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Electrical Power Plant/Electrical Maintenance Engineer

Doha, Qatar
May 16, 2020

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C/o Qatar Airways,

Facilities Management – HIA,

Post Office Box # 24659,

Doha, Qatar.


Skype ID: koskiyalley1

Date of birth: August, 29th 1972

Nationality: Ghanaian

Profession: Electrical Maintenance Engineer.

Contact: +974********/+974********/+233*********.


To obtain a position in an organization that requests the service of hard working and experienced staff to help achieve set targets.


Twenty-one years, four months of working experience with the following companies listed below:

1.Seven years of working experience as an Electrical Maintenance Engineer with Qatar Airways and still working with the company.

2.Six years, two months of working experience as an Electrical/Automation Technician Engineer with Barry Callebaut Group.

3.Three years, two months of working experience as an Assistant Electrical/Electronic Supervisor with Benso Oil Palm Plantation Limited (Unilever Plantations).

4.Two years, four months of working experience as an Electrical Technician, Maintenance with Benso Oil Palm Plantation Limited (Unilever Plantations).

5.One year, eight months of working experience as an Electrical/Instrument Technician with Goldfields Ghana Limited.

6.One year of working experience as an Electrical/Instrument Trainee with Tema Oil Refinery.


1.Full Technological Certificate – Associate Degree

2.Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Automation – PG Diploma

3.Advanced Diploma in Process Automation – Advanced Diploma

4.Electrical Engineering Technicians Part III – Higher Technical Diploma

5.Electrical Engineering Technicians Part II – Technical Diploma

6.Electrical Installation Work Advanced (Course ‘C’) – Advanced Diploma

7.Electrical Installation Work Craft – Intermediate Certificate


Job Title: Electrical Maintenance Engineer

Name of Company: Qatar Airways – Hamad International Airport (Electrical & Control Systems Dept.)

Year: August, 2012 – Up to date (Present)

Responsibilities & skills:

1.Service and maintain all electrical/electronic and instrument equipment/gadgets in the airport terminals and to ensure that all electrical/electronic systems in the terminals/lounges operate effectively at all times.

2.Supervise and manage all technical officers, supervisors, technicians, assistant technicians, electricians and contractors/vendors to carry out daily duties in the airport terminals and also to ensure that UPS, battery charging systems, standby generators and other important plants in the airport facilities are ready to function smoothly in case of emergency or any abnormality.

3.Prepare daily reports and schedule for electrical maintenance work/PPM as well as responsible for maintaining and developing systems and engineering practices.

4.Knowledge in all regulations and requirements on HV, LV & ELV electrical systems, fire alarm system experience (Cerberus, Gents and FM 200 fire alarm extinguishing systems) and servicing & repairing of fire and gas equipment/gadgets as well as security systems.

5.Experience in substation maintenance and operations, escalators, x-ray scan machines, servo motors, ULD, power and transmission lines up to 132kv, commissioning and startup of plant, AC/DC drives, weighing scales and load cells, steam/gas turbine maintenance and servicing, BMS control systems, airport project with a consultant and control panels building/manufacturing.

6.Perform diagnostics on failed equipment to correct the problems or determine the exact cause and make recommendations for corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence.

7.More skills and experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of all types of electrical/electronic system equipment as well as strong experience in airport project works.

8.Work on all electrical/electronic and instrumentation equipment as well as experience in industrial, domestic, commercial, hospitality/airlines environment, power & plant industries/projects, building construction and fluid power technology.

9.Knowledge in power factor plant maintenance, conveyors, elevators, pneumatics, hydraulics, valves, actuators, lathes, mills, rollers, A/C or HVAC units, AHU’s, DDC Controllers – (Siemens, Honeywell, Johnson Controls), BMS, MDB’s, SMDB’s, FAS, MEP systems, grinders, pumps, MCBs, MCCB’s, ELCB’s and crushers as well as strong experience in air separation plant operating systems.

10.Very strong experience in heavy industrial electrical systems and equipment as well as CMMS systems and repairing/troubleshooting of CNC machines.

11.Provide leadership and direction to the implementation, development and maintenance of a reliability culture, work processes and tools as well as on the job training to maintenance staffs.

12.Responsible to manage automation improvement projects and equipment modifications.

13.Manage and supervise all electrical maintenance activities in the airport terminals and lounges.

14.Strong facilities management experience on high rise and low buildings maintenance.

