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Safety Officer Customer Service

Phenix City, AL
May 14, 2020

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H: 334-***-**** C: 205-***-****

SUMMARY: Assisted with day to day Movement Control operations. The Movement Control Specialist, capable of performing all duties, not limited to the following movement control functions: Customer Service; Convoy Briefings; Staging Area Management; Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Documentation Certification; Movement Control Reports; RFID Management; Document Cargo; Passenger Services and Safety Briefings. Employee must be familiar with Logistics Movement Requests (LMR), Transportation Movement Requests (TMR), Transportation Control and Movement Document (TCMD), and regulation that pertain to Movement Control operations. Preferred employee has active Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) certified. Familiar with and possess the ability to utilize and have trained co-workers on the Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES), Global Distribution Management Systems (GDMS), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, Transportation Coordinators Automated Information for Movement Systems II (TC-AIMS II), and Global Decision Support Systems (GDSS). Familiarization with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and knowledge of the procedures and systems utilized to burn the RFID tags. Employee must be familiar with or possess the ability to utilize and train coworkers on the ICODES Global Services (GS): A Single Load-Planning Capability utilized to plan aircraft load. Supervised Movement Control Specialist cargo processing flight mission tracking, Data Records and Reports, and some Special Handling work related duties while station in Germany. Knowledge of the ITAR process and familiar with the written guidance and regulation is a plus. Some Movement Control Specialists positions support the Passenger Service functions at assigned Aerial Port of Debarkation (APOD) / Aerial Port of Embarkation (APOE) in the Passenger Terminal Support Operations. The Movement Control Specialist must be capable of performing, but not limited to the following Movement Control functions: Passenger Terminal support, baggage handling, and aircraft loading support. The Movement Control Specialist must be capable of working independent in lieu of specific instructions to accomplish mission and enforce the importance of safety at all times. Still have guidelines of SOP, documentation for containers,2890 multimodal dangerous goods declaration and 5748-R,DD FORM 1970,DDFORM 2282,2781

Principal Accountabilities US ARMY 04-1989 to 03-2011


Accountable for over $4,000,000 worth equipment and material

In military career. Working a s the Petroleum Supply Section for 3years.

Maintained all documents and petroleum, oil and lubricants. Also coordinated and managed

The pick up and turn in of ammunition for the battalion,, Additional duties as Safety office and

Hazard Material Inspector.

Supervised and drove as a line haul Convoy Commander

Secured personnel and was accountable for over $2,000,000

Supervised the download and upload of equipment an materials

Served as a member as the Emergency operation center

Staff duty records, key inventory, highlight significant events

Red cross and motor pool emergency, submit to appropriate Battalion

Report suicidal Definition, severe weather, Hurricanes, call force Protection when needed

Commander incident report/serious incident, maintain Daily book log. Review report with S-1

Provide a roll up sheet of past 24 hours, Criteria for 3SB CCIR/SIR, Deploy CCIR, Flowchart

Story Board, TACWEB for Commander Incident Report

Feb-2004-Jan-2007 Section Sergeant and Work Center Supervisor US ARMY

As Maintenance coordinator, I supervised and maintained Fifth teen M978and twenty Tankers, test of new Fuel systems to be distributed to the operational units

Performed duties as Quality Assurance Representative to include work center audits and safety compliance and aircraft / work center inspections

Trained Soldiers in proper heavy wheel maintenance procedures

Supervised the conduct of all required Phase Inspection of Petroleum Tanker Procedure

Ensured availability of all required materials and support equipment during numerous deployments throughout Iraq, Bosnia, Kuwait

Integrated and implemented new efficiency and safety systems

Managed Battalion Safety Program and ammunition distribution

Jan-2000-Feb-2004 US ARMY

Supervised the maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair on M9789 (Hemtts)

Managed the distribution of oil, lubricants and Petroleum for the Battalion

Managed and coordinated all documents that was recorded and turn in.

All battalion Inspection that came from General pass, i was commended

Supervised and prepared fifth teen s Soldier to deploy to Iraq four times.

Knowledge & Skill

Supervised the Following:

Hazard Transport Unit

DD Form 2890, dod multimodal dangerous Goods with copies

DD Form 5748-R packing list /w copies

DD Form 1970,signed DD Form 1911 Sensitive Items

DD Form 2282 Convention for safe Containers inspection sticker

DD Form 2781 Containers Packing Certificate

Possess or have the ability to attain a US passport is required before assignment.

Active DoD Secret Security Clearance is a condition of continued employment; possession of an active DoD Secret Clearance is desired.

Completed understanding of the Rules of Engagement (ROE) as established by the Chief of Mission and passed to DynCorp.

Obtain and maintain at a minimum, a combat lifesavers certification and the ability to provide immediate medical attention to personnel until relieved by a higher medical authority.

Four deployments to Iraq, knowledge of small living quarters.

Communicate, coordinate, and work with high ranking diplomats and persons of various countries.

Maintained personal hygiene and uniform in a neat professional appearance.

Experience & Education

Waite Vocational High School Toledo, OH

Hallmark Institute Technology San Antonio, Tx

Installation Staging Area, Marking and labeling and Documentation Station 5

Customs& AAR

Convoy Commander in Iraq during Operation Enduring Freedom

Seventeen years of high threat driving experience on a PSD.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment


Vehicle matches call forward UDL& correct ULN&LIN

Driver received a safety and orientation briefing

Vehicle dispatch properly using ULLS-G Number

Vehicle has DD 5988-E visible body damage is annotated on DD5988-Es

Vehicle free of dirt and debris

Vehicle has all required shackles properly(visual inspection only

Service drive lights functioning front rear

Horn works

Windshield wipers operational

Vehicle has a serviceable fire extinguisher

Side view mirrors in place

Station 2 Documentation for standard vehicle(no Hazmat)

2Haz Documentation for vehicles /W Hazmat

StationT Documentation for tracked vehicles

Station3 Maintenance Inspection


Station 5 Customs & AAR

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