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Data Project

Apex, NC
May 15, 2020

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Executive Summary

* ***** *** ** ****** of total IT experience with

o6 years of experience in SAP HANA

o4+ years of experience in SAP BO – SAP Lumira, Web Intelligence, Analysis for Office, Design Studio

o7+ years of experience in Oracle, PLSQL

o2+ years of experience in Alteryx and Tableau

Client facing experience - United Kingdom

Key Capabilities:

Technical Skills:


oGood understanding of HANA architecture, SAP in-memory computing, column store, row store tables, engines

oExpert HANA Modeller :

Attribute, Analytical, Calculation views, Scripted calculation views and CE functions.

Input parameters, variables, hierarchies, currency conversion, calculated column, restricted column, counter, generate time data

Expert in performance optimization of HANA views

oData provisioning: Hands on experience in

Smart data access(SDA – create remote source, virtual tables)

Smart data integration(SDI – Replication task, flowgraphs - Data Sink, Template Table, Filter, Sort, Pivot table, etc)

SLT(Configure, Monitor)

oExpert in creating procedures, triggers, functions, tables, views, sequences and synonymns.

oExpert in transport management – change management and delivery units

oHands on experience in history table(time- travel), analytical privileges

oWorked on XSJS jobs, Job Scheduling, XSODATA services, text analysis and text mining options in HANA

oHave experience in Users and Roles

SAP Lumira - 1.27/1.28/1.29/2.0

oExpert in creating visualizations, story boards with source as HANA/Universe/BEX Query/Oracle/Excel

oExperience in hierarchies, Predicitive analysis, Merge and link multiple datasets

oCreated calculated measures, dimensions and visualizations using Bar, Pie, Line, Heat map, Geographical charts

oPublished reports to Lumira server for teams and Lumira BI server

Analysis for Office - 2.2: Created excel reports on HANA cubes

SAP BO – 4.1:

oWorked in creating Universes – connected to datasouce and created Joins, Pompts, List of Values, Aggregates, Calculated columns and Derived table

oCreated Webi Reports(Breaks, cross tabs, ranking, drill down, conditional formatting, various charts, prompts, etc) on data form SAP HANA/Bex Query/Universe

oCMC - Worked in promotion management, connections, user management, Scheduling.

SAP Design Studio – 1.6:

oHands on experience in creating design studio dashboard on top of SAP HANA

oWorked in linking, dynamic navigation, prompt handling, creating CSS

Oracle PL/SQL – 11g/10g/9i/8i

oExperience with Data flow diagrams, Data dictionary, Database normalization theory techniques, Entity relation modeling and design techniques

oCreated Tables, Views, Constraints, Index, Partitions

oDeveloped Complex database objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers, Dynamic SQL, Cursor using SQL and PL/SQL

oLoaded Data into Oracle Tables using SQL Loader

oEffectively made use of Table Functions, Analytical functions, Materialized Views

oStrong experience in Data warehouse concepts, ETL

oGood knowledge on logical and physical Data Modeling using normalizing Techniques

oExperience in SQL performance tuning using Cost-Based Optimization (CBO), Explain Plan

Alteryx – Alteryx 11.0 & 11.3

oExperience in creating workflows to extract, load and transfer data from source to destination

oExperince in creating macros

oWrite Complex SQL queries on multiple tables using complex joins

Tableau –Tableau Desktop 8.2, Tableau Desktop 9.3, Tableau server

oExperience in creating analytical reports with data from data sources

oCreating Workbooks by Importing data, Defining Relationships

oCreated List, Cross Tab Reports with Quick Filters, Summarized Filters, Bar Charts, Columns Charts, water fall charts, Heat Maps, And Geographical Maps

oCreated Derived Columns, Prompts.

oConnecting multiple data source with Data Blending technique

Service management tools – SM7,JIRA and HPQC, SOLMAN

SDLC Process – Waterfall, Agile

Domain Knowledge Skills:

Retail and consumer goods, Manufacturing and Logistics, Healthcare, Energy&Utilities(ISU) domain