15.Excellent training and development skills as well as knowledge in budgetary, estimating and planning.

16.Experience working at heavy industrial power environment or in a power plant, electrical networks, high mast lighting as well as managing projects and supervising contractors.

17.Experience in conducting preventive and corrective maintenance of high/low current systems as well as QC/QA systems.

Job Title: Electrical/Automation Technician Engineer

Name of Company: Barry Callebaut Group (Electrical/Automation Dept.)

Year: April, 2006 – June, 2012

Responsibilities and skills:

1.Supervise and manage all new and existing project works being carried out in the factory and prepare daily reports for the work done by the supervisors, technicians and electricians and submit to maintenance manager.

2.Assist supervisors and technicians to calibrate instruments and weighing scales and also troubleshoot plc faults using hand programmer.

3.Strong experience in heavy industrial electrical systems and equipment as well as production and manufacturing environments and maintenance of machinery.

4.Commissioning and pre-commissioning of plant after installation and strong supervisory and managerial skills as well as experience in factory panel wiring both design and cost estimation.

5.Experience in automated plant maintenance, distribution systems, control panels and power distribution systems as well as high & low voltages controls and fire-fighting pump projects.

6.Experience in calibration of field instrumentation including pressure, temperature, humidity, flow, transducers and analysis devices as well as MCC controller and field analyzers.

7.Hands on practical knowledge and configuration experience with Siemens PLC and HMI/MMI’s.

8.Knowledge in various PLC brands: (Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE-Fanuc, ABB, Omron, Keyence, Messung, Mitsubishi and Schneider), SCADA Systems: (Wonderware Intouch, Intellution fix & WinCC), PAC – (Honeywell), Servo drives, Pneumatics & field instrument as well as GSM PLC.

9.Knowledge in operation and malfunction handling of below mentioned process models: (Distillation column, Steam generation, Compressor, Pump, Heat exchanger, Gas turbine, Furnace, Evaporator, CSTR, Flash drum, Plug flow reactor, Fixed bed reactor and Cogeneration boiler).

10. Designing, construction, implementation and commissioning of instrumentation and control systems as well as familiarization with electrical codes, permit to work and tag out/ lockout procedures.

11.Knowledge & implementation of industrial automation & control system projects, power distribution markets as well as engineering and construction contracts and electrical safety.

12.Identify and oversee the execution of reliability and maintenance programs and also responsible for capital projects, maintenance and utilities.

13.Experience in panel building/manufacturing and wiring as well as reading and interpreting of engineering diagrams, instrument loop diagrams, single line diagrams and P&ID’s.

14.Experience in a manufacturing/industrial environment and maintenance management.

15.Knowledge and use of Ethernet and fiber- optic systems as well as process troubleshooting.

16.Very good packaging and molding experience in a manufacturing and production environment as well as industrial/plant management.

17.Knowledge of control, instrumentation and PLC systems as well as inspection and testing.

18.Good technical knowledge & experience with rotating equipment such as compressors, electrical drives, gas/steam turbines and generators.

19.Experience in maintenance leadership & planning in a manufacturing/production environment.

Job Title: Assistant Electrical/Electronic Supervisor

Name of Company: Benso Oil Palm Plantation Limited (Electrical/Electronic Department)

Year: January, 2003 – March, 2006

Responsibilities & skills:

1.Prepare daily reports and supervise/train all technicians and electricians to carry out duties.

2.Troubleshoot all electrical/electronic faults associated with the plants in the factory.

3.Service, maintain, test and install electrical/electronic equipment and plan for preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance as well as experience in cable installation.

4.Strong experience in power plants as well as mechanical and electrical equipment.

5.Reading and interpreting of electrical/electronic or engineering circuit diagrams, single line diagrams as well as experience in electrical and mechanical equipment.

6.Knowledge in computer applications, PLC fault finding and troubleshooting, DCS, P & ID, boiler operation and maintenance, air compressors, chillers, frequency converters/VFD’s, electrical and electronics tools, substations, switchyards, equipment and materials common to the electrical/electronic trade, FMCG and world class manufacturing (WCM).

7.Servicing and maintaining of AC/DC motors and generators, contactors, electric motor starters, relays circuit breakers, change-over switches, converters, inverters and specialize in electrical power and plant equipment.

8.Knowledge of electrical equipment like instrument transformers (PT’s & CT’s), measuring instruments (Ammeters/Voltmeters/Watt meters), power & distribution transformers, automatic transfer switches, HV & LV switchgear operation and maintenance, HV & LV distribution systems, electrical safety, power station and high current rectifiers.

