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Engineer Software

Milpitas, CA
May 16, 2020

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Karthik Govindaswamy

+1-408-***-**** SUMMARY

4+ years of professional experience in Embedded Software, Firmware and SW development and testing. Proficient in Embedded C, C++, Linux, firmware, microcontrollers, Robotics, Drivers, Sensors and RTOS. EDUCATION

San Jose State University, CA May 2016

MS, Computer Engineering - Embedded System 3.3 GPA Visvesvaraya Technological University, India May 2012 Bachelor of Engineering- Electrical and Electronics TECHNICAL SKILLS

Programming: C, C++, Python, Matlab, Shell script. Tools: GDB, OpenOCD,GIT,Eclipse, GIT, Visual Studio,QT, IAR embedded workbench, LPCXpresso and CCS. Controller: Arm Cortex M3 LPC 1758, 1769, ST32F4, TI CC2541, TI CC2650, Nvidia Jetson, Intel’s Edison. Working platforms: Linux, FreeRTOS, baremetal,BSP, ROS, TI RTOS, VxWorks, and Windows Protocols: CAN, I2C, Bluetooth Low energy (BLE), SPI, UART, PWM, TCP, UDP, Ethernet, RS232,DMA, protobuf, USB. WORK EXPERIENCE

Firmware Engineer, Fetch Robotics, San Jose, CA Jan’20 -May’20

● Developed firmware for the charger module, on the proprietary robot using CAN protocol.

● Develop firmware for test fixtures to perform functionality tests for inhouse PCBA. Embedded Software Engineer, Airspace Systems, San Leandro,CA July’16- Dec’19

● Design embedded systems software stack.

● Design flight software stack.

● Implement solutions and algorithms to generate flight path for drone based on computer Vision

● Implement drivers and interfaces for flight controllers, sensors and various 3rd party sdk’s.

● Implement a multithreaded software model to share and manage utilization of resources among multiple applications in the system.

● Designed communication system.

Firmware / Embedded Software Engineer Intern, Titanium Falcon, San Jose,CA June’15 –August’15 Developed a Smart Ring (prototype) to control IOT devices through motions and gestures.

● Developed a firmware for MEMS IMU sensor, Led’s on an 8 and 32 bit TI microcontroller.

● Implemented an application layer for BLE to send sensor data to BLE client devices.

● Interfaced Invensense sensor fusion library for MPU 9250 IMU sensor on TI microcontroller. GRADUATE COURSEWORK

Embedded Applications, Embedded Software, Embedded HW Design, Embedded Wireless architecture, Computer Architecture and Network application programming


Autonomous Quadcopter (Drone) Spring 2016

● Implemented a flight controller to self balance itself using a PID algorithm on a LPC1768 Microcontroller.

● Developed drivers and interface for IMU sensors, motors, RC control. Self-Driving car Fall 2014

● Developed firmware for HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor for obstacle detection using embedded C++.

● Interfaced various microcontrollers using CAN protocol and displayed data from Compass, GPS and Ultrasonic sensor on a UART based display module

Device Drivers Spring 2016

● Developed device drivers for SPI, UART and I2C on LPC 1758(ARM cortex M3) microcontroller. Indoor Floor Mapping Fall 2015

● Interfaced LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and Nvidia Jetson Tk1. Wireless Communication using RF modules Fall 2015

● Implemented scrambling and descrambling techniques, Linear Block Coding techniques to communicate between two RF modules using C on LPC1769 microcontroller.

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