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Quality Engineer Manager

Princeton Junction, NJ
May 16, 2020

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I am having over 7 years (With nearly one year of USA working experience) of IT experience, specializing in Banking Domain, Quality Assurance, Manual testing, Mobile testing, Game testing, Test Automation, and process management throughout key phases of STLC.

Lead a team of 5 team members.

Expertise in wealth management and investment banking.

Expertise in testing GSM/GPRS/3G/CDMA WAP mobile applications and games on various platforms e.g. J2ME, BREW, SYMBIAN, IOS( iPhone and ipad), Android, other handsets (e.g. Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, LG).

Extensive expertise includes industries such as, Retail-Supply Chain Management (Point of Sale) for Pharmaceuticals vertical and Wireless domain.

Professional background includes Software Testing/QA development in various capacities on Linux/Windows platforms in Web Based, Client/Server, Java/J2EE applications in different environments and multiple Browsers using automation tool as Selenium suite of products.

Experience with selenium automation tool.

Performed browser compatibility testing and tested the iScale setup on different Operating system like Linux (Ubuntu), Windows XP/2000/7/Vista/Mac

Successfully performed testing in Client/Server and Web environments throughout informal and formal stages of the projects.

Strong, practical understanding of databases schemas and experienced in writing and execution of SQL queries.

Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to work as a part of an integrated team as well as independently.

Recognized as a STAR PERFORMER in Impetus InfoTech private ltd.


I have worked as IT Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai from Aug-2013 to MAY-2015.

I have worked as a QA Analyst with JWT (James Walter Thompson Company), New York from FEB-2012 to Nov-2012. I have worked as a Quality Engineer in Impetus InfoTech India pvt ltd Indore, India from May-2007 to Apr-2011.And as a software trainee at tridat technologies, Mumbai (India) from March-2007 to May-2007.



Windows XP/7/Vista/2000/NT/Linux, Ubuntu, Mac


HTML, XML, SQL Server, C, C++, Java, JUnit, Postgres SQL

Web browsers

Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer

Automation testing tools



Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai:-

Project Name: Wealth outlook

Duration: Aug-2013 to May-2015

Client: Bank of America-Merrill Lynch

Position: IT Analyst

Role: QA Team Lead

Description: Wealth outlook helps to provide advice and develop investment strategies that addresses specific areas of concern to clients. Wealth outlook is a holistic wealth management tool that goes beyond your client’s investment portfolios and enables you to address every aspect of their financial lives. The sophisticated modeling capabilities enables you to access the viability of strategies before you implement them.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Improve quality assurance to increase throughput, improve quality, and continuously improve our testing processes

Determine the schedule and sequence of testing activities using test driven development and shift-left initiative for all projects in the work program

Performs a broad variety of tasks in support of product and process design as assigned by the departmental manager

Responsible for the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of process effectiveness and efficiency at the site

Establish and drive tactical and strategic QA plans and initiatives and manage governance

Manage the work program for the QA & testing for data intensive critical applications

Investigate test and production failures, perform root cause analysis and create detailed bug report.

Developed test Cases based on user stories (Functional requirements) using Quality Center of various functionalities

Prepare test data to test the functionality.

Conducting calls with onshore team.

Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai:-

Project Name: Retirement planning Application

Highlight: Tested application on web and IOS devices

Duration: Aug-2013 to May-2015

Client: Bank of America-Merrill Lynch

Position: IT Analyst

Role: QA Team Lead

Description: Merrill lynch wealth management seeks to launch new distinct industry leading retirement outcome tool to assist both advisor and their client with the deaccumulation phase og a client retirement .The initiative is to seek to leverage the investment personality assessment and retirement financial assessment to create a heuristic model providing resources, guidelines across one’s retirement goal.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Providing status updates and reports to Manager for the assigned work

Work with peer discipline managers in Development, QA, and Product Management

Develop, create, modify, and execute test cases

Manage priorities when assigned to multiple teams. Additionally assist QA Engineers in priority management

Provide the QA Analyst responsible for automation with application functionality work flow

Direct management responsibilities for 2 to 3 QA engineers (recruiting, training, mentoring and managing performance)

Participate in manual Mobile Application testing for IOS.

Developed test Cases based on user stories (Functional requirements) using Quality Center of various functionalities .

Prepare test data to test the functionality.

Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai:-

Project Name: Goal Explorer on iPad

Highlight: Tested application for IOS

Duration: Aug-2013 to May-2015

Client: Bank of America-Merrill Lynch

Position: IT Analyst

Description: The Goal Explorer on ipad application is designed to facilitate detailed conversation about goals between client and advisor, capture client goal information considering client’s life priorities and desired timelines, store goal information in wealth outlook and publishing of a summary report to the prospect/Client.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Participated in testing the application on iPad with different ios version.