9.Responsible for designing, installing, testing, managing, developing and maintaining equipment which is used to control and monitor manufacturing/engineering systems.

10.Experience in steam power generation plant project and gas/steam turbine power plants as well as synchronizing methods (Diesel generator/turbine generator).

11.Experience in installation and maintenance of 3-phase & 1-phase electric meters, CT’s, PT’s as well as layout, termination and installation of electric cables.

12.Experience in start-up and shutdown operation and maintenance of power plant as well as commissioning.

13.Knowledge of GMP, ISO and HACCP principles/standards as well as implementation of TPM.

14.Very strong experience and skills in PLC system, food manufacturing, electrical/electronic wiring, testing, repairing, electrical/mechanical assembly and installation works.

15.Experience in maintenance of power plant generating station as well as very good knowledge in installing and working on 1-phase/3-phase electric energy meters and power systems.

16.Good experience in beverages and processing machines maintenance as well as high speed machines.

Job Title: Electrical Technician, Maintenance

Name of Company: Benso Oil Palm Plantation Limited (Electrical/Electronic Department)

Year: April, 1998 – August, 2000

Responsibilities & Skills:

1.Work on electrical & mechanical equipment as well as packaging, filling & molding m/cs.

2.Knowledge on electrical equipment like power transformers, PT’s, CT’s, high and low voltage switch gear operations and maintenance.

3.Knowledge in power factor plant maintenance, cables and motor control centers.

4.Understand power installation like ac/dc power sources, 1 phase & 3 phase supply systems.

5.Configuration and installation of ac drives/frequency converters and soft starters.

6.Electrical installation of factory, domestic and commercial works.

7.Strong troubleshooting and fault tracing skills as well as maintenance, repair, install and testing of electrical and mechanical equipment.

8.Familiar with assembling and disassembling of electric motors and generators.

9.Ability to interpret and read electrical/mechanical or engineering drawings.

10.Knowledge and/or experience in power generation and industrial electrical systems.

11.Carry out planned maintenance in accordance with the maintenance schedule and report any irregularities.

12.Interact with operations personnel in regards to fault finding, test, modification to process requirement, updating of drawings and carry out defect rectification.

13.Strong experience in food processing, manufacturing, production & construction industries as well as troubleshooting and repair of industrial and production equipment.

14.Very good maintenance experience and skills on HV, MV & LV power distribution systems in substation as well as substation erection and installation of transformers.

Job Title: Electrical/Instrument Technician

Name of Company: Goldfields Ghana Limited (Electrical/Instrumentation Dept.)

Year: January, 1995 – August, 1996

Responsibilities & Skills:

1.Calibration and repair of all instruments and weighing scales/platforms.

2.Able to service, test and maintain all electrical and instrument equipment/gadgets.

3.Trace and troubleshoot electrical/instrument faults on the processing/manufacturing plant.

4.Record all utility readings in the factory and ensure that all plants operate smoothly to avoid downtime.

5.Factory, commercial and domestic electrical installation works and troubleshooting rectification as well as PLC experience for fault finding and programming.

6.Reading and interpreting of electrical & electronic circuit diagrams and strong experience working with electrical & mechanical equipment.

7.Experience in fault tracing, diagnostics on electrical/electronic & instrument systems, gas plant, RS Logix, Modbus, BACnet, Ethernet, Profibus, HMI and Device net control systems.

8.Responsible for the installation, testing, repair and maintenance of all types of electrical/electronic and instrument systems equipment as well as experience in both ac/dc generators and rig equipment.

9.Work on all electrical/electronic & instrument equipment as well as experience in power & plant industries and fluid power technology.

10.Knowledge in power factor plant maintenance, pneumatics, hydraulics, valves, quarries, crushers, IR testing, Resistance testing, Surge testing, Flash testing and Continuity testing.

11.Work within the requirements of the company’s permit to work (PTW) systems.

12.Ability to work under pressure and take an additional duty when required.

13.Ability to work on own initiative without any supervision as well as knowledge in RTU’S.

14.Experience in maintenance of transmission and distribution systems with voltage rating of 132kv.

15.Hands on practical and working experience on motors, generators, drillers, lathes, conveyors, pumps, elevators, compressors, sensors, turbines and gearboxes.

16.Experience in the maintenance and repair of fixed/process plant and equipment within the mining industry.