Management Skills:

Roles: Team Lead, Onsite Co-ordinator, Proxy PM, BCP co-ordinator

Handled Audit, Delivery Management,Project risk analysis, Resourcing, Team management and Project allocations, Technology training & training material

RFP – Solutioning, Estimation, Create Project Plan, SoW, Resource Loading, Pricing, Cost Profitability

Interpersonal Skills:

Good Communication skills, Team Building, Team Work, Analytical &Problem Solving skill

Professional Experience






Oct ‘17

Jun ‘19

Application Development Team Lead

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Apr ‘15

Oct ‘17

Associate - Projects

Opsveda Asia Private Limited

Aug ‘13

Mar ‘15

Member of Technical Staff

HCL Technologies

Jul ‘10

May ‘12

Software Engineer




Passed Out


Computer Science Engineering


Awards and Accolades:

HCL - R&R award

Opsveda Asia Private Limited - Best performer award of the quarter (Jan 2014- Mar 2014) and Best performer of the quarter (Jun 2014- Aug 2014).

CTS - Duct Tape Award and ABCD Award


Accenture, India Oct ’17 – Jun ‘19

Project #1:

Client : American tire and rubber manufacturing company

Project Role : Technical Lead

Duration : Apr ’2018 – Jun’ 2019

Technology : SAP HANA, BO, MS SQL SERVER, Alteryx, Tableau


The scope of the project is to provide a set of BI reports to highlight Pricing, Growth, Annual Performance, Inventory, Demand planning, Quality management.

Project Responsibilities:

Expert in Design/Create HANA data models based on requirements

Created Calculation views(Aggregation/Star join/Dimensional/ Scripted) with calculated/restricted columns, prompts and star join

Create Universe from multiple sources such as HANA/ MS SQL Server

Created BO Webi reports using HANA/ Universe as source

Created Analysis for office reports using HANA as source

Engaged in Unit testing, Bug fixes, code transport(HANA Views/Universe/BO Reports) from development to quality environment, engage in UAT and Deployment

Create change requests in Service Now and work with client and change management team for necessary approvals

Experience in HANA up gradation and migration project – Compatibility analysis, known issues and risks, solution for known issues, upgrade plan, backup plan

Experience in Alteryx workflows to load data from text/csv files into MS SQL server database

Worked in creating/modifying tableau reports using tables from MS SQL Server database and published the workbook onto tableau server

Project #2:

Client : British multinational consumer goods company

Project Role : Team Lead

Duration : Nov ’2017 – Mar ‘2018

Technology : SAP HANA, BO, BI


The scope of the project is to provide a set of BI reports to highlight sales, Inventory, demand planning, production management and Quality management.

Project Responsibilities:

Created RRD and worked in SOLMAN to implement the changes

Created Universe from BEX queries

Created Webi reports on Universe

Published and promoted webi reports between environments. Worked in User management, Folder access to User groups

HPQC – Created Test case, Performed SIT, Worked with Users in UAT

Created HANA Views and used them to create BI reports

Cognizant Technology Solutions, India Apr ’15 –Oct ‘17

Project #1:

Project Name : WRAM – Water Rate Adjustment Mechanism

Client : Leading American Public Utility Company

Project Role : Technical lead / Solutions Architect

Duration : Nov ’2016 – Oct’ 2017

Technology : SAP HANA, Analysis for Office, SAP Design Studio


The scope of WRAM project is to provide a set of regulatory reports to highlight the under or over-recovery of revenue with targets and provide ability to reconcile FI-CA and GL balances at account level.

