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Assistant Manager

Central Falls, RI
May 16, 2020

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Ifra Hassan 978-***-****


University of Massachusetts Amherst May 2020

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Relevant skills

Restriction analysis, gel electrophoresis, and gel documentation

Light microscopy, fluorescence microscopy

Centrifugation techniques

Southern and Western blotting


Affinity Chromatography

Embryo Fertilization

Catalase Test

IMViC Test


Chemical Coordination Complex

Species Identification of Unknown Bacterial Cultures

Culture Transfer Techniques

Aseptic Techniques

Triple Sugar Iron test

Analysis of extracellular enzymatic activities of microorganisms

Experimental design/ developed research methodologies

Biochemical characterization of cells

DNA extraction, Differential staining

Genetic transformation

Tissue Culture

Genome Editing

Zebrafish microanatomy


dissection and principles of transgenics

Conduct research interviews /Recruit clinics to participate in studies

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Customer Service

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Computer and Technical Skills

Python, matplotlib, Gnuplot.

FFmpeg and VISIT for scientific visualization, BLAST

Research Experience

Sleep monitoring lab UMASS Amherst, Research Assistant Summer 2019

Implemented research projects designed by other lab workers and supervisors, carried out research according to pre-outlined tasks.

Interacted with research participants in order to explain projects.

Astrophysics, Research Assistant “Scientific visualization of Black Holes” Summer 2018

REU at Rochester Institute of Technology with Dr. Yosef Zlochower Associate Professor of Mathematics and Dr. Hans Peter, Professor of computer science

Utilized python to make codes for the project

Worked with the FFmpeg to make visual presentation of codes.

Participated in the team meetings to discuss research progress and to discuss the current research in the astrophysics field.

Astrobiology, Research Assistant “Strategies to build a permanent habitat at MARS” Summer 2016

NASA aerospace scholar at NASA Langley Research Center Virginia

Formulate a research paper on how to build a permeant habitat on MARS, how to protect the future colonies from hunger, starvation, and the harsh environments.

Earned the highest rank, and the only woman selected from Massachusetts to work on the MARS Rover for future flights at NASA Langley Research center.

Worked as Financial Procurement manager for the Robotic MARS rover project. Led strategic and financial planning. Managed team of 9 students.

Psychology- Visual Cognition and Attention Lab UMASS, Research Assistant Sep 2019- Current

Developed materials and methods for data collection and analysis in Octave.

Ran human subjects through experimental procedures in while observing and analyzing findings.

Learned how to use various technologies to design, create and conduct Psychology surveys and assessments

Weekly lab meetings with the Professor to discuss the progress of the project and other studies in the lab.

Poster Presentation

“Scientific Visualization of Black Holes” RIT Undergraduate Symposium (Talk) August 3, 2018

“Efficient way to build a future MARS ROVER” NASA Langley Research Center (Talk) August 3, 2016

Other Experiences

Upper Bound Math and Science Summer 2017-2019

Mentor students during residential and academic program.

Assist Instructors to implement curriculum and tutored youth during morning and evening academics.

Developed and conduct programs on diversity, personal development, relationships, security, and academic performances as well as social gatherings including the collaboration with orientation staff on opening of summer camp.

Extensively utilized communication and counseling skills to supervise 30+ women in a residential hall.

Boys and Girls club Summer 2018-2019

Worked with students from high school and middle school on different STEM projects to enhance the knowledge through interactive science projects.

Volunteer Experience

Community Service, Gardner, MA January 2015 – 2019

Invited as a guest speaker at Fitchburg High School for spreading awareness for young students especially women for STEM fields, which involves coordination of over 40 high school students.

Encouraged high school women of color to participate in the STEM and community service, through speeches, organization of panels and other channels

Food Pantry, Mount Wachusett Community College

Assisted students with their applications for free housing, food insecurity and Tax returns.

Volunteered in the Student Service office to help students reach out to the services provided by campus.

Mentored Students Helped students build self-esteem and motivation

Provided interactive activities to promote learning

Heywood Hospital, Gardner, MA May 2015 – 2019

Responsible for prompt response to emergency situations.

Shadow doctor to learn about the medical profession in depth

Fisher Hospice May 2019- Present

Working as a volunteer to comfort residents, and maintain clean environment, also prepare food.


TRIO leadership program Sep 2015 – 2018

Recruit, produce, and manage a mid-semester gathering of 70 members for an academic celebration.

Attended 5 weeks of workshop on “How to build leadership skills”.

Organized and hosted an event for the graduated High School women from Gardner High School, Ashburnham High School, Athol High School to spread the awareness and need of women of color in the STEM fields.

Voice President, Phi Theta Kappa Jan 2018

Activities /Awards

NASA scholar Researcher 2016

STEM advisor Public School Mentor May 2015 – 2017

Phi Theta Kappa Member May 2015-Present

Dean’s List On merit Dec2014 – 2018

STEM Scholarship UMASS Recipient Sep 2014-Present

Edward Stevens Physics scholarship MWCC Recipient May 2016- 2017

PTK Vice President Officer June 2017- 2018

A student leader in civic engagement Leader June 2017- 2018

Non-technical Skills

Fluent in English, Urdu, and Hindi

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