Developed test Cases based on user stories (Functional requirements) using Quality Center of various functionalities .

Performed sanity and regression testing in different environments .

Defect tracking, logging and verification.

Prepare test data to test the functionality

Conducting calls with onshore counter part/onshore team.

JWT (James Walter Thompson Company), New York: -

Project Name: Zyrtec-allergycast

Highlight: Tested application for IOS and Android devices, approved by apple and available at apple store.

Duration: July 2012 to Nov-2012

Client: Johnson & Johnson Corp

Position: QA Analyst

Description: The ALLERGYCAST™ app brings you the pollen and weather forecasts to help you plan your day and stay ahead of your allergies. Some of the features of the app are: -

- Plan ahead with the 4-day pollen forecast and weather report, all in one place.

- See which pollens are highest every day, and get tips to help you deal with them.

- Save favorite cities for quick forecasts, or use your GPS location anywhere.

- Turn on alerts to get a daily heads-up when your local pollen forecast is high.

- If you need indoor or outdoor allergy relief, learn about ZYRTEC® products.

- Find ZYRTEC® products near you quickly and easily with the product locator.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Participate in manual Mobile Application testing for IOS and Android devices

Developed test Cases based on user stories (Functional requirements) using Quality Center of various functionalities

Prepare test data to test the functionality

Actively involved in functional, uni, integration testing,smoke, sanity and regression testing

Detected Defects, communicated to the developers using Bug Reporting Tool and Tracking the Defects using JIRA

Extensively used JIRA for bug tracking and reporting.

Involved in complete QA Life Cycle.

Participated in walkthroughs and defect report meeting periodically.

Experience working under multi-project and multi-release environment

Actively participating in daily scrums to track the product development and defect backlog

Project Name: BAND-AID Magic Vision

Highlight: Tested application for apple, approved by apple and available at apple store. This app Won Mobile Gold Lion award at Cannes (

Duration: Apr-2012 to June 2012

Client: Johnson & Johnson Corp

Position: QA Analyst

Description: The Band-Aid Magic Vision is BAND AID brand adhesive BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandage featuring The Muppets and your iOS device (IPhone 4/s or IPAD2+) to make Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo come alive in stunning augmented reality (AR). EVERY BAND-AID® BRAND ADHESIVE BANDAGE FEATURING THE MUPPETS BECOMES A STAGE! Point the app at any of the 6 large BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive bandages or boxes featuring The Muppets to create a magical portal that puts The Muppets in the palm of your hand. Featuring three unique real world performances from your favorite Muppets, this AR app is designed to make Muppets fans of all ages forget about their boo-boos. So, parents hold your iOS device over your child’s bandage to see Disney’s® The Muppets come alive! BAND-AID® Magic Vision includes: Real world performances by Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Gonzo the Great

Photo capturing & a photo gallery.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Performed sanity, smoke and regression testing for the application on iPhone 4 and 4s,iPad 2 and 3 and reported critical issues/crashes for the application on iPhones and ipads.

Tested the application as per the Apple approval guidelines. And validated and run the test cases based on the requirement document.

Tested the application with (xCode) in order to analyze memory leaks.

Reviewed product requirement documents and involved in writing test cases for the application

Tracked bugs using JIRA and generated bug summary reports

Performed Validation testing on the application navigation for various scenarios and reported the errors.

Performed all phases of end-to-end testing which includes Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing, Functionality testing, Regression testing, GUI testing, boundary testing and negative testing of the web application.

Prepare and update the Test case document for testing of the application from all aspects according to the changes made.

User Interface testing was done to validate so that the navigation of the application properly reflects business functions and requirements, including screen-to-screen, image-to-image, field-to-field and use of access methods.

Project Name: Bloomberg Labyrinth-Only the agile survive

Duration: Feb-2012 to Apr-2012

Client: Bloomberg.

Position: QA Analyst

Description: The Ultimate Agility Challenge, an arcade-style game that dramatizes the product’s benefits within the context of an intense agility challenge.

In Labyrinth, investors and traders are challenged to complete a weekly time trial, encompassing 10 of the most fiendishly difficult Pac-Man-style mazes they’ve ever encountered.