Project Responsibilities:

Analyzed business requirements and created functional, technical design documents

Technical feasibility analysis of HANA model, prompts, design report layout, drill downs

Replicated data from ECC to HANA using SLT

Plan, co-ordinate and track timelines, allocate tasks and deliverables with team

Developed HANA views and performed unit testing and functional testing

Transported the views between systems and performed SIT

Create AFO reports and design studio dashboard on HANA information model

HANA Views performance analysis and improvement

Project #2:

Project Name : Retail Insights

Client : American manufacturer & marketer - skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care products

Project Role : Onsite Technical lead

Duration : Mar ’2016 – Oct ‘2016

Technology : SAP HANA, SAP BO 4.1 – Web Intelligence, IDT, SAP Lumira

SM Tool : HPQC


The scope of Retail insights reporting is to provide Ad-hoc reporting model for Trade/Retail reporting built on SAP HANA, SAP BW and SAP BO.

Project Responsibilities:

Attended requirement gathering workshop, presented Solutions, Technical Feasibility Analysis

Participated in Project Review meetings and governance calls, conduct status calls

Created SDI flow graphs and scheduled XSJS jobs to load data from source files using file adaptor

Created HANA calculation views for ad-hoc reporting

Created Universe using HANA data model as source

Transported views/ Universe/Reports between environments

Created web Intelligence reports and Lumira dashboards and published them onto BO Server

Worked in performance analysis and improvement of HANA Views/ Universe

Project #3:

Project Name : ERC – Elizabeth River Crossings

Client : American multinational conglomerate corporation

Project Role : Team Lead/ Proxy PM/ Technical Expert

Duration : Oct ’2015 – Mar ’2015

Technology : SAP Lumira, Oracle, SAP BO – Web Intelligence


The scope of ERC reporting is to provide Reports on the vehicles passes through the toll, revenue earned, smart card users and categorization of vehicles, Multi axle vehicle passing timings and peak traffic timings.

Project Responsibilities:

Team Lead/ Proxy PM/ BCP Coordinator/ Audit – Team Size of 8

Created materialized views in Oracle

Created Lumira dashboards using oracle materialized views as source

Published Lumira dashboards on Lumira Server and worked in transporting Lumira storyboard between environments

Provide estimates and story line for RFP

Proof of Concept:

Part of CTS Solutions and Innovations Team - April 2015 to August 2015

Smart Data Access: HANA to store hot data and SAP IQ to store warm data

Hadoop as Cold storage for HANA

Text analysis and text mining capabilities

Smart Data Integration: Real time Replication Tasks

Activity utility tool development for storing slowly changing dimensions

Opsveda Asia Private Limited, India Aug ’13 - Mar ‘15

Product Name : OPSVEDA

Duration : Aug ’13 – Mar ‘15

About Client : Manufacturing and Logistics, Retail & Consumer Goods, Healthcare

Product Role : HANA Developer

Technology : SAP HANA, PLSQL

SM Tool : JIRA


Real time analytics product built on SAP HANA. UI5 as the front end, SLT and ABAP extractors for data loading. Analytics on Orders created, shipped, exceptions in the order management, Supply chain, container prioritization, shipment and manufacturing.

Project Responsibilities:

Created procedures to cleanse and transform data from staging to main tables

Created column tables with Key constraints, Indexes and partitions

Created static procedures, dynamic procedures and functions to implement business logic

Created XSODATA to implement CRUD support on master data tables

Customize the product based on business requirements from various customers

Performance analysis and improvement of database objects

Created HANA views to implement business requirements

Worked in JIRA for defect management and change management

Closely work with SAP UI5 team to showcase data on UI5 dashboard

Worked on single sign on testing and disaster recovery testing for the clients

HCL Technologies, India Jul ’10 - May ‘12

Project Name : BOE- FRS (Financial Reporting Solution)

Duration : Jul ’10 – May ‘12

About Client : A British retail and commercial bank

Project Role : Development and Support

Technology : Oracle, PLSQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Perl Scripting

SM Tool : SM7


The scope of the project is to provide financial reporting solution to the customers. Reports such as ER (Effective Rate) and PL (Profit and Loss).

Project Responsibilities:

Run Scheduled data loads and fix problems related to loads.

Extract and analyses daily, monthly and Quarterly reports and share it with customer.

Incident management and resolution with the timelines.

Analyze the change request and develop the changes (Oracle procedures and PERL Script).

Interact with the Support teams for the data loads.

-Ramya -

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