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Software Engineer, Python, Java, C

Philadelphia, PA
May 16, 2020

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ADITYA CHAUDHARI 609-***-**** LinkedIn


Drexel University College of Computing and Informatics Philadelphia, PA

Master of Science in Computer Science Expected Jun 2021 Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology Navi Mumbai,


Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science May 2019 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Software Developer, Trivia Software – Thane, Maharashtra, India January 2019 & June 2018

● Designed a Student Management System using Python and Oracle

● Developed a GUI for the Student Management System using Tkinter

● Exercised handling of database operation using cx_Oracle for Oracle Database CRUD Operations ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Book Review and Rating System, Drexel University March 2020

● Developed a dynamic and user interactive website for collecting user reviews and ratings for different books

● Designed an interactive User Interface using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

● Built different models using python ORM library SQLAlchemy

● Implemented the BeautifulSoup Python Library to extract desired data from a given URL in an automated way

● Handled the backend of the application using the flask framework and used Postgres Database for storing data and validated the data by using requests package in python to use the ‘get’ and ‘post’ methods and writing SQL queries Speaker Recognition system using GMM, Drexel University March 2020

● Designed and developed a speaker recognition system for customer verification

● Improved the accuracy of speaker detection to 85-90% by performing additional preprocessing for extracting the MFCC features

● Performed Delta MFCC feature extraction in addition to MFCC feature extraction from scratch in python using NumPy

● Conducted experiments by using TIMIT Acoustic-Phonetic Continuous Speech Corpus dataset and creating our own dataset by crowdsourcing voice samples to check the superiority of proposed hybrid algorithm over existing technology Brain Tumor Detection June 2019

● Designed and developed a Brain tumor detection system from patients MRI scans

● Performed data preprocessing on the MRI scan images by median filtering

● Detected Images containing Tumor by using Convolution neural network (CNN) with 82-85% accuracy

● Classified the tumor into 2 types as Benign and Malignant by using Support vector Machine (SVM) using 3 features with 65-69% accuracy

● Conducted this experiment using Brain MRI Images for Brain Tumor Detection dataset from kaggle Preserving Privacy of Data over Cloud, Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology August 2018 – January 2019

● Developed Application for protecting the identity of data owner and the data from a third-party auditor and to securely transport the data link to the destination by using ring signatures without getting attacked by an unauthorized entity

● Co-ordinated working on GitHub with my three team members

● Implemented languages and tools such as Java, JSP (Java Server Pages), Java Servlet, SQL Server, Apache Tomcat 5.5(Web Server) Fee Report Management System, Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology July 2018

● Developed software for checking the paid and due fees of students

● Performed Insertion, Deletion, Viewing, Updating operations on the Student Database

● Implemented languages and tools such as Java, NetBeans, Sql Server studio COMPUTER SKILLS

Technologies and Tools: Languages - Java, Python, C Databases - MySQL, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server Studio, SQLite, DBeaver, Firebase Web Technologies- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, Angular 2, XAMPP Source Control Systems- Git, Github, Microsoft Azure, AWS CodeCommit Data warehouse and Data Mining tools - Weka, Jupyter Notebook IDE- Netbeans, Android Studio, Eclipse Big Data- Hadoop, Hadoop Map Reduce, Hadoop YARN, Spark, Hive Networking- ZigBee, Z-Wave, Thread Automations- Jenkins, JUnit, Concourse MS Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Machine Learning Algorithms


Microsoft certified MTA: Security Fundamentals 2017 AFFILIATIONS

IEEE & Drexel IEEE 2019 – Present

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