towards the goal and growth of the organization. EDUCATION


Master of science (MS) in Computer Science GPA: 3.80 TECHNICAL SKILLS

Programming - C#, C, C++, PL/SQL, Java, Swift, Objective C, Python Web Programming - HTML, JavaScript, XML, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, REST services, AJAX, PHP Tools & Frameworks - Visual Studio, Eclipse, XCode, PyCharm, Git, SVN, ASP.Net Database & Platforms - MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Windows, Linux WORK EXPERIENCE

CompSource Inc • Ohio Jan 2020 – May 2020

.Net Full Stack Developer – Worked on porting existing VBScript inhouse application to C# application and maintaining the website (Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, C#.Net, VBScript, REST API). Cleveland State University • Ohio Feb 2019 – May 2020 Full-Stack Developer -

• Developed an iOS application for Community Health Worker which will easy their work and keep track of records and will give appropriate education/guidance as per patient’s conditions (Swift, PHP, MySQL).

• Collaborated with company for commercialization of iHope application (.Net, MySQL).

• Designed, developed and hosted for the Sigma Theta Tau International, Region 10 Conference 2020 Bridging Nursing Leadership, Research & Practice. Integrated payment API (PHP) and

“” for CHW programs (.NET Core). Web Developer –

• Responsible for handling Backend, Frontend and REST APIs of a web service- "DrugHelp.Care - BETA"

• Designed, developed and hosted 2nd version of and led the team of five developer. Used React.js for frontend and Laravel for backend (MySQL, React).

• I lead cross-platform application built in React Native. ProtoTech Solutions Pvt Ltd • Pune, India Jan 2016 - June 2018 Senior Software Developer - Responsible for research and development of projects from scratch and implemented core/complex modules. Also, responsible for providing optimal solution to client and every day challenges and training new members.

I developed,

2D Drafting application - The lightweight library which provides AutoCAD OEM module with Eyeshot. Features like command line utility, drawing, Layer and editing features(VB .Net, Eyeshot). 3D Graphical User Interface - Provided WinForm based thread safe solution which provides better 3D view with more features like WinForm controller, custom animation, custom entity, selection filter, etc. Custom Insole Designer - Provided WinForm based solution to generate the insole for scanned human foot. Also provided trimming, solidify, alignment and Mesh deformation (mapped 2D curvature to 3D surface). Generated machine code of insole for CNC machine(C#.Net, Eyeshot).

Onshape Plugin- Developed WebForm application which uses the PTS PDF, OBJ, etc. libraries and export the model with password protection and Tessellation control (C# .Net, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript). 3D PDF Viewer for iOS - It is lightweight 3d pdf document viewer with powerful capabilities like 3D interaction features Pan, Zoom, Scale, etc. I redesigned the application user interface and provided support to new API's of BOX, Dropbox(Objective C).

FotAppen Scan – It is 3D device iOS Scan application which built on Structure Sensor SDK provided custom integration to existing application(Objective C).

Body Measuring Application - Provided Eyeshot based solution to automate alignment of human leg in Z+ direction and Patella in X+ direction. Also, automatic determination of patella point, knee point and ankle point(C#.Net, Eyehsot). CAD Generate and View - Research based project to figure out 10 years ahead product and technology. Investigated Eyeshot, Hoops Communicator, ACIS and Teigha technologies. Generated 3D model and annotations and stored all available formats. From 3D drawing created 2D drawing of model (Top, Front and ISO views). Generated hoops xml from BXF file to views and configure models (Eyeshot, Hoops, ACIS, Teigha, C# .Net, C++, JavaScript, HTML). JSON Library - Developed JSON library to export JSON format 4.5 on the top of PTS library. JSON library supports to visibility of nodes, face level color support, cumulative transformation and face level transparency (C#.Net). I led,

VOICE 360 - Voice 360 is an application which allows you to interact with Forge Viewer and BIM 360 model using voice. It provides voice recognition feature to execute Forge Viewer commands.With the help of microphone on your system, you can give commands instead of taking inputs from mouse and keyboard. This application seamlessly integrates with an existing system and can be extended with more commands as needed. Successfully submitted the application to BIM360 Autodesk Hackathon (C# .Net, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Forge, BIM 360, PHP). MoreMagic Solutions • Pune, India Sep 2015 - Dec 2015 Intern - Completed 3 months internship and worked on two projects with technologies involving Java, Spring and AngularJS.


• Object Detection and Recognition from Video Sequences-Extracting the Shape feature of the object. Java as Front-end- GUI Oracle intermedia Database as Back-end

• Program Generation Tool Using Flowchart - Simple Drawing tool developed in C with different options like drawing shapes, coloring, erasing etc.

• Vehicle Tracking System - Developed a Vehicle Tracking system for computerizing RTO side operations using Visual Basic for front-end GUI and Oracle 9g for database back-end.

• Placement Agency- Simple ERP System developed for student and TPO. ACHIEVEMENTS

• Received “Employee of Quarter Award” for excellent work in April-June 2017.

• The Paper "Comparison of Edge Detection Techniques" has awarded excellent Paper in International Conference of Institute of Research and Journals on 6th Oct. 13 in Pune.

• Oracle PL/SQL certification.

• Microsoft Tech. Associate certification

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