Beating these 10 mazes in the shortest amount of time earns players a spot on the leaderboards, where they can compare their scores against others in their field (i.e. buy side, sell side: fixed income, sell side: equities). Players are ranked by the following criteria, in order of importance:

• Number of levels completed

• Amount of time taken

In-game ‘lifelines’: Trading Solutions products will translate into in-game benefits that give players enhanced SPEED, fewer obstacles via OPTIMIZATION, or hints that show players the best strategy to solve each puzzle via TRANSPARENCY.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Tested game and identified defects by paying close attention to quality, functionality, entertainment, visual appeal, environment and overall functionality.

Handled responsibilities of drafting detailed reports of errors and bugs of the complete phase of game

Responsible to perform sanity, smoke, regression testing for all the game levels.

Performed browser specific testing for the game on safari, chrome on Mac and IE7, 8,9,Mozilla Firefox on Windows XP, 7 and Vista.

Reviewed the docs from the Dev. team and reported the bugs in JIRA.

Organized bug review and task review to assign/ re-assign the tasks and their priorities meetings.

Tracked defects using JIRA and generated defect summary report and performed bug verification.

Actively participated in Scrum meetings, reviews and developed test scenarios.

Full life cycle experience including requirement analysis, test strategy, test cases design, testing, release new version of product and End-to-end testing.

Project Name: Symbicort Web Site

Duration: Feb-2012-to March-2012

Client: Johnson & Johnson Corp.

Position: QA Analyst

Description: The intend to create this website was to inform healthcare providers and prescribers of the increased risk of asthma-related death and serious outcomes associated with long-acting beta2-adrenergic agonists (LABAs) including SYMBICORT. And to inform healthcare providers and prescribers of the appropriate use of medicines containing long acting beta2-adrenergic agonists (LABAs), such as SYMBICORT.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Performed functional testing and automation testing using selenium web driver.

Prepared selenium test scripts

Bug logging and verification.

Project Name: Macy’s QR Campaign

Duration: Feb-2012-to-Feb-2012

Client: Macy’s

Position: QA Analyst

Description: Macy’s unveiled their Backstage Pass campaign which employs QR codes which took people to videos that gave them fashion tips, fashion advice and even the latest information from designers and respected authorities. Now clothes shoppers at Macy’s would be able to scan the QR code while shopping for Tommy Hilfiger shirt and then get more information from the designer himself about his latest line of clothes, his designs and how to be more fashionable. Macy’s assembled a veritable list of who’s who of their videos. This included a list of fashion designers like Michael kors, Greg Norman, Rachel Roy etc. And through text messaging to a specific number you can win some prices.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Responsible to perform functional testing on various handsets like blackberry, iPhone 4,iphone 4s,Android devices, bug verification and defect logging

Impetus Infotech Private Ltd:

Project Name: IScale-Point of Sale

Duration: April-09 to April-2011

Client: Impetus InfoTech India pvt ltd.

Position: Quality Engineer

Description: iScale (POS application) is a SaaS based fully integrated solution designed for Retailer and Stockiest that addresses all complex and dynamic needs of Pharma Retail business & Distribution business. It is supported by timely data and product updates with continuously evaluating and improving features based on changing needs. Iscale provides a seamless & integrated central CH services offering and database storage – secured & reliable data/software services with supply chain integration possibilities. Powerful, intuitive & fast search facilitation. Client Provisioning, sales-purchase management, customer relationship management, MIS reporting, Plan and Billing elements are the key features of the application.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Utilizing my analytical and problem-solving skills to help validate, verify, communicate, and resolve systems/software application as well as issues uncovered during informal and formal testing processes.

Identified areas of potential impact as well as associated risks in order to maximize the quality of final products and initiatives.

Creation and execution selenium automation scripts using JUnit.

Actively ensuring that testing activities will allow applications to meet business requirements and systems goals, fulfilling end-user requirements, and working closely with members of project team on identification and resolution of systems issues and uncovered defects.

Conduct informal and formal, manual and automated, data and functionality driven integration, regression, UI & UA testing as well as identify defects in products and documentation.

Performed communication and produced reports for testing efforts, results, activities, data, status and tracking.

Creation and execution of SQL queries to validate the database and test its integration with the front end.

Participate project related meetings and provide information required for the meetings as far as the QA and testing status is concerned.

Performed browser compatibility testing and tested the iScale setup on different Operating system like Linux (Ubuntu), Windows XP/2000/7/Vista

Involved in setting up the build environment, build installation on both windows and Linux operating system and testing the client server syncing using symmetric DS tool (used for data replication).

Kept track of the customer bugs, deciding their priority and then assigned them to the different developers.

Performed Smoke testing the application Pre & Post deployment of the application on QA and Production servers.