Title: Electrical/Instrument Trainee

Name of Company: Tema Oil Refinery Limited (Electrical/Instrumentation Dept.)

Year: January, 1993 – December, 1993

Responsibilities & Skills:

1.Assist electrical/instrument technicians to carry out maintenance work on the processing plants during planned maintenance period.

2.Replacement and repair of defective electrical and instrument parts with new or service spare parts on all the plants.

3.Assist technicians to perform calibration and testing on the instruments as well as very good knowledge in natural gas transmission pipeline operations and processes.

4.Servicing and maintaining of ac/dc motors and generators, contactors, electric motor starters, relays, circuit breakers, servo drives and change-over switches.

5.Specialize in electrical power and plant equipment.

6.Ability to trace faults on electrical, electronic and instrumentation equipment.

7.Work on all electrical, electronic and instrumentation equipment.

8.Electrical installation of factory, commercial and domestic works.

9.Familiarize with programming and configuration of VFD’s and understanding of PLC’s, SCADA, DCS’s, P&ID and HMI/MMI’s systems.

10.Experience in testing and isolating procedures as well as high & low Voltages which include 11kv, 6.6kv & 132kv.

11.Ability to troubleshoot and rectify faults on electrical/electronic and instrument equipment.

12.Good knowledge in power factor plant maintenance and understanding of power installation like ac/dc power sources.

13.Maintenance & operation experience in refinery and petrochemical industries as well as motors and drives and also capable of working on high pressure natural gas pipelines.

14.Knowledge of the principles and practice with installation, operation and maintenance of rotating mechanical equipment installed in petrochemical/refineries.

15.Ability to work with and around combustible or flammable gas/liquids as well as knowledge of national electrical codes and standards.


Institution: Technocrat Automation Institute (India)

Year: October, 2013

Certificate: PG Diploma in Industrial Automation & Advanced Diploma in Process Automation

Related courses: PLC’s (Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE-Fanuc, ABB, Omron, Keyence, Messung, Mitsubishi & Schneider), SCADA – (Wonderware Intouch, Intellution fix & WinCC), DCS – (Honeywell & ABB), PAC – (Honeywell), Variable frequency drives/AC drives, Servo drives/motors, Pneumatics & Field instruments, GSM PLC, Operation & malfunction handling of below mentioned process models (Distillation column, Steam generation, Compressor, Pump, Heat exchange, Gas turbine, Furnace, Evaporator, CSTR, Flash drum, Plug flow reactor, Fixed bed reactor, Cogeneration).

Institution: Accra Technical University (Accra Polytechnic) - Ghana

Year: October, 2007

Certificate: Full Technological Certificate (Associate Degree)

Related courses: Electrical Engineering Technicians Part I, Electrical Engineering Technicians Part II, Electrical Engineering Technicians Part III.

Institution: Takoradi Technical University (Takoradi Polytechnic) - Ghana

Year: May/June, 2001

Certificate: Electrical Engineering Technicians Part III (Higher Technical Diploma)

Related courses: Advanced Electrical Technology I, Advanced Electrical Technology II, Electrical Plant.

Institution: Takoradi Technical University (Takoradi Polytechnic) - Ghana

Year: May/June, 1997

Certificate: Electrical Engineering Technicians Part II (Technical Diploma)

Related courses: Mathematics and Science, Electrical Technology, Electrical Power.

Institution: National Engineering College (Ghana)

Year: May/June, 1994

Certificate: Electrical Installation Work Advanced (Course ‘C’) – (Advanced Diploma)

Related courses: Electrical Principles, Installation Technology and Regulations, Project work.

Institution: Kikam Technical Institute (Ghana)

Year: May/June, 1992

Certificate: Electrical Installation Work Craft (Intermediate Certificate)

Related courses: Electrical Principles, Installation Work and Regulations, Practical Work Assessment.


Institution: BCL Consulting Limited

Year: March, 2011

Certificate: Executive Certificate in Oil & Gas

Related courses: Drilling, Exploration and Production in Oil & Gas.

Institution: Process & Plant Automation (Ghana)

Year: November, 2008

Certificate: Intermediate PLC Programming & Basic PLC Programming

Related courses: Identify the component of a PLC, Check and confirm status of PLC cards, Write and edit PLC program, Configure communication between PLC concepts, PLC hardware, Introduction to ladder logic, Relay logic design and PLC ladder logic design, Advantages of PLC’s, Program design in ladder logic.


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