Project Name: NeuStar Messenger

Duration: May-2007 to Apr-2009

Platform: J2ME (LG, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola Handsets)

Client: NeuStar Israel, USA.

Position: Quality Engineer

Description: The client is a pioneer in the Instant Messaging and Presence Services domain. Its next generation messaging suite consists of a set of core services. These services enable the service providers to deliver the next generation messaging and services to their customers to create highly interactive communities. The client provides interoperability services to a rapidly evolving market, interconnecting operator Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) networks worldwide, for a fast growing customer base of the varied operators.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Analyze Functional Requirement and Business Requirement Documents to get a better understanding of the system on both functional and business perspectives

Involved in Gap Analysis Testing, Sanity/Smoke testing, Integration testing, Porting testing, Localization Testing (Repository Testing), Branding testing, Regression testing and Pre-Certification testing

Analyze the user requirements by interacting with system architect, developers, Business Analyst.

Post and close Bugs for each phase into Defect tracking system and participated in Walk through and Defect report meetings periodically with client.

Generated detailed test status reports.

System testing and Sanity testing for the daily builds and the point builds for almost all models of phones and regression testing and Random testing on phone, resulting in finding out the major bugs that crashed the phones.

Involved in writing, reviewing and updating test plan and test cases Test Cases as per requirement for different releases.

Testing of the features like chat conversations, Send Receive Picture messages, MMS, sending sms from the chat, calling from the conversation and all the other functionalities which a PC version of the respective messenger have like Blocking/Unblocking a contact, Adding, deleting a contact, Display of the groups, camera functionality on the mobile devices etc.

Performed Pre-certification testing for NSTL, Wipro and compatibility testing on Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG mobile handsets to ensure that functionality works fine.

Involved in the user acceptance testing to make sure that the application should work according to the client requirements and played an active participant role in testing of the sync related applications to identify more defects.

Involved in the creation of checklist for the various phases.

Project Name: Edutainment Game (Read, Write, Quiz)

Client: TATA

Platform: J2ME

Duration: Jan-09 to Feb-09

Position: Quality Engineer

Description: This is m-learning concept based game that is designed as a complete pre-school preparation course for kids, to help them learn Alphabets by their Mobile. It’s an attractive combination of voice effect, animation & graphic that will persuade kids to be entertained as well as learn the alphabets through this application. This application consists of three parts Read, Write and Quiz.

Role and Responsibilities:

Test pre-release mobile games to verify functionality, data content, performance, usability, playability and compatibility

Describe game discrepancies in an orderly and concise method

Understand requirements, write test cases and execute various test scenarios.

Involved in various phases of testing and some of them are Regression Testing, performance testing, retesting, adhoc testing.

Project Name: iSpy

Client: Impetus InfoTech India pvt ltd

Platform: Symbian

Duration: Jan-09 to Feb-09

Position: Quality Engineer

Description: iSpy is mobile software. Once installed on a device (we call target device), it lets you retrieve various details of the target device including the device information, call log information, contact book information, device network location information including Network Registration Status, Operator Name Country code etc. or the SMS details.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Creating detailed test cases/scenarios, executing and completing test plans

Constructing test sets based on the functional requirements

Involved in testing a mobile application right from designing test cases into production.

Execute tests, evaluate results and report problems in a timely manner, and assist in problem resolution

Involved in Smoke Testing, Functional Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing.

Project Name: Call Manager

Client: Impetus InfoTech India pvt ltd

Platform: Symbian

Duration:Feb-09 to Mar-09

Position: Quality Engineer

Description: The Advanced Call Manager provides the user with facility of Filtering and scheduling of Communication Events. The Filter helps the user to ignore unwanted Calls, SMS, MMS and Emails without any user intervention. The Scheduler enables a user to schedule SMSs and Calls to be done by his mobile at a predefined time

Roles and Responsibilities:

Involved in Test Case Reviews and updation.

Involved in Smoke Testing, Functional Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing.

Defect logging, tracking and verification.

Project: E-learning

Client: Tata Interactive System

Duration: Mar-2007-May 2007

Position: Software Trainee.

Description: This project is based on a structured online discussion of some of the world most influential business books. Once a month students are sent a new book, which forms the basis of an online case study or assignment. These cases are then reviewed in a structured, online forum allowing students to apply lessons learnt to their own circumstances, reinforcing their knowledge and sharing with their contemporaries.

Roles and responsibilities:

Defect logging, tracking and verification.

Responsible to create flash and wave files.

Responsible to design E-learning info based HTML pages/Lessons and Bug fixing.


Degree: B.E.(Computer Science) with Hons.

University: RGPV

Year of passing: 2